Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tengku Zafrul, Maybank's wrong signal to the market

In a forum organised by Melayu Liberal group, Idea, Maybank Investment Banking CEO, Tengku Dato Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz commented that the appointment of former Negri Sembilan Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad as Felda chairperson has been unsettling news for the market.

Malaysiakini quoted him saying further, “There have been many GLCs that have ex-politicians appointed as chairpersons, but Felda is a rare case, where the market is concerned with such an appointment. It sends the wrong signals.”

On the contrary, Zafrul.

The wrong signal to the market that is sending jitters to investors is emanating from Maybank. By the end of this posting, even Zafrul should be convinced that it is he himself that is unsettling the market.

If I am still active in the market, I will be MORE concerned with the general level of incompetence, lack of integrity, and unnationalistic spirit, including the absence of compassion for fellow Bumiputera, prevailing amongst the existing crop of so-called professionally trained young CEOs and senior executives of GLCs.

It will not just end there.

It goes all the way up to the CEO of Khazanah, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and his senios executives. Compunding further will be the problems of moral hazard and dishonesty of the Minister-in charge, Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop.

For someone who started his career in 1996, Zafrul rise straight to the top of the corporate food chain without any operating experience would unsettle any financial markets.

Zafrul began his career circa 1996 and his first job was believed to be as an Investment Analyst in a small French Bank, Credit Agricole. He became their representative Director.

He was then roped in as Investment Relation Officer at Tenaga Malaysia Berhad by the then Chairman Dato Seri Dr Jamaluddin bin Jarjis or JJ as everyone would call him.

When JJ moved to become Minister of Finance II, suddenly this average joe metereorically rose to become CEO of Government-owned, Avenue Asset or later Capital.

All it takes is to understand that his mother, Raja Zaharaton Raja Zainal Abidin was the Director General of Economic Planning Unit.

She represented the Government as Independent Director of TNB at the time of JJ and the time of Dato Dr Awang Adek Hussein as Chairmen of TNB in the mid 2000s.

His mother's brother is now Senator Raja Dato Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin, the Federal Territory Minister and Urban Well Beings and Head of UMNO Lembah Pantai Division.

A nice man, nice Datin and nice daughter.

They say Zafrul has family relation via JJ's wife, Datin Seri Dr Kalsom Ismail and it was when JJ was MoF II to Tun Dr Mahathir that he was appointed COO and later promoted to become CEO of Avenue.

One can read his bragging of himself in this Nut Graph interview here and this company profile of RZA here to get an idea of his family.

Zafrul fits the myCEOwatch blog description here as "the country's most ambitious Malay crony of the first decade of the 21st century." He fits in the model Melayu Liberal spewing neo-liberalism but practisioner of cronyism and nepotism. Read here and here.

His irresponsible view of Isa Samad is reflective of his arrogance from the ignorance of youth and his ideological and personal alliance with the most hated son-in-law in Malaysian history, Khairy Jamaluddin.

It was around the time of 2005 when Zafrul was at Avenue Asset, JJ was MoF II and mother Raja Zaharaton was Director General of EPU that there was an attempt to list the business operation of the Felda organisation, Felda Holdings Berhad.

This is something for MACC to dig back.

The idea is heard to have come from another member of Maybank's current top management.

The linkages of those names was one issue but another issue was the eventual shareholding structure of Felda Holdings.

Off course, it is will no more be Koperasi Felda and Felda proper holding the bigger chunk but reduced for a big piece of the pie to be divided up by rats and other animals.

Some say Khairy has his hand in that piece of the pie.

There was also a scheme for a Felda Holdings to buy an expensively priced business abroad as to justify raising fund through the market. This amazed the internal staff and management because they know Felda is cash rich and do not need to list and share the cake of their effort.

With that background story on Zafrul, any shareholder of Maybank should feel shivers running up their spine. Hold on, there is more to scare the shareholders of Maybank and stakeholders of PNB.

It is an open secret that Zafrul was KJ's proxy in NGO, Promuda and he was on KJ's side when Promuda was split apart by the Tun M-Tun Dol clash.

One can say also he was non-commital and playing it safe.

