Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another typical leak at Treasury

Last week, UMNO President Dato Najib Tun Abdul Razak announced plans for economic empowerment of Bumiputera. [Read again here]

Every other person was complaining of nothing new. One of our concern was no serious effort to address past problems of leakage, inefficiency and sabotage on past empowerment programs. Leakage and inefficiency tend to be blame on government machinery.

Najib's intention to improve delivery is understood and appreciated. Only problem is the PEMANDU outfit. The other choice to PEMANDU is to leave it to the civil servant to independently run government machinery.

True, we have been a strong advocate to abolish PEMANDU and return the role to EPU, but it is not a blanket endorsement for all because had there not been for privatisation, JKR would still not complete the North-South Expressway yet.

The case we like to bring up is a case of leakage involving a recent tender for a Ubiquitous System for Jabatan Kastam dan Eksais Diraja (Customs). The underlying problem is clear and it is ubiquitously morally wrong.

MACC should be alerted because it has corruption, kickbacks, collusion and abuse of power written all over.

When we exposed how policies and procedures was abused by big names being bandied to be associated to Najib in the tender for Accrual Accounting System for Accountant General Office [read here], wonder whether MACC have made a raid on Ministry of Finance.

If not, this Customs tender involved some big names, big money and abuse have been allowed to go on for too bloody long time. It is killing competitiveness, making a mockery of market friendly affirmative action, and any rhetorics along capacity or nation building.

One way to address is to raise level of morality and sense of responsibility. As our late sifu used to say, one cannot operationalise morality but only set policies and procedures.

Customs have an on-going system, doing well since 1992, and can be upgraded, but decided to change it into a system called Ubiquitous system. Not sure the technical meaning but ubiquitous means "present in all places and at all times".

The tender is Pembangunan Projek Sistem U-Customs for jabatan Kastam dan Eksais Diraja Malaysia. Tender date closed on March 11, 2013.
As usual in any IT tender, interested companies would shop around the world for systems solution. Everyone involved could basically know who has been shopping for what. With some effort, one can know how many have approached the most powerful solution Artiquator, the only use in France Bull system, Korean Posco and Microsoft.

Before awarded, the user, Customs would determine which system and technical package meet their requirement and interest them.

They would also ascertain company knowledge and ability to understand the Customs process, have technical experience, and capacity and commitment level. Having a Artiquator system solution but no technical experience in the Customs process is not necessarily an advantage.

There are also issues of financial capability and obviously cheapest tender price

Then all these is passed to Ministry of Finance. Prior to reaching the Tender Committee chaired by  Najib, the papers and documents have to be sent to a committee of Little Napoleans.

The Little Napoleans will would vet through Customs review and make their own recomendation. It would be usually strange for user comment to be far different from the Little Napoleans'.

Usually Najib and the Committee of top level government officers sometimes including MoF II would merely approve as recommended by the Little Napoleans. No story of Rosmah interference through husband or politician making a quick buck.

Members of the Tender Board are:
1. YAB Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Hj Abdul Razak (Chairman)
2.  Tan Sri Irwan Siregar (KSU)
3.  Dato' Mat Noor Nawi (TKSP-Dasar)
4.  Datuk Nozirah Bahari (TKSP-Pengurusan)
5.  Dato' Fauziah Yaacob (TKSP-Sistem & Kawalan)
6.  Dato' Hashimuddin Mohamad (Setiausaha Bahagian Perolehan Kerajaan)

In this tender exercise, Company Coded 1/21 (as per list above) at RM317.8  million had won. In term of pricing, it is numbered 4. While in term of technical, we found out it is numbered 4 with their Microsoft base system.

It is still no issue. The question to ask is is are there companies in a better positioning than number 4?

As far as our source found, there are at least 2 companies with better technical AND pricing position than number 4. But it is not about promoting other companies, but questioning why Company 1/21 got it.

It means a system of policies and procedures is in place but there are leakages or abuse of power or collusion going on from the breakdown of individual morality. These are the pengkhianat bangsa dan negara!

