Friday, September 25, 2015

Getting more and more absurd

As October draws near and next Parliament seating gets closer, more and more absurd news and slanderous accusations are surfacing to psyche the public and gullible MPs for a vote of no confidence against Dato Najib.

Najib should tell off Dato Pendikar Amin Mulia and bite the bullet. If he goes down, it is better now than later. Let the emotive orang UMNO go through the repercussion of losing power. Should he survive, he could buy time and work on his turnaround plan.  

The absurdity is looking to be very reformasi style. Dato Khairuddin Hassan will soon make claim of arsenic poisoning and HIV virus injection. There is also the drama leading to his arrest and re-arrest.

Not forgetting, Xavier Justo's confession mentioned Clare Rewcastle and Dato Tong Kooi Ong wanted the stolen data fast to do a number on the ringgit, government and Najib. Since Clare was reported saying she could get other info from Tun Dr Mahathir, what does that mean? 

Not only Hitler said the above, his Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbel had a famous quote: "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating, people will eventually come to believe it."

This fight is about power and truth does not matter. As was said, "Fact does not matter, (so-called) principle matter".

Zeti sabotage Ringgit down?

Ringgit got worse over the Aidil Adha and since Tan Sri Zeti's damaging words on 1MDB, ringgit went down further by more than 2,300 pips to touched the new low for this run of about 4.45 (1 pip = 0.0001). 

So the words of a former currency trader pales in comparison to a central bank governor. Won't blame those with no inkling of market mechanics. It is the one on the phone making spontaneous decisions and put the trades that move market, not procrastinating bureaucrat without balls. 

Currency traders may not be academically inclined in their assessment, but are street smart and logical. They would have interpreted her words as to mean Bank Negara Malaysia could not do anything since she already passed the buck to Government.

Her only action was to say the economy was in fine form but only ringgit had problem. That was a mild hand off statement. There was no serious intervention, no interest rate policy change, and various other application of tools and instruments to curb excessive speculation.

A deep negative perception was allowed to sink in because Najib's public relation is poor. Zeti's statement worsen things by telling the market to go ahead and we are not wielding the stick.

The "close friend" in the message sent as quoted in the posting here is not just any corporate Dato or Tan Sri. And the same source claimed she was carrying out someone's instruction to sabotage the ringgit. Whose instruction would that be?

At one time, this blog claimed it makes no sense that Tong was involved in starting the ringgit decline. Not that there is a change of mind but Xavier Justo's confession brought about a rethink. Why not?


In the meanwhile.

Zeti may have good reason to be showered with accolades but her ability was only applicable during peace condition. In a crisis, she failed miserably and resorted to blame game to absolve herself from responsibility. There could be basis had she did something, but she did nothing!

Anticipating more personal attack on moi's short of Phd qualification, not being rich, and preferred a modest life...

Jalan Alor terrorist?

Last night, a report came out that the US Embassy raised a terrorist warning on Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur. The report below:
The Star
Updated: Thursday September 24, 2015 MYT 11:53:04 PM

US Embassy issues advisory for Jalan Alor over possible terror threat

PETALING JAYA: The United States Embassy in Kuala Lumpur has issued a travel advisory for Jalan Alor due to a possible terrorist threat.

In a statement on the embassy’s website on Thursday night, it said the advisory was issued based on credible information regarding a potential terrorist act. It advised US citizens to avoid Kuala Lumpur’s Jalan Alor and the immediate surrounding areas on Thursday.

“For all other locations, the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur reminds US citizens of the need for caution and awareness of personal security.

“In the past, terrorist organisations have on occasion planned their attacks to coincide with significant dates on the calendar,” said the embassy.

It reminded US citizens to remain vigilant while travelling as they may be targeted by extremist groups regardless of the country they are in.

“Review your personal security plans, remain aware of your surroundings, including local events and monitor local news stations for updates.

“Maintain a high level of vigilance, take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security, and follow instructions of local authorities,” advised the embassy.