It was around that time that Zafrul open the books of Avenue Capital when Khairy and Kalimullah barge into the office and say, "I want this Company."

Zafrul had an earlier ambition to do an MBO of Avenue from MoF. He intend to submit a proposal. Whether he did ot not, Dato Hamzah Zainuddin also submitted one to Tun Dol.

Both papers eventually landed on Dato Zaki Zahid's desk but did not reach the destined Koperasi Usaha Bersatu (KUB) assigned by Tun Dol. It got diverted to Khairy's secret penthouse for his rendesvous with Maya Karin.

He left before the merger began as though in protest. The whole system, rules and procedure, process of Government and Parliament's PAC was manipulated and abused to enable ECM Libra to takeover Avenue Asset.

Zafrul joined Citibank and left in a short time.

Within a year, he emerged as CEO of Tune Money with Tony Fernandez, Kalimullah and his ECM Libra team. Only an idiot will say they are not linked to Khairy. So it seems Zafrul was rewarded for betraying his former employer.

Talking about all these evil people will not be complete without talking about Tan Sri Amirsham Aziz and Maybank.

One corporate player said Dato Amirsham Abdul Aziz was linked to Khairy. He gave Khairy's associates of robber barrons the access to Maybank's funding and got himself rewarded as Minister who could only answer leaked question in Parliament.

Yet other Bumiputera had to face a gruelling Maybank to get loans during Tun Dol era.

As the days passed by and seeing Amirsham and his set of Melayu members in NEAC betrayed the Bumiputera, I would believe if any source of stature were to tell me that Amisham had "looted" Maybank in the BII deal.

Zafrul's presence in Maybank may not be Dato Wahid Omar's preference but at the request of somebody higher up.

That is the problem with Wahid. He seems to be a loyal servant ever willing to carry out instruction from above and clean up other people's shit. He may have had to obliged to absorb Zafrul to clean up or cover, in the name of restructuring, the bad loans of Khairy's associates.

Zafrul is a chap who is not worried about getting his hands dirty. What is meant as hands dirty is not hands on but play dirt.

He belongs to the non civil service era of MCOBA product that not gentlemanly brave to face confrontation but infamous for using people and stabbing behind the scene. I have friends working under Zafrul and friends who are friends of Zafrul. "Susah anak orang kaya ni, semua dia nak menang."

Prior to Maybank, Zafrul got himself entangled in insider trading in the EON Capital-Hong Leong merger during his short stinct as Kenanga Director.

His former boss at Avenue, Deputy Chairman Gooi Hooi Soon denied sharing infomation with Zafrul and Zafrul denied as he took the stand in court. I don't buy their denial. It is easy to deny because it is difficult to proof.

Zafrul's so-called moralistic comment against Isa is really frightening because it is made part without any sense of guilt or shame from any attempt of self reflection. Is this crooked boy wonder claiming other's as crooked?

His comment about Isa Samad should be of concern to PNB as ultimate shareholder and other shareholders of Maybank. It is indicative of immaturity and negligent attitude common in other GLCs and Khazanah but is creeping into Maybank's top management.

How do you deal with an infantile CEO who can't understand that the very person who approve his appointment as CEO is the one that approved Isa Samad as Chairman? Is he questioning the decision of his ultimate boss, the Prime Minister?

From the words heard, Najib is really upset and had instructed through Zafrul's uncle, Raja Nong Chik that a written apology be sent to Isa.

Zafrul is desperately seeking for an appointment from Isa to seek apology. He thinks we could do a Nazir Razak when he passed bad comments on NEP at the MCA Economic Conference last year and was given audience to seek apology and explanation i.e. lecture from Tun Dr Mahathir

He forgot that Isa knows of Zafrul's association with Khairy Jamaluddin, Tun Dol's son-in-law. (If he doesn't, this blogger will e-mail the Felda boss.) Isa is heard to have said, "He got better things to do (than meet that boy)."

People tend to kid Isa as pendek but the whole Maybank management will be shorter than Isa when they come begging on their knees to ask Isa not to reciprocate.

Felda has every right to be angry and reciprocate when a Banker shows no respect for client. More so, when those remarks are laden with political agenda.