Our source also found that there is Company Coded 10/21 at number 2 technical position (two step higher than number 4) but pricing is number 5.

At number 5, it is RM28 million higher at RM345 million than the winner Company 1/21. If Customs and MoF is willing to spend more for a superior system and chose company 2, it is still acceptable. Heard it was the Artiquator system.

Company 1/21 is a tight financial condition and have too many big projects in hand with tight deadlines. It is not too sure they can deliver as promised in 2 years time. But why was the company given and recommended by these Little Napolean of questionable morality?

Calling calling MACC ...

The Little Napolean is hiding inside a committee for contracts more than RM30 million, below:
1.  Datuk Nozirah Bahari (TKSP Pengurusan and Chairperson)
2. Dato' Noorrizan Shafie (Setiausaha Bahagian Dasar Saraan, Wang Awam & Khidmat Pengurusan)
3. Wan Omar Wan Abdul Ghani (Ketua Seksyen Perolehan Kerajaan)
3. A repreentative from JKR
4. Hj Mohamad Jusoh (Ketua Seksyen Kewangan)
5. Ahmad Zaki Mohamed Rayes (Ketua Penolong Setiausaha)

The one processing the papers are Haji Mohamed Jusoh and Ahmad Zaki. Haji Mohamed heads the secretariat and Ahmad Zaki as assisted him.

Off course, we know Company 1/21. Drum roll please ....

.... the company is Brilliance Information Sdn Bhd (374044-H). The office is at 16, Jalan Meranti SD 13/5, Bandar Sri Damansara. Kuala Lumpur. It is a RM2 million paid-up company. Directors and shareholders are Asmar Haiza binti Ishak and Salehodin Majid.

It is in the business of retailing and distribution of soft and hardware computer peripherels and related products and services. They are currently implementing the GST system for Customs.

The link man for Brilliance with Ministry of Finance or their Chief Lobbyist is a retired Deputy Director General of Public Service Department (or TKPPA) by the name of Dato' A. Wahab bin Mulajat.

Other than doing lobby work for big projects for big companies, this Dato is CEO Wafada Technic & Consult Sdn Bhd. Check out the Directors and client here.

He also supplies X Ray scanner and it's maintenance to Customs.

It should be a conflict of interest to have a former civil servant do lobby inside but there is no such law against it. Politicians can be imprisoned for having transaction with someone having transaction with government but civils servant can do transaction with the government they used to be employed to.

Since it is fine and the bloody lawyers and judges only under law and not ethics, let's not take this any further. So why did they manage to get such preference by 'orang dalam'?

Here is something else, Brilliance was initially never made it in the initial technical evaluation, supposedly by Customs.

Their systems used microclear product developed during father President George Bush for the Kuwait Iraq war. Apart from Kuwait, the product was used in Pakistan but scrap due to non performance. The Pakistani government is suing them.

More question, how did they get to be number 4 by MoF subcommittee?

Something smells funny right?

It is found that Brilliance had a revenue of RM21.3 million and PAT of RM9,438 for year ending March 2012. With a big project in hand, no increase financial capacity from previous project and only paid up capital of RM2 million, Brilliance does not have the means.

Korek punya korek, we found out that they have link with one Dato Mohd Jimmy Wong bin Abdullah who is a member of the Board of Director of MYEG.com. Read here.

There are very old and serious issue with MYEG.com which we regretted for not exposing it during the time of Pak Lah.  We had some serious information on the crap behind MYEG.com but decided not to since it is not gentlemenly to whack on a fallen man.

We had met and heard Dato Dr Norraesah spoke in seminars and forums, thus we had given her high respect as an academician. Man are we suckers for academicians.

MYEG is the undisputed e-government provider in Malaysia. There are no competitors that can go near the company.

It is the sole concessionaires as the online government transactional services for the Malaysian community through its Electronic Government (E-Government) Initiatives. Riding on the government developed GITN, MYEG had access to database to enable transaction.