The Straits Times reported Thursday that an alert has also been posted on the Australian government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

“Due to a possible terrorism threat, Australians are advised to avoid Kuala Lumpur’s Jalan Alor (Alor Street) and the immediate surrounding areas on Thursday 24 September.

The level of advice has not changed. We continue to advise Australians to reconsider the need to travel to the coastal region of eastern Sabah, and to exercise normal security precautions in Malaysia overall,” the alert said.
Police have said no terrorist threat exists
Bernama report said police have given assurance that things are under control. Is Bernama spinning to sabotage?

Bujai here wondered: "...on what basis did the US and Australia issue such warnings without even consulting our police and the Foreign Ministry? Or did the warning is related to a threat by the Red Shirt to hold another rally in the capital?"

And, this blog pondered why would the US and Australian only put out alert for Jalan Alor and not the whole city or country as any paranoid western government would behave? Business must be bad for the prostitute for Jalan Alor that they need to resort to terrorism.

Al Jazeera absurd story

Al Jazeera put out a documentary to claim Sirul revealed to someone and it was leaked to Al Jazeera that it was Abdul Razak Baginda that shot Altantunya. Such absurdity should not be given credibility with a response.

However, Tun M's latest blog posting called on government to response. To response for what?

As Tan Sri Musa Hasan said here there must be a police report made and new evidence uncovered to warrant a review of the case.

Sirul is not new evidence. He was allowed to go on trial to defend himself but he was only giving a conspiracy statement from the dock than as witness to defend himself. At least Azrilah attempted and in his statement lay the blame on Sirul. All along it was Azrilah that ordered Sirul to kill for money!

Before revealing something interesting, read Dato Salleh Said Keruak response below:
Aljazeera just came out with a documentary that is a rehash of an old story and presented as if it is a current development. Why Aljazeera wants to spin this distortion, some of which are merely lies and speculation, leads to a suspicion that an ulterior motive may be the reason.

Everything featured in that documentary is based on hearsay and not based on any tangible evidence. They even re-enacted various scenes with voiceovers, which give an impression that this is evidence whereas the scenes were actually played by actors. How they concluded that these scenes are an adaption of what really happened is not explained. In fact, Aljazeera admits that the scenes are re-enactments.

Aljazeera featured private investigator Bala’s so-called testimony, which he changed so many times. Aljazeera failed to also mention that the French police recorded Bala’s testimony in Paris but they found his testimony inconsistent and unreliable that they decided not to include it in their findings.

The focus of the Aljazeera story is that Altantuya was the interpreter for the submarines contract, something that happened even before she came onto the scene. The French police in its report said that Altantuya never entered France during that period, and neither did Razak Baginda or the Prime Minister. This Aljazeera did not mention.

Statements recorded by the French police confirm that the French submarine supplier never met Altantuya or know about her. In fact, there was no need for a French-speaking interpreter since all negotiations were done in Malaysia and not in France and everyone spoke English, the language used in the submarine negotiations. And the most important point of all is that the submarine deal was between the French and Malaysian governments and not between individuals.

The Prime Minister has denied ever meeting Altantuya or even knowing her. But the Aljazeera report is based on Bala’s statement implicating the Prime Minister, which even the French police who investigated this allegation had said was unreliable and inconsistent testimony.

This is a classic case of facts being weaved with fiction, with more fiction than facts, and stories that had been floating around and which were never substantiated being the basis of the Aljazeera report. I can only classify this Aljazeera report as naughty and malicious with a sensational story being presented as the truth.
Why Al Jazeera spinning this story?

It is Mary Ann Jolley that made the documentary for Al Jazeera. She is with an independent film production company and not under Al Jazeera's employment. Did Al Jazeera paid for her or someone else?

The person claimed to be the go between Najib and Sirul is one Abdul Salem bin Ahmed. Does anyone knows he used to be a Managing Director of an Engineering Company that bribed Sime Darby top management in the Sime Engineering fiasco several years ago?

Conveniently, he turned around to be crown witness and the Sime Engineering GM is in for 27 years prison. Morally, he is a confirmed corrupt. How could Mary Ann give credibility to a statement of a corrupt?

