Thursday, February 26, 2015

PJ resident frustration with DAP

I am an ordinary Malaysian. I come from a lower middle class family. Although I take special interest in the political climate of our nation, it is meaningless in my day to day affairs.

I am curious about Altantuya’s murder. I am confused about Anwar Ibrahim’s prosecution. I am worried about PAS-DAP bickering over hudud. I am sad over the demise of Nik Aziz. However, being curious, confused, worried and sad over the happenings around us doesn’t put food on the table nor does it ease the burden of our daily life.

I apologise if I sound like a simpleton but I AM an ordinary Malaysian and this IS the truth.

My biggest issues are the rising cost of food and services; the water disruption; massive traffic on the roads; our messy education system; my children’s heavy school bags; the increase in house rental (don’t get me started on property prices!); the increase in break-ins in my neighbourhood.

In every general election, I voted for the candidate and party whom I thought would fight to ease my burden and improve my life.

But guess what? Nothing has changed.

It boils my blood to read about my elected representative talk poppycock about issues which do not contribute to my well-being. Endless criticism on a closed case. Raising doubts over conspiracy allegations. Non-stop complaints of ignorant, greedy, power mad, corrupt politicians, religious scholars, etc.

What utter rubbish!

Day in, day out, it is always about what’s best for the party. These people seem to have brainwashed many into believing that the only way to improve the fate of our country is by standing by the struggle of the party.

Hello, can’t you see the struggle of the rakyat?

While you continuously bicker about everything and anything, we are the ones who are screwed up left, right, front, back, top and bottom.

During your election campaigns, you spoke highly about people power. You said we could change the fate of our nation. JOM UBAH!

If rakyat is the true power, why aren’t you focusing your attention on us? Why are our needs ignored?

Funnier yet, instead of helping us, you now turn the tables seeking us to help you. Are you on some sort of medication?

While you are focused on Sirul, Najib, Hadi, Anwar, hudud, 1MDB and what not, we are running our lives in auto mode. While you are flying around in your red undies and cape, trying to become a hero you are obviously not, we are enslaving ourselves.

I don’t know who screwed who in the murder case. I don’t know who screwed who in the sodomy case. But you have been screwing us every single day since we voted for you.

For god’s sake, snap out of it!

What improvement can take place when all you do is play the finger pointing game?

He did this. He did that. But you know. The question is, what did YOU do?

You have got to realise that the future of the country lies with us, the people. So stop waiting for things to criticise about. You are not a news reporter. You are a leader. So lead.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not lazy to fight for change, for a better Malaysia. I am all for it. But please lah, don’t do it at the expense of the rakyat like me.

The high class and the upper middle class might have nothing to lose.

With steady incomes, children enrolled in private institutions, foreign investments, secure jobs, secure properties and secure connections everywhere, I am sure life is a jolly good ride.

They have the means to sit down and cheer as they watch the two big brothers wrestle in their clown suits.

People like me who think luxury in life is sipping a cup of hot latte once a month – we are the ones feeling the pinch. But wait, if it hurts someone like me who can still afford to pay my bills and drink my lattes, what about those who are much more deprived than I?

What are our ‘saviours’ doing to help them? 

Jom Ubah? My foot.

Nothing, no one, no government, no leader, no party is too big, or more important than the people. Now please, you Ubah and do something for the people!"

* This posting came from a PJ resident Whats App group and was forwarded to us by a retired state police chief


Anonymous said...

Yah...nag nag nag nag and complain...but guess who this PJ resident will vote for in PRU14, PRU15, PRU16 etc etc.

The racist cina will vote for DAP REGARDLESS! Even if DAP dump a lorry load of pigshit in their front yard, they will say it's for a good cause. It fertilizers their garden. Keep voting for DAP for the greater CINA AGENDA!