Initially, it was to collaborate with two other companies licensed to provide e-Government. But they used their monopolistic access to database to "kill" one competitor.  The other company was planned to collaborated with them and naturally did a golden parachute out.

This was all done within the political-civil servant insidious collaboration of anak menakan Pak Lah, Dr Noraessah (7 million shares), former UMNO Youth Tanjung, Dato Dr Munir Shah Raja Mustapha (209 million shares) and former MAMPU Director Gneral, Tan Sri Dato Muhammad Rais bin Karim (3.2 million shares).

e-Government was the project under MAMPU. Is it not a conflict of interest for Tan Sri Muahmmad Rais to be Director and holds few million shares? How could a member of the Board of PERKIM be doing so unethical and nearing corrupt like this? Does he have no conscience?

If one felt we should close one eye and let Bumiputera businessmen have their big break, look at the member of Directors again here.

It's Managing Director is Singaporean Wong Thean Soon. He holds 209 million shares.

Melayu get shares for selling influence but do nothing. Did not get knowledge, skill and management experiance...  WTF! Please do not vote for Dr Norraessah for Majlis Tertinggi UMNO.

Furthermore, what the duck is a Company with Singaporean as founder and most likely major and controlling shareholder be awarded access to all information with regard to our Government and citizens?

This is not only leakage in a system but a security risk. Didn't anyone in Government and politics ponder to understand that risk during Pak Lah time?

Pak Lah, Singapore, monopoly contracts and unsavory practices... Asal Bukan Khairy (ASK)


UMNO should own country infra said...

A Chinese Singaporean owning 209 million MyEg shares? While UMNO member Nuraesah only 7 million and JAKIM only 3 million.

UMNO youth Munir Shah 209 million.

This is typical corrupt UMNO leadership which is hated by Umno members and the Malays.

That is why blog like yours is necessary because sharing is caring. I am sure nobody knows this except the corrupt UMNO leaders themselves who incompetent technically.

MYeg technology is simple any univeristy students can do it.

Infrastructure job should belong to the Malays and the UMNO Government should be entrusted to do it not give it to corrupt Chinese Singaporean or UMNO Youth.

Thus the profit will goes to everyone. Sack that Indian nor Yakob in the Finance Ministry.

Jgn Undi Nuraeesah MT said...

Woo bro. I went to the MYeG board of directors and there are TWO Cina Singapore dalam sistem nasional MYEG!!


Apa hal kepala otak Melayu UMNO?

Dua cina singapore yang kawal maklumat peribadi dan data kereta semua.

Presiden UmNO otak kat punggung ke?

Ini sekuriti risk

Bubarkan MYEG kerana tentu Cina Singapura dah ambil data Melaysia.

Bahlol.. betul Nurraesah ni.

Kamal said...

Cantek sekali.
You should write ta MACC and ask them to investigated.
But i am vary sure FLOM is behind this,

Last week just play golf with amy friend from Bandar Raya.

He said most of the land belong to Bandar Raya was sold to Jakel,a textile company own by Indian Gugerati,
He said first lady was involved in all the deal.Tanah yang di earmark untok bena rumah murah di wilayah Persekutuan pun habis dia kebas.

Najib have serious credibility problem.

maae said...

Bukan hendak fitnah atau buat komen melulu :-

1. Perkara seperti ini sudah berlarutan puluhan tahun. Contoh jika seseorang itu bekas Pengarah atau Jawatan berpengaruh, mengetahui kedudukan belanjawan dan keperluan kontrak / tender Jabatan Kerajaan tersebut, maka peluang tersebut akan di urus 100% berpihak kepada tata cara kepentingan syarikat beliau tubuhkan atau atas kapasiti Pengerusi Sy.

2. Kelebihan pihak terlibat di atas dasar akses terus kepada peruntukan tender / kontrak yang bakal di keluarkan. Walaupun sudah berada di luar kuasa dan pengaruh sebenar, kuku mereka amat kuat mencengkam untuk tempoh peralihan dalam jangka agak lama untuk mereka aktif dalam merobek peluang terpilih dan meraih laba lumayan. Semua terlibat di jaga hebat.