Does it make sense for a Najib go-between and Managing Director of an Engineering Company involved in international deal to use a modest handphone similar to a Nokia?

Something uncovered.

There was a former army Captain that went around claiming to have met and knew Sirul was going to disappear to Australia.

And, it seems Sirul refused any such money from a someone that offered money for him to make an SD against Najib. He said, "Aku tak tahu hidup atau mati lagi. Apa pentingnya duit ni!"

Is the former army Captain the one offering the money or is he working in cohoot with Abdul Salem? We are not telling because it is mere suspicion.

Sirul does not need the money because he will be living in the detention camp forever on Australian government courtesy. Who advised him to make that move?

In the detention campt, it is only lawyers and family that can see him. Sirul come from a humble family that as Tun M described the mother could not speak when meeting him but only could cry. Suddenly the documentary quoted they have a family member in Australia named Frank with a deep Australian accent.

Interesting ...

There are many suspicion on the Altantunya case but most of it could not survive court scrutiny. Till a new evidence surface, it has reached its finality.

Maybe someone should ask as to how come Sirul could disappear and not appear at Federal Court for judgement? The accused should be there!

Tun M is refloating the Sirul story by giving credibility to the absurd Al Jazeera documentary.

The Al Jazeera documentary appeard at about the same time WSJ report that Dato Najib is under investigation by FBI and Rupert Murdoch added nasi tambah (second helping of rice) of a Grand Jury. It's taking FBI rather too long to apprehend Najib in New York for questioning.

Sirul story was planned to be the final nail on Najib's political career.

One VVIP had gone around viralling a message many months ago to accuse Datin Seri Rosmah as the killer but it never caught on. Was the concocted story changed to Razak Baginda to sensationalise it in accordance to the propaganda principle of Hitler and Goebbel?

It is heard that the VVIP flew to Qatar where Al Jazeera main office many months ago. One plus one equals two? Maybe not likely to be him because he is out of touch.

More absurdity from Lim Kit Siang. He did his favourite thing to call for RCI. How can a murder case go for an RCI when it has underwent judicial due process?

Perhaps Pak Lah must come out in the open and tell the world that Tan Sri Gani Patail advised him that Najib is not involved and there is NO CASE against Razak. That way it is more believable for public to understand why Gani went ahead to charge and bomb out without a prima facie.

All these serve to create commotion and endless propaganda to tune the public mindset into irrationality.
If the commotion created continues to prevails and Najib's new think tank insistent in the same style of last minute explanation and awkward robust action and propaganda, his days are numbered.

The Al Jazeera documentary turned out in that manner because someone close to PM likely to be Paul Stradlen and Dato Habibur Rahman got her deported. She got even and started to spin.

And she made a nasty remark that Razak did not deny accusation. The likely senario is Razak is not giving credibility to such slanderous accusation with a response.

Najib's team need to buck up.


Anonymous said...

Common sence will make you ponder in your mind why would 2 police comandos with no reason blow up a person with C4. Unless the Malaysian legal system things this was don for fun just to see how C4 works. Why no reason given for the disappearance of the immigration records???? No common sence to find out why?? Why was Musa not called to be questioned?? Where in the civilised world one can just go to the place of worship and take an oath and so need to be called to be questioned??? Complete defecit of intteligence from a government. Why would some be asked to undo a SD? Why not sue him and challenge him??? Rakyat stupid ah??? Why would procecution, judge and Lawyers for the accused work in unison to dismiss any info or name of certain individuals to be brought up in court??? Motive ??? simple what is the motive?? If the unintelligent court of malaysia think it is done for fun or just to pass time by 2 policeman just say so in the verdict. Just by writing in good english does not mean this case has been cleverly and fairly handled and verdict given. Pathetically sick verdict. Obvoiusly handled by a bunch of lowly educated morally deficient humans

Anonymous said...