The seeds of racisms has been sown by the cinabukits.


kampong lad said...

wakil rakyat only in name - teori saja (ikut perlembagaan la), in practice, they are wakil parti. rakyat only exist during campaigning periods prior to ge or by-election. in short politics = power = wealth.

Anonymous said...

Yang hang pi harap sangat kat politikus buat apa? Depa ni pandai jual ayaq lioq ja.

IT.Scheiss said...

This commentary entitled "What utter rubbish" by Fa Abdul first appeared on Free Malaysia Today and yes it articulates very well exactly how I a few others I know feel about the Pakatan Rakyat and their greater concern for high falutin issues and about their quest for Taman Perdana (Lake Gardens) rather than about the everyday concerns and burdens of their ordinary constituents.

Whilst I do not expect the BN to be any better, still it often is worse when one feels let down by the party one has had higher expectations of.

As English playwright and poet William Congreve conceived the phrase, "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned".

Or shalt we paraphrase thus:- "Pakatan incurreth no fury as a voter who feeleth betrayed".

However having observed the Pakatan parties over the years, especially the PKR and DAP, and NGOs which support them, it has become pretty obvious that they only care for the ordinary folks' problems when it serves their quest to capture Taman Perdana (Lake Gardens).

Lest the misconception not be internalised in our consciousness as a lie repeated often enough becomes accepted as the truth - it should thus be noted that the Federal Parliament is located in Taman Perdana, Kuala Lumpur, NOT IN PUTRAJAYA which is the home of the federal civil service.

Likewise is the popular confusion of the legal professionals' association - known as the Malaysian Bar with the Bar Council or Malaysian Bar Council which is the learned association's elected committee of 38 members, which speaks on behalf of the 15,500 or so members of the said Malaysian Bar.

So it makes me want to laugh or cry when a journalist with a seemingly credible news organisation writes that "the Bar Council has 15,500 members" when it only has 38.

To describe Christopher Leong as "President of the Bar Council" is like saying that Barack Obama is "President of the White House" when he is President of the United States.

Anonymous said...

They are all narcissicists ... politikus munafiqin. Greedy, complicated, and always putting their personal agendas ahead of the welfare of the people. This is the Guan Eng-Anwar-Najib generation of realpolitik.

Anonymous said...

obviously this person voted for the oppositions.
he is an idiot for not realising it sooner.
we can ask the same thing to him.
what has he done for the country?
he too is as selfish as the mps he voted.
suddenly i see many who are pro oppositions starting to open their eyes and realise who these oppositions are.
if we have many of these type of rakyat then Malaysia is definitely doom....

Anonymous said...

Y0ur succinct comment is exactly what I have been saying about the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP all these years. DAP was founded by the retreating PAP in 1966. It did nothing but to exploit whatever divisions which exist amongst the different communities. Actually, the DAP has no interest to rule over us but only to be a trouble-maker. The dynasitc rule over the DAP is just a carbon-copy of that in the PAP.

Anonymous said...

What I observed these Oppo politicians were fond of critisizing any national or federal issues to gain popularity but they failed to tackle and solve local issues.They tend to forget who made them ADUNs or MPs.The locals are not blind and stupid.They tolerated the first and now the second term of their ADUNs or MPS performance being scrutinized and judged.There will be no third chance given if their reps underperformed.I wonder is this the strategy adopted by LKS moving from one area to another during GE.....

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:25pm, please don't be presumptuous that only the Cina nag, nag, nag and feel this way. PJ residents of various races feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

If DAP will to rule Malaysia with all the races participating, Malaysia will anytime beat Singapore flat. To continue to let UMNO or even PAS to rule will slowly send the nation backward to 3rd world country status eventually.

Don't say that Malaysians are not being informed.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with BN.It is the DAP who spoiled all races participating by placing the race card when opportunities arised.Whats so soo good about Spork?...gisgraceful Malaysian...By the way who is MP and ADUN for PJ...MCA,GERAKAN,,MIC....baru PJ banyak complain...Taik Kucing.

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