Tuesday, November 13, 2012

No Diwali wishes for Tony F

First things first.

Happy Diwali to all my Hindu Malaysian brothers and sisters.

May the lights of Diwali strengthen our resolve to let good triumph over evil, right triumph over wrong, truth over lies and slanders, charity over greed, and peace and serenity over loud and chaos.

The last three are not usual Hindu wishes for Diwali. It is just us adding our own wishes to save the soul of  Tony F. We would have wanted to wish him Diwali but a commentator told us that Tony F hate to be wished Diwali.

Some commentators viewed our bitching of Tony F as racism against Indians. Do perish such thoughts.

He may gained the help of tycoon Ananda Krishan to get the appointment with Tun Dr Mahathir to sell the idea of them buying Air Asia from Hicom in those days. But it has nothing to do with his Indian blood or contributing to the cause of the Indian community.

Tony F is British and a Christian. Can't you notice his English accent?

That is the reason he bought QPR and is ever willing to languish near the bottom of table and currently at the bottom of the English Premier League. Never mind that his father is a Cristang (descendent of Portugese invaders of Malacca), he likes to believe his motherland is Britain.

Unfortunately, the British Spots Channel still described him as Malaysian tycoon. Given to us, we would have liked to call him a ty-con, but we'll be insulting our friendly and pleasurable neighbour, the Thais.

Perhaps, MyCon is appropriate. It should remind him of his MyTeam and how he stabbed Khairy in the back at the end of father-in-law's premiership after benefiting so much.

Malaysian Indian and Hindu won't do that.

Tony F is just following his role model of British colonial master who are usually subtly conniving in their manouvre and heartless at the end to deliver the final kill. He emulated and copied the British bloke turned knight, Sir Richard Branson although the man bailed out on him.

Tony F is a Christian. Make no bones about that. The sports pages are reporting that he will decide on Mark Hughes future as coach after Christmas and the Boxing Day's line of fixtures. Not after Diwali.

Ah ... Tony F! Does he thinks his low caste carrier concept .... opps sorry, we meant to be low cost carrier concept works in the English premier League? It doesn't even work for Long Haul flights.

We are Muslim so we lead by a strict code on interfaith matter. The line between apostacy and keeping to our faith could be a thin line. Religous tolerance is about "no compulsion in religous life" and "To you, your faith. To us, our faith."

Perhaps Christians are more flexible with practices of other faith. Tony F needs all the blessing from the lights of Diwali in his struggle against evil, wrong, lies and himself. And, he needs more blessing to maintain peace and prosperity for himself.

Khairy is no more there to open door for his MyTeam sponsort. Tony F can't boast of the Indonesian market since the high growth he expect is not working out. And, his other Air Asian is not giving as superb growth as he experienced in the Malaysian market by robbing MAS.

Tony F is getting restless. He wanted to see the Prime Minister but the man is uninterested. So he goes for some of the PM's officers, but they refused to give time for him. So Tony F had to make  his request through his Melayu chai, Ali Bakar.

In that meeting, things did not go down well. Ali not only couldn't convince the officer but he infuriated Putrajaya. Serve him right for playing that number on Malaysia Airport. Despite finally agreeing to move into KLIA2, the Government of Malaysia does not trust him anymore.

In the first place, he shouldn't even consider requesting to have a 10 storey building as high as the control tower at KLIA to mark his presence. [Read Rocky Bru here.]

The guys doesn't get it, does he? Khairy is no more in government to help him. There is no more Dato Chan Kong Choy to help him. He is more concern of his PKFZ court case than fighting for Air Asia's interest.

With his Batavia Air deal tanked in Indonesia and back home, Malindo is going to compete in his turf, Tony F has no story to tell the world.

Air Asia X going on expansion? Kah kah kah .... sure. Low cost around the world in 8 days? That is 10 times faster than Phileas Fogg's feat at the turn of the 19th century. Only The Star would try sell such story for their program sponsor.

The grapevine is saying that in his desperation, Tony F has resorted to dirty play.

Since Dato Najib refused him, he is using opposition cybertroopers and Tony Pua to spread rumours that malindo got the liecense to operate from Kuala Lumpur because Dato Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis is a shareholder of NADI and indirectly Malindo Airlines.