Isa was fixed by Tun Dol, Khairy and a coterie of evildoers that include Abdullah's own family, certain Sahabat. For recollection, read back the series written in this blog to defend Isa - sini, sini, sini dan sini serta sini.

Now if I am Isa and the Chairman of Felda, I would immediately instruct Felda to take out all cash and deposits from Maybank. They can close their Jalan Maktab branch for all I care.

Another Bank can immediately takeover that same premise and with the deposit, they can instantly be a financial powerhouse.

Felda's money is not safe under the safekeeping of a Bank managed by a "good boy", as one SMS reply from someone that can be considered as Zafrul's boss described him.

Maybank Investment Bank must not qualify to be adviser or underwriter in the listing exercise of any outfit of Felda.

In the first place, boys should not pretend to be adults, be showered with accolades like Datokship, and socialise with adults until they are mature enough to know who is their boss, when to talk, and what to talk.

If the boy wish to speak as he pleases, quit his job and be a blogger.

Zafrul must truly be wet behind his ears to not know that Felda had been a major shareholder of Maybank from it's post Khoo Teck Puat era under the Government and a longstanding major client of Maybank.

The person that shaped Maybank is the same person that shaped Felda and has a hand in Mara. The person is Allahyarham Tan Sri Taib Andak or Wak Yib as Muorian of Parit Bakar would address him. Zafrul should know that Taib Andak is not just the name of Mawi's Felda home.

That is just the surface of the insult he has incurred on the Felda organisation.

The damage the nincom-poop did

Zafrul has made himself a political liability and disservice to his political master. His remark has given the opposition bullets to put his employer - the Government and Dato Najib - in their firing range.

Since it is happening, shouldn't he be fired again?

Yes, I said fired again because it is nothing new for this over ambitious job hopper who carry no moss.

Edited 14/2/2011 1:41 PM


Anonymous said...

TZ was given the CEO post at GLCs to do dirty job for few pirates, esp. KJ, Kali, RNC, etc. Prior to his CEO appointment at Avenue, he was just one of the balachi at CIMB, writing letters for media statement. He always went AWOL and even his Chinese Lady boss cannot stand his arrogance attitude.

When he was put at Avenue, his "assignment" was to list FELDA. The advisor for Avenue-ECM Libra merger was Kenanga, and after Tune Money, Kenanga came for the rescue. At Kenanga, he hired his consultant buddies to come out with a Business Transformation Plan for the Group and halfway thru he left for Maybank, just like that.

This prick has achieved nothing during his previous stint at CIMB/Avenue/Citibank/TuneMoney, except making deal for himself, and syok sendiri appear in newpaper/tv/etc bragging about himself. This bastard will sell anything for money.

To PNB unit trust holders, a pirate-wannabe has just landed in Maybank, you guys should know better what to do! All the best.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:42pm, i totally agree with you. TZ is nothing but a wannabe prick. You can ask his ex-wife for more info, and can also ask his ex-gf, Ms X?*^% Leong, granddaughter of TS Lim Goh Tong.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger Haprak,

Lu apa sibuk sama Zafrul? Ada dia kacau lu ker? Lu kalau mau jadi CEO, lu masuk universiti dulu, dan tolong ler polish PR sikit. Muka macam penyamun banyak cakap pulak.


Pasquale said...

I have to agree with you my friend, a lot of politicians are running a scam. One is appointing his own favorite to be on top of the corporate food chain when they are not really capable.
I think a signal must be sent to Maybank that this guy Zafrul, frankly I don't know which royal household he comes from, nevertheless, to make such comment on Felda is not right!
Najib should ask someone at Maybank to move him or sack him either way the Malays wont miss him!
I am tired of these bleeding heart liberal Malays simply voicing their thought loudly and unguarded!

BTW Voice have you heard of one of our ambassadors caught with his pants down lately! Let me know if you do, for we must expose them once and for all!!

Anonymous said...

There's lots of these young Malay Liberals helming GLCs now...Ekuinas, Danajamin, PAAB, Talent Corp to name a few.

I was told one of these CEOs sampai sanggup kasi ampau and do a yee sang session masa Chinese New Year tapi masa Ramadhan dan Syawal senyap aje.