3. Berbalik kepada rasuah atau CBT, semua itu tidak biasa di ambil tindakan. Kerana apa ? Puak ini mempunyai rangkaian pengaruh abang-adik peringkat tertinggi kerana Jawatan yang pernah di sandang. Malah kebanyakkan Pegawai Awam yang di naikkan pangkat tertinggi tertakluk atas ihsan pihak ini jua ( yang pandai polish ). Itu kenapa urusan ini mudah. Ini lah TONGKAT bukan melayu, terutama nya orang-orang cina yang bijak dan licik dalam urusan sedemikian.

4. Dua puluh lima tahun dahulu, pengalaman saya ( sekadar iktibar ), tender yang pihak terlibat perolehi bernilai dua kali ganda dari harga sebenar kos projek. Projek ini " di bawa keluar sendiri " oleh Pengarah yang baru bersara atas kapasiti dapat projek. Syarikat dua ringgit mendapat modal dari tuntutan " material on site " bernilai sebelas juta? dari jumlah harga projek bernilai lapan belas juta! Bayangkan betapa hebat dan selesa nya.... akhir nya projek kantoi atau di kantoikan. Betapa nilai nya masakini?

5. Berdasarkan artikel anotherbrickinwall, inilah sebenar nya Pengkhianat Bangsa dan Negara. Saya selalu menyatakan kaum cina menepuk dada juga memerlukan tongkat. Apa lagi bumiputera. Malang nya, penyakit kronik yang masih menghambat sekian lama, MENJADIKAN MELAYU ITU CACAT, GAGAL DAN DI HINA SELAMA NYA. Buat lah apa sahaja pemerkasaan bumiputera, peratus keterlibatan bumiputera akan di nafikan oleh juak-juak seperti ini, kerana kuasa yang ada di gengaman mereka.

Kakitangan Kerajaan atau Pembangkang tetap sama bila mendapat kuasa. Pengaruh dan cengkaman terbentuk kemudian.

Apakah daya upaya kita sebagai rakyat marhaen?

Anonymous said...

I an't surprise of the arrangement. It has been going on under Najib's nose. I agree with you, MACC should raid Ministry of Finance for its malpractices and abuses of power. 

Our company had experienced of being side lined during the pre-qualification exercise. Round pertama sudah kalah!! We were not given a chance to be in the bidding.  Not we were financially, technically, technologically and manageably sounds but because we have had no little Napoleon to champion us in the Finance Ministry. The only reason we could give, they don't like our faces. 

Anonymous said...

Hilarious that some people are more concerned that some Singaporkean cinababi is benefiting, rather than focusing on the actual issue revealed here, which is massive corruption in the tender process.

Tells you everything you need to know about modern Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

These are the pengkhianat bangsa dan negara!

i just love this words....after that there will be no Malaysia.

Bugis Johor.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much bro for such a luxurious figures, for PM & MOF info i had a roti canai & teh O for breakfast in the evening a plate of mee /kueh teow goreng & teh O ais since last election. This news make me want to scream at DS Najib again. First was during his tour before the election. I bet he still remember me cause his facial showed. (A lay man who have served under 4 PM, involved with tansfer of technology, privatisation, restructure of civil servants). May Allah protect me from the devil that is whispering anger within.

Anonymous said...

SAN FRANCISCO: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak says he wants to make corruption part of Malaysia's past, not its future.

Speaking at the Commonwealth Club Lecture here on Monday, Najib said this meant changing organisational as well as business cultures.

"I have created a new governance and integrity minister role in the cabinet; it is held by the former president of the Malaysian chapter of Transparency International," he said.

Notakaki: Can you believe this guy???

serena said...

najib. statement of the year

i dont know whether to laugh or cry

nfc pun belum settle

walk your talk

Anonymous said...

Salam Bro.,
Teruskan perjuangan & dedahkan pengkhianat bangsa & negara! I really got pissed off with najib la... really, really pissed off... semoga Allah laknat these people kat dunia ni lagi... cakap nak perkasakan Melayu/Bumi konon... the ultimate HIPOKRIT!