Why stop at Tony Pua? Tony F should also used the other soiled whistleblowers like Rafizi Ramli, Nurul Izzah and Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad.

Neither JJ nor his son sits as member of the Board of Directors of NADI or Malindo Airlines. JJ's company DZJJ used to be shareholders of Airod but it has been diluted substantially and Tan Sri Ahmad Johan is the majority shareholder and in the driver seat.

Do your homework la, Tony F.

JJ owned Airod when he was not in government but as a corporate businessmen. The least he could have spin was say that DZ of DZJJ is Daim Zainuddin. Then he would helped opposition get themselves in a mess of a spin.

Tony F calling Lion Air an Indian

Tony F is also going around using opposition leaders and cybertrooper to question Lion Air's safety record. Thanks Tony for making opposition look stupid.

If they not had a safety record, Lion would have asked for majority and NADI would not have been roped in to undertake majority stake in Malindo Airlines.

Read this episode on Bigdog's here.

For Tony to question Lion Air's safety record, he should look in the mirror and try to convince himself that Air Asia is also safe.

Bigdog's here reported that:
The market is buzzing about the story that Air Asia received a very stern letter from DCA with regards to their operations. Apparently, the alleged DCA technical audit report dated 26 September had these findings:
1.0. ‘Flight Following’ which is the Communications between Flight Operations and pilots are flawed. Issues raised have not been addressed properly 2. There are failures detected in the Director of Flight Operations discharging his duties:
2.1. It is believed that the operations manual has not been updated 2.2. The execution of the flight operations is not in accordance to their manual
3.0. There is a management system failure where the lower graded staff not executing their task in accordance to the flight operations manual
It was said DCA recommended the Air Asia’s Flight Operations and Director of Flight Operations be reviewed. As such, it was said in certain quarters that on 1 October DCA only renewed Air Asia’s Airlines Operation Certified (AOC) for six months. 
It will be reviewed only after all the issues have been addressed and resolve. Air Asia should quickly mitigate all these. If their Flight Operations people are not the right people, then they have to review the team as per the said DCA recommendations. 
All these got to be implemented very quickly, as Flight Operations is the heart and cardiovascular system of any air carriers.
Our kaki inside MAHB, who is a former DCA man, confirmed.

This reminded us of an airline joke of Air India getting into engine trouble on flight over water.
The captain requested passengers that can swim to be on the right side and those that can't swim to move to the left. He gave instruction to the passengers on the right side of what to do when the plance crash land into the water. And he wished those on the left, "Thank you for flying Air India."
For those travelling by Air Asia over the Diwali holidays, make sure you can swim.

Happy Diwali to Tony F. Boy, you sure need it.


The Gooberman said...

Wow...you have really surpassed yourself this time around.

Time will tell if AirAsia makes it or not.

As it will for all the other LCCs in the region. Shall we enumerate them...Cebu Pacific, Jetstar Asia, Tiger Air, Scoot....? Oh, yes - not forgetting the wunderkind aka Lion Air and it's much ballyhooed offshoot aka Malindo Air.

How many of the above will come a cropper in the years to come, seeing as how the realities of the aviation industry haven't changed for the better.

(incidentally, I note that you have not commented on the trials and tribulations of MAS, seeing as how the government has to guarantee RM5.3 billion of Islamic notes for yet another SPV to fund MAS's fleet expansion. Why have you not taken MAS to task for going cap-in-hand to the government and getting yet another bailout? Could it be because MAS is "one of us"?)

Your post is so full of cheap shots that it's difficult to fathom where personal animosities begin and sound business analysis ends. Indian? Whack! Roman Catholic? Whack! Opionated? Whack! Doesn't suffer fools gladly? Whack! Uses contacts to open doors and lobby (as if such practices are verboten in Malaysia)? Whack lagi sekali!

Stick to sound business analysis and spare us the racist claptrap!

Oh, btw, it says in the preamble to your comments section - "only mature comments are welcome. No need for hostilities, insults and bad languages(sic)". Sheesh - why don't you follow your own criteria, eh?

Tribunal For Mahathir! said...

Mahathir abused of power is proven by Tony admission that Mahathir gave him the two planes for only RM1!

RM1 cannot even buy you nasi lemak anymore and yet Mahathir gave this Christian Tamil two planes.