Roh Melayu dan Islam has been replaced by self serving goals without the thought of their own race and religion.

Can these people be trusted to ensure their own race be given a FAIR chance to succeed?


Bro.. very interesting and keep it up.Bravooo

Anonymous said...

DS Najib perlu berhanti-hati dengan rakan baik Tengku Zafrul yang sekarang bertugas sebagai Pegawai Khas Ekonomi Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Dato Azlin Alias. Semestinya, Dato AA adalah spy utama Zafrul dan KJ.

Anonymous said...


Tengku Zafrul was force to leave Kenanga Bank as CEO after he cause the company lost almost $40 Million.

I remember when Kahiry was working with ECm Libra,He was used by ECM Libra to ask Felda to sell their malayan banking shares.najib was deputy PM and was incharge of felda.When the paper went to najib,he ask his secretary to shread it.

Tengku Zafrus really a liability to malayan banking.He was recruit by Wahid the Maybank CEO,after consultation with TS Noor.

You are right Bro.If Iam Isa,I will close all my banking activities with malayan banking.

Anonymous said...

when he as ceo TuneMoney we see he fired someone, now it time back to him, but as a bos in Maybank Investment sure he try to make market to go down by makin bad news and try to buy at bottom, do we see market falling down so badly last week ?

Anonymous said...

Montang montang lah omak dio orang kuek keq EPU, habis di jajo nyo namo omak dio.

sebijik perangai macam kj. suko amek kosompatan. belagak pandai tapi hampeh sobonarnyo.

Ontah ontah belajar pun samo dongan kj keq oksfod dolu.

Anonymous said...

Felda sad investment in 2007 into Twin River of USA was initiated by Zafrul's uncle, JJ, which received nothing less than 7% commission. And of course, RM was involved as well in the deal. At that time, the CEO of Felda was Bakkee. Felda bought over the company BUT the brilliant part of the deal was the CEO (some mat salleh chap) which is also one of the major shareholder will continue running the Company. Not only he cashed out at premium, he even demanded a monthly salary of US1million! Go and check the stupid agreement kept at Felda Global, it is clearly spelt out.

As for Felda Global, the Chief Strategy Officer, Suzana Idayu is nothing but an arselicker. She is too stupid that she even has to repeat her final year exam twice at Huddesfield Polytechnic (no offence, but this is a 4th grader college in UK). Go ask the market in KL, and I bet the feedback on this bitch will be mostly negative.

To all Felda settlers, you guys have been robbed BIG TIME and outlook is very negative.

Sad but true

Anonymous said...

Kudos to u brick bro!

This arrogant boy deserves to be tied spread-eagle naked at Dataran Merdeka!

Hmmm.. All dirty roads seem to lead to Dirty KJ!

Anonymous said...

Apa daaa... Buang saja lah mereka. rakyat dah muak dengar cerita pembelot kerajaan.

Anonymous said...

TZ's list of buddies:
1. Ka*xmxllah - E*M L**ra (now up for sale)
2. Dato Z$f*r - CEO Bank Pemb*ng*n*n
3. Dato Ah?ad Z$ki - COO MR*B
4. O#ar O@g - Dir*ctor Pet*on*s
5. Hi#h#m H#mdan - EVP S*me D*rby
6. G^^i H^e So^n - Ch*ir*an E$n C$pital
7. H^izan K Joh^ri - H*ad of Eq*ities, U$S (Msia)
8. Far^@s Faisal - Bank M*am*lat
9. Shah@il Ri*za - CIO E*F
10. K+m#l K#alid - COO M#dia P*ima
11. A#lin Al*as - PM off*ce
12. Khair* Jamalud** - ex-PM off*ce

Anonymous said...

If previously TZ and Gooi Hoe Soon "gadaikan" Avenue to KJ/Kali/ECM Libra, recently, they were also implicated for "gadaikan" EON Cap. MACC should start zooming at these names before more gadai activities taken place.

Anonymous said...

Counsel Ranjit said: "It appears that between Dec 14, 2009 and Feb 12, 2010, there were a total of 409 phone calls, in respect of the bill that we have, that passed through yourself and Zafrul and in the same period, 473 SMSes passing through you and Zafrul which makes communication in excess of 800, or 882 to be exact."