Dhahran Sea

Anonymous said...


Remember the deputy director Kastam who was shot dead in Putra Jaya?Hope arwah was not involved n killed bcos of all these grabbing of govt tenders.


Anonymous said...

1 big Q. How on earth you got the full detail of such incident. Even most Distis, Princs & Supps only got a few fractions of the tender process & its personel. Yes they are unethical, but even you are also unethical to dig into something that are not under your power without proper consent.

Anonymous said...

Its really disgusting to see the willful blindness of the greedy Malay super rich wannabes doing these kind of things to enrich themselves and their family members at the expense of other poor bumiputras and security of the country. What do we do? OMG

Anonymous said...


I really respect most of your thoroughly researched articles and do hope your efforts in this article is purely sincere and not because of your close associate with Dato' B your ANSARA mate with an office at Pandan Jaya which participate in this tender and coincidentally the AGO tender too and lost.

Nevertheless, the full detail you provide in this article and the AGO Tender is correct. By the way, BIS have not completed and deliver the GST too.


Anonymous said...

Datuk Mohd Jimmy Wong is a former Special Branch police. Low rank officer. In charge of politics. Found his way up the corporate ladder through affiliation with politicians.

Got his Datukship from Malacca. Not sure what his contribution to Malacca.

sickput said...

Based on above, the whole cabinet should be behind bars, not only those in MOF.
civil servants have become money crazy like their UMNO bosses.
There is no honour anymore in the malay world. Its turned materialistic.

sickput said...

If based on the above, the whole UMNO cabinet should be behind bars.
Nowadays, its OK to rob, steal and pillage under the guise of malay privilege.
Giving sinkies computer project is nothing. But I am sure, there are some local non bumi companies who can do same job or even better that are barred from participating.
They should make non discrimination part of tender policy.

sickput said...

They should enact non discrimination as national policy. I am sure there could be some non bumi companies who are qualified but denied their right to participate.

Anonymous said...

How about BESTARINET ????

Anonymous said...

also, if u dont approve the previous message, then u r the same as them, u know that right?

A Voice said...


Thanks for the alert. It's got nothing to with whoever you think it is.

Anon 12:20 PM

Welcome to the transparent new world where information is available with some effort and network.

Unhappy people wanting justice, fairplay is out there.

Painkiller judas priest said...

Know what will happen after this great write up?


A major shake up is needed and it aint coming.

So grab what you can when you still can because this ship is sinking for the poor and middleclass

Anonymous said...

apsal orang melayu beragama jslam cakap pasal agama islam berdegar-degar tapi takder amanah dan takder tanggungjawab?

kab56 said...

RM317 million? RM1 miilion would be a lot to pay for software to replace current SMK. Pricing for systems tenders has gone completely out of whack since KLIA.
Let's say of the above, RM100 million is for software development. At RM2000 per manday or RM40000 per man-month, which is rather generous, you can have over 100 persons working on it for 2 years. With today's tools for commercial application software development, deploying such numbers is inconceivable.
Besides, a sophisticated system will just go to waste in a governement agency because it is so bound to the General Orders which requires an act of parliament to change.

Weekiong said...

Mof has been at it since there was money to be made. All govt depts, glc, etc. semua serupa.

It is all about money money money, tipu n no ethics.

Anonymous said...

You see when the head is weak the rest become kings

Anonymous said...

Tender did mention about those company who used local technology will be given priority is just a matter of fulfilling the pekeliling but in reality no local technoology been considered. Cheap price does not mean cheap quality but in fact less license cost. If government do not trust local technology....who will?

Anonymous said...

litle napoleons are not exclusive in customs dept only.they are everywhere,they recommend then PM,ministers in charge approve.kalau dpt minister yg amik tahu at least minister tu tanya la jugak.dpt minister tido,sign je.nama buruk dpt kat orang umno padahal punya la ramai orang umno yg tulus tapi merempat.