On top of that the the company was earning 20 million per year!

Plus the airspace which belongs to the states like water and land were given to this Tamil as special rights!

What the F?

There should be Tribunal to retake all the economic excesses and corruption during and current Mahathir related abused.

The NST even quoted Mahathir proudly declaring after his 22 years of corruption he has reduced the Malays to beggars in their own country!!

And now he is looking after the nation wealth in Petronas, Najib has given 100% tax cuts just like Romney wanted to give the rich.

So happen Sapura and Kencana was given 12 billion loan by Maybank like its Mahathir family bank.

400 million cash was given to Mokhzani!! What is bank negara Azah Aziz doing? Sleeping on the job?

Another hundreds of millions to Shahril. Read all these in TheStar.

All licenses given to Tamil Syed Mohktar need to be studied in detail. Mahathir admitted meeting Syed Mohktar every week to decide which companies they going to take over!

Syed Mohktar is not a minister or UMNO but Mahathir admitted Syed a business man,reported to him every week. If this is not corruption than I dont know what is.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much ABITW...love you guys...hehehhe

Anonymous said...

Whack BABI more please...don't want ANWAR IBRAHIM to be Prime Minister because I DON'T WANT MY ARSE TO BE SCREWED.

Anonymous said...

Reflections of a personal tirade against another for whatever agenda and making it for public consumption?

what a loser.

FireFly said...

More bad news for Tony.

Malindo Air which is supposed to start flying May next year has brought forward the launch date to mid-March and will begin with domestic flights and a month later it will expand to offer international flights with its first stop being India, said PT Lion Grup chief Rusdi Kirana.

In a telephone interview, he said that he had decided to delay the launch of Indonesia's Batik Air from March to year-end in 2013 because he wanted to focus on building Malindo to become regional player sooner.

We will delay Batik Air launch because we can now use Malindo to fly international routes. You must remember that Indonesians like to fly the world via Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Bangkok and Lion Air, being the biggest domestic carrier can be a feeder for Malindo for the international connectivity,” he said.

“It is possible for us to bring forward the launch date because the aircraft meant for Batik Air will now be allocated to Malindo. Batik Air was only going to offer point to point services but we are more keen to have a hub in KL to move traffic beyond KL.

“We now fly the most number of points within Indonesia and imagine the traffic volume that we can bring from all these destinations into KL and beyond to countries such as Thailand, China, India, Vietnam and Hong Kong,” he said, adding that “We would fly where the Indonesians like to go and the feed will be from Indonesia.”

This year Lion Air would have flown 30 million passengers, and next year it is targeting 35 million and Malindo Air CEO Chandran Ramamuthy said “if we can divert 10% of that traffic into KL and beyond, it would be good.”

Rusdi said the first two aircraft will be used to ply the Kuala Lumpur-Sabah and Sarawak routes.

The next two will be used for flights to India, and its first stop will be Trichy but New Dehli will be added to its network.

“In May we will fly to China and are looking at cities such as Canton and Shenzhen, and will also add Hong Kong,” he said.

Asked if Malindo had the rights to fly the international routes like China and India, he said “we are in the process of getting the rights.”

Chandran added that “we have had a series of meetings with the regulators and we are confident that we can start in March. We have submitted all the applications and are awaiting for approvals.”

Asked on competition he said “if you see AirAsia Indonesia and Garuda, they have a big network in Indonesia but their market share is smaller than ours and we have 600 take offs in a day, and we carry 100,000 passengers a day. So with kind of traffic, and if we have more destinations, we can carry more passengers. We fly to 69 points such as Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Pekan Baru, Medan, Semairiang, Solo, Pontianak and all this traffic (needs to go somewhere). That is why we think we can be successful with Malindo,” he said.

Read more here: http://biz.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2012/11/2/business/12262688&sec=business

Anonymous said...

QPR and Fomula one will kill Tony F.Watch my word.

AAsia debt almost 5 billion rgt their free cashflow only 200 m rgt per year.
Now they try to float A asia X.

Tan Sri Chu Ma Yu told me they dressup the account.
Will sure go below water after listing.
Good luck Tony F.

Anonymous said...

Tony f still has gnanalingam west port to help tony

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