"What was the subject matter of these numerous calls and SMSes?"

Gooi answered: " As the number (882) suggests, I cannot recall what we conversed about.

Are they Fxxxing each other or what?

Anonymous said...

very well written. i really like the part concerning the Late Taib Andak..kind of history lesson.

as for ZAfrul and others close to KJ, i wonder when will Najib act?


Ryzal72 said...

Assalamualaikum Bro,
Gd article. When we do the info patern analysis then we know that the end point focus to only one person.TZ menjadi jurucakap n budak suruhan to spark the issue... i guess. Btw, this circle very dangerous indeed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.29am,

Between Dec 14 and Feb 12, there are 60/61 days. If you divide the number of calls and sms that they made, i.e 409 calls and 4783 smses, that work out about average 7 calls and 8 smses per day! Wow, that is like Anwar and his sodomy partners.

How can they focus on their job if that is the average SMS and Calls that they made everyday, just to one person?

Anonymous said...

I want to correct the wrong facts here.

Zafrul is not KJ's balaci. It was KJ's naivety which allowed Zafrul to penetrate Pak Lah's office at the time.

At whose instructions? At Jamaluddin Jarjis's instruction. JJ is as slippery as a snake. When he ended up with nothing, he lobbied Najib to become the ambassador to US and pay his the salary of a minister. now he is lobbying to be back as a minister.

Back to zafrul, JJ asked him to penetrate KJ to safeguard his position in the cabinet.

Zafrul succeeded.

IT was zafrul who paid certain bloggers for the interest of JJ.

He is the bagman for JJ. remember the girl who JJ molested? who paid the girl? we all know who...

Now zafrul is in Najib's camp.. again he is penetrating najib's camp...

so whatever Zafrul does, JJ has a hand in it.

Dont be surprise that when zafrul attacked Isa samad, he is doing it on JJ's instruction

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that the focus is on Tengku Zafrul. He should be commended on his upfront criticism. A politician SHOULD NEVER be allowed a corporate post. Ask any TNB execs what happened when JJ was the chairman. Business and politics cannot mix.
I suggest for those who just like to criticise, why don't you join the GLC or better still send your CVs to the PM's department and see whether you could do any better. Being a GLC CEO is a thankless job.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:02, u wrote 'what happened to TNB when JJ was the chairman", and the fact is TZ and JJ is family related. So who is the real politician here? And yet TZ can question Isa's credibility. Tengok muka dekat cermin dulu ler puki!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.02 pm

"I suggest for those who just like to criticise, why don't you join the GLC or better still send your CVs to the PM's department and see whether you could do any better. Being a GLC CEO is a thankless job

Did TZ join, was he appointed or what? Did TZ send his CV? Did TZ do a good job?

Do you think well connected guys like TZ need your thanks? Or your support?

Unless of couse you are one of his family members or a part of his network of friends.


bro, gua cilok artikel lu bro...tq

Anonymous said...

anon 12.02

nobody forced you to apply for the GLC CEO post. aren't you the one terhegeh hegeh mintak rekomen jumpa nmy and amokh sebab nak kan post tu.

fcuk you.

Anonymous said...

maybe this tz has his own personal agenda. Personal opinions should be kept personal. Maybank is a crony bank by virtue of it's ownership structure. It's 'successes' are due to it's handicap in an non level playing ground. As a result their top executives try to venture on non banking areas..Send their top people to run Public Bank and see their true worth.
Bankers like tz should be hauled in by the relevant authorities for character auditing reasons.They need to find out why he wants to rattle the market..perhaps insider trading info for financial benefit ?
Maybank has made it known that it does not really need Felda's account through unfavorable comments by none other than the CEO of investment banking..
Although pulling out Felda's acct. may appear to be a knee jerk reaction it appears reasonable.
Anyway money is money. Spread it out and get the best's a no-brained..

Anonymous said...

I am more disturbed that an ex convict for abuse of power and sex offense is adviser of selangor

Njah said...