Anonymous said...

It is very true what Anon 1:04AM said. I am involve in nice market especially software related to defence and security. We have developed local products/softwares using our local Malay softwares engineers which the products is at par, if not better than world class software.

However, to penetrate the industry is quite difficult. Despite we want to be 'self-reliance', the user still 'banyak songeh' when they see our products. We have to start somewhere for better product in the future, not only sellable in the country but outside Malaysia.

It is also true the pekeliling is just a statement... a statement... no action was highly given for such approach.

We have invested Millions in human capital development.. but sooner or later it will be in drain.

Malaysia tidak akan kemana2.....

Anonymous said...

Man Jebat

You should check with KJ on GSP.

Wasn't it Xybase that got the GSP with 'help' from KJ?

How is the system now??? Also how is Xybase now???

Prince of Noob said...

satu pendedahan yang sangat mengejutkan, adakah ia sudah dilaporkan kepada SPRM? harap pihak SPRM dapat membuat siasatan kerana orang2 korup macam ni yang kita harus singkirkan daripada kerajaan kerana menjadikan nama kerajaan busuk dan bernanah

Anonymous said...

TS Wong is from Ipoh lah.
He was an ASEAN scholar in Singapore.
Same batch as Tony Pua.

Khairy Xybase said...

Anon 11:06

initial GST project was awarded to xybase thru KJ n reerzal M. Implementation failed. Kastam retender n awarded to felda pro data. Brinfo lobbied at MOF n got job. Currently brinfo still doing d GST. Another project "awarded" thru tender is e Tanah. Co precision portal PP awarded job is owned by Amin mus....best buddy of reeezal M. Project failed n was sold to tabung haji theta edge. Depositors got screwed. Ystday Penang govt raised issue of failed e Tanah. What's point of tender if best price or best technical or best overall is not chosen? Brinfo won u kastam based on connections n not based on tender. Ask kastam to check on what happened to rm 30 mill PRISKA project awarded thru direct nego 4 yrs ago....it also failed to even get off d ground....

Anonymous said...

Yg kelakarnya...PM punyalaa g menjaja MSC company n local technology kat oversea...but dia lupa government sendri tak minat pakai local technology...ape daa...lain kali tak perlu bubuh dlm tender...teknologi tempatan akan diberi keutamaan...hanya mitos shj!

Anonymous said...

Im from the govt agency. Some people especially senior management abuse the stringent processes to hide their wrongdoings. They are not even competent enough to run the organization. Look at their kpis. Its absolutely rubbish. They promote the culture of bodeking should anyone want to be promoted, not performance. This is rampant in glcs or agencies nationwide. As a psychologist, there is so many leakages and flaws in them.

Anonymous said...

how about Government Security Operation. Centre (MyGSOC). can someone expose it...>> http://wargamampu.wordpress.com/

Anonymous said...

Nothing new with the way government awards tenders.

The previous exposure on the JANM Government Accounting system is just swept under the floor; dont expect this exposure will change anything. It will just be swept under the floor.

We can just continue to expose & expose & it will remain the same. If anything, this exposure confirms that for Malaysian Government tender it is not the solution (technical/financial) that is important .. it is which orang besar you have behind you ..

Anonymous said...

Heard one of key person in Customs has been transfered this month....anything related to this issue?

Anonymous said...

It is plain to see that without any non Malays on both the Tender Board and the other committee, corruption and favouritism come into play like any other Gomen department!!

Unknown said...

I read this original article with interest since it has touched on the very same issue that i felt very strongly. Due credit must first be given to the writer, since he has done his homework well and I believe the writer has access to very privileged information. On this aspect alone, the writer should be applauded for his ability to collect, collate, analyse and more importantly mapping out not only the key decision making process but also the key players at Treasury for the award of major projects.

It is truly remarkable if this has been achieved purely from his research and espionage work without major inputs from internal sources, a feat which most of us despite being active players (government contractors) in the market for umpteen years have failed to establish.