If he is the kind of person who puts the government in a difficult position, why keep him, let him go, menyusahkan sahaja.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger
Apa boleh buat, dunia melayu tak boleh lawan cakap boss, boss always right. Dulu, masa Dtk Isa dicharge Rasuah dalam Parti, siapa yang punish him, UMNO la. So, Kalau Dtk Isa tak kena punishment, I think he is a sweet boy and cute. Kata orang kalau tak ada angin, pokok tak goyang, kalau pokok goyang, takut buah buah tak masak pun jatuh pula. GLC is a govt company, Govt is rakyat, Rakyat has to say in next general election. so relax bro. someone has to be punished, either zarul or isa. God bless Najib..

Anonymous said...

Khoo kay Peng maybank meh? I think you have to check your facts first...

Anonymous said...

Satu lagi hantu rompak jawatan CEO ialah Redza Mohd Yusof, CEO BLT Sdn Bhd. Dia adik Rashdan, previously of Binafikir, Malayan Investment Bank and sekarang di Khazanah. Siasat pulak budak ni!

Anonymous said...

how many of you here have networks in investment banking, or with foreign investors, hedge fund etc? why dont you ask around and confirm what TZ claimed. maybe he heard it ... kalau takde angin takkan pokok bergoyang...

Anonymous said...

Tak payah ler marah seekor nyamuk bakar kelambu oiii...yang susah akhirnya juga Melayu biasa Bang. Kau ingat Maybank tu mamat -mamat top management yang kau nak hukum je ke? Ramai lagi bumiputera, anak-anak Melayu yang kerja kat sana bang. Yang hanya mencari sesuap nasi. Kau pun pandai cakap Maybank tu GLC. Majoriti pekerja terdiri daripada Melayu.

Kalau Tan Sri Isa tak syok dengan TZ, tegur je la. Suruh je la dia berundur dari Maybank. Tak payah suruh boikot-boikot ni. Yang susah akhirnya anak-anak Melayu yang kerja kat sana. Top management masih dapat bonus besar Bang kalau Bank pretasi turun. Siapa yang dapat habuk? Anak-anak Melayu yang kerja kat sana. Kau pun tahu how the game is played.

Saya pasti ada cara yang lebih berkesan untuk sumbat chili dalam mulut TZ tu. Tak payah boikot Maybank. Yang susah akhirnya Melayu juga.

Anonymous said...

TZ family is connected to Negeri Sembilan royal family. I don't think any punitive measure will be taken by Felda on Maybank. Anyway, why make noise now A Voice? What you highlighted is well-known within the banking circle, yet nobody said a thing about his appointment in Maybank IB middle last year. Little wonder, why talented Bumiputra rather stay overseas. I have met about 3 of them that said besides being better remunerated, they don't have to put up with the nonsense of who you know. Capability and skills matter more where they are now. Putting half baked bumi talents that only play the I-know-who-game is not only making us Malay a laughing stock to other races but also driving away true talented Malays to serve in GLCs. The appointment of GLCs' heads is aptly put a musical chair game. Are we that lacked of bumi talents? Besides Tan Sri Hassan Merican (whom we lost to S'pore), I can't think of another that I truly admire. Semua tin kosong.

Anonymous said...

he handpicked Azamin, his MCKK bumbuddy to be CEO of the Asset Mgt side

Anonymous said...

He also handpicked super-useless Badrul Hisham Abu Bakar to join Azamin in Maybank Investment Management as Chief Transformation Officer.

Anonymous said...

Let not see TZ latest statement in negative manner.He may be asked to made such statement by someone behind the scene. Being immatured boy,maybe he did not realise its far reaching effect on him personally.This is a problem for someone who rises so fast up the corporate food chain,without being proven and he sadly self-declared so-called a liberal Malay, which Malay majority do not understand what this mean. This is also the result of his arrogance traits and
maybe is childhood upbringing in well to do family. I don't see TZ episode has anything to do with refusal of young talented bumi abroad to serve the nation. These bunch of ungratefuls are simply ungratefuls, they think nation, race and religion are secondary. But FZ did come back and serve the nation, his only bad point he tried to teach his political master. My advise to him just shut up and do your work well. Don't go on job hopping. DS Najib does not need your advice, anyway.TZ climb up the corporate ladder has unfortunate link to persons hated by most bloggers, whether right or wrong... is everyone evaluation.