Truth be told I am very sick of the whole issue of manipulating the outcome of major government tender projects be it at federal, state or local government. Being a true bona-fide Bumiputera contractor, I am very disappointed at how major government projects have been awarded to so called Bumiputera contractors but finally ended at the hands of non-Bumiputera sub-contractors. This unfortunate practice causes the true bona-fide Bumiputera contractors to suffer from both ends, i.e. At one end, general critisicm from the government and politicians that Bumiputera contractors are not capable and weak and at the other end critisicm from non-bumiputera communities that Bumiputera contractors get government businesses easily but are not serious and lazy. Truth be told, majority of these Bumiputera contractors in question are related to the UMNO kingpins and not owned by genuine Bumiputera entrepreneurs. Worst, when major projects fail (quite normal) the blame is laid squarely on the shoulders of general Bumiputera entrepreneurs when the real culprits are these UMNO related companies who are not interested to develop their business in the long run but are only interested in making fast bucks.

However, back to the original issue (sorry for my distraction), I am quite puzzled by the writer's apparent conclusion that the culprits are mainly Treasury officers. In my experience, normally in a tender evaluation process, technical evaluation will be done first and commercial evaluation will come in last after the shortlisting has been done based on technical scorings. Technical evaluation will be handled in most cased by the user technical committee, which in the case of U-Customs tender has to be from Customs and Excise Department themselves. Normally, technical evaluation takes into consideration the abilities to execute the project besides the key software and technology proposed. The fact that the company that is being questioned i.e. Brilliant Informations is apparently facing problems in delivering its current project commitments with Customs and Excise Department surely will have a negative impact on its technical evaluation. So, why did the user team technical committee give the company a reasonably good score?

I feel the writer needs to investigate further the role of Customs and Excise Department in this fiasco. Treasury rarely looks at technical capabilities in its commercial evaluation. It will be relying on the User technical committee, which in this case is Customs and Excise Department. Interestingly, my friends have come across some gossips that recently prior to the award of the U-Custom tender, Customs and Excise Department had organised a charity golf tournament in our neighbouring country where the major sponsor was Brilliant Information....

Anonymous said...

Is it common for both commercial and technical evaluation done at the same time? I heard it happened for uCustoms. Wouldn't that create biasness?

Anonymous said...

technical and commercial evaluation done at the same time? mana boleh, technical should be done first,then commercial evaluation to be done on those that "passed" the technical evaluation stage. On paper susah sikit nak evaluate application system, buatlah due diligence sikit, POC ke, demo ke, clarifications ke, apa apalah. Dah puas hati tentang technical, then review commercial proposal. harga rendah tak semestinya tak bagus, manalah tau betul betul nak berkhidmat utk bangsa dan negara, untung sikit jadilah, janji projek berjaya. Actually,kalau follow proper procedures, senang aje, yang susah, kalau "nawaitu" tak berapa betul.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the Letter of Award is given to Brinfo? So what will happen next?

whistlewhistle2014 said...

Check this out. Another direct nego? No wonder we end up wif crappy systems! http://whistlewhistle2014.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Quality = budget + time

Back to basics for projects then. Of all the information shared here, the author might accidentally have left 3 important details, with which I think we might be able to factually pin-point the person(s) involved in any misconduct or any breach of trust, if any:
1. The background/cause/needs of the initiative
2. The actual budget allocated for the initiative ("willing to spend" is different from "able to spend")
3. The criterias/requirements to be addressed

Publish the findings and all the info you already have then I would say you will have some form of a case to make this whistle becomes a trumpet.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys ! what happen to uCustoms ? after so many years still no sign of it ??

Anonymous said...

Sampai sikalang 2016 itu sistem bo liau oooo, suda 80%+ bayar. Mau siasat kp kastam dari PTD. Wahab Mulajat lia punya mantan boss. Sikalang sulah mau 2020. Mana itu you Kastam?. Kencing punya olang loooo.

Unknown said...

Tell them don't forget to pay the bill of electricity and gas bill as well. The billing is coming from those who steal from the government......

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