Anonymous said...

Cmon la, Lets get back to basic, put aside those political assumptions. He made one of the most rookiest mistakes as a CEO. U DONT AND NEVER UNDERMINE UR OWN CLIENT (only after theres no more business endeavoursla). FELDA is a BIG ORGANIZATION which ALSO MEANS BIG CLIENT FOR MAYBANK. What the hell he just did???? In any company or corporation in the world that Ive known. If one of your own say BAD THINGS about your own BIG CLIENTS in the OPEN. It means SACKING. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Mr Rocky, Just forget about those political masters or dramas lets get to reality.

1. Ive been looking into palm commodity pricing/graphs it still the same in terms ups and downs since Isa become Chairman Felda and TZ made his comments. Not much change, I dont see any signal whatsoever.

2. So whats happening? The reality what happened is, TZ JUST PUT MAYBANK AT RISK OF LOOSING ONE OF THEIR BIGGEST CLIENTS WHICH IS FELDA. That just happened. And it is a rookie mistake.

3.But he is SO LUCKY, he only get like show cause letter type and his contract which ends on June 2011, shall be reviewed by the board. Thats it. And he is so LUCKY that MAYBANK and FELDA are GLCs which government/BN can pull some strings to give him second chance due to his connections within.

4. In any organizations in the world, If you put your organization that you work for at RISK of loosing one of the biggest "existing" clients with that SILLY comment IN THE OPEN, Hes chance either he will get DEMOTED or 24 Hours TERMINATION.

5. I still remember the government, BN/UMNO wanted to BE FAIR to all. Now it is the time. TZ IS NOT THE ONLY YOUNG PERSON IN MALAYSIA WHO CAN BE A CEO OF MAYBANK, theres some other. GIVE OTHERS A CHANCE. TZ have got his CHANCE, not just once, many times. CEOS made mistakes BUT NOT THIS TYPE OF ROOKIE MISTAKE.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:44pm, i totally agree with you, He bitch about his client in public. Who the fuck he think he is? Obviously, TZ has no sense of doing business. So Wahid, what are you doing about it? Are you going to continue with you elegantly-silence policy, close your eyes and pretend nothing happened? C'mon, is that the best that you can do?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:39 AM, I so agree with u, It is not politics, it is not personal, it is just business. And TZ just made a bad business judgement by making it personal and political by screwing his own organization client. Too bad

To me, for other bankers like CIMB, Bank Rakyat, BSN, AMMB etc if they are smart enough, this is the time for them to shine.

This is the time for other bankers to whisk away such a fat juicy account from FELDA. And it is good for your KPIs too. This is the time to make some phone calls to FELDA chairman, slide in some counter proposals to FELDA. This sort of opportunity wont come everyday guys. This is the time to shine.

And for Isa the new chairman of FELDA, maybe FELDA have been too long with Maybank. It is time for some fresh air. It is time to look into new proposals from other bankers, lets see what they have to offer.

And Isa, u dont need to worry about Maybank, Maybank wont go bankcrupt if FELDA leaves. They got Tengku Zafrul the so call whizz kid, he can make Maybank rich hahaha.

So conclusion, it is time for FELDA to have some fresh air and leave Maybank for good and it is high time for other bankers to take opportunity from this and make a more profitable proposals in the best mutual interest for both parties.

I do hope Dato' Seri Najib dont interfere if FELDA chooses to search for more lucrative counter offers from other bankers than Maybank. It is just business Dato' Seri.

isapendek said...

I wonder what are the commentators thinking, leaving basic principles behind.

Pendek is already declared corrupt by his own party, and yet you clowns seems to have forgotten about it.

If you have a business, would you leave it to a corrupt to handle?

Roshan said...

Ler masa trbaik mmbuat pembetulan dari kekusutan dripada mmpertikaikan yang lalu.Semut pun jadi pening mana satu gula dan intan.... selamat brtugas Tg zafrul... Lembah Pantai

A Voice said...


This article dates 2011. Why in hell you read it back?

14 march 2020

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