3 suspected terrorists nabbed near Jalan Alor


KUALA LUMPUR: Police nabbed three suspected terrorists in connection with a recent security threats made against the US Embassy and tourist hotspot Jalan Alor in Bukit Bintang.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Noor Rashid Ibrahim said the men are a Malaysian, a Syrian and an Indonesian.

They were arrested in a raid carried out by the federal police Special Branch's Counter-Terrorism Division near Jalan Alor about 6pm Thursday.

Noor Rashid said the arrests were made based on tip-off received by the division from their international intelligence network and surveillance.

He said police believed that the suspects were involved in terrorism activities, and had the intention to launch terror attacks on Malaysian soil.

They are being detained to facilitate investigations under the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012.

On Thursday, the US Embassy here issued a security notification warning its citizens of a potential terrorist act, and advised its nationals to avoid Jalan Alor and its surrounding areas.

This move was then followed by the Australian and UK embassies here.

Selanjutnya di :

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

the only absurdity is when you trash all the evidence as mere speculation and accepted all what najib says as the gospel truth.

it is the other way around when you want pak lah, KJ and 4th floor boys to cease power.

the question is why?

Only Allah knows if you are ikhlas or not.

Anonymous said...
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A Voice said...

9:47 PM

First thing first. We must correct you that we have NOT "trash ALL the evidence as mere speculation and accepted ALL what najib says as the gospel truth".

If you had read this post, we had questions for Najib on 1MDB and 2.6 billion. Our position had been clear from the beginning. There was governance issue, transparency, bad investment decision, ... but STEALING? Prove it!

Perhaps you've missed the posting and some of woven words. We've raised about MACC overkill and long list of suspicious moves on various personalities and instututions.

AT least we've attempted to give due consideration to both side of the story in the available limited space to blog express our thought. Our thoughts is what blogging is all about.

Wonder have you given consideration to all sides. Xavier Justo statement is a legal document. That cannot be burshed aside. It is sinful to prejudge whom you do not like as guilty.

We could clearly see the lies and Goebbel style propaganda on this one. The RM42 billion for instance ... the latest said is RM20 billion. Melayu mudah lupa so give a new number. Yesterday's posting was a Goebbel style repetition.

It may seemed to you as though we are brushing all because the lies, spin and manipulation of information is humongous and we've spend much effort to dispell lies.

You should have appreciated that someone is highlighting something others dare not do due to propaganda method called creeping normality.

The same treatment during Pak Lah's days.

Assuming there was something wrong in our accusation of Pak Lah, KJ and Tingkat 4, highlight it now. At the material time, we saw the lies and incapability of Pak Lah.

We had a direct hand involvement against the Avenue-ECM Libra merger conjob, not just writing in the blog. The details are our own research and intel work.

Najib has problems and for years we have been writing about Najib's weakness. To accuse him of such a big Goebbel lie without clear proof? Do realise the money trail from 1mdb to the 2.6 billion is faulty.

On the other side, are you aware of Najib's strength? Are you able to weigh the strength and weakness of all the options?

Repeated many times, Najib will be judge by two - people via election and court of justice BUT not by perception game in the court of public opinion. The judges of that court are gullible and easily duped by misinformation and one sided propaganda by con artist.

Enough repeating. Will censure any repeat of such accusations.

A Voice said...

3.38 PM

You may have the best common sense in the world. But you must argue in accordance to facts in the case facts presented in court.

What seemed common sense may not survive court scrutiny and not acceptable as proof. Legal system has list of legal principles that has survive centuries of test.

If common sense is applied, some people out there believe Anwar and Khir Toyo is innocent.

If you had asked why Musa not called to be questioned, why not the lawyers of SIrul or Azrilah called Musa as witness?

It works both ways.

Anyway, appreciate your view and it provides many sides to an issue. You are entitle to your view.

The public does not have a full account of the court proceeding but dependent on reporters.

Had talked to few people familiar with the case. They felt Gani does not need to bring Musa Safri because it will only help the case of a certain accused.

They are adamant a certain document should be brought out but the "other side" said they would love it as they could make mince meat out of Gani. Nothing to back the document ... sheer hearsay.

That is another view.

To review, a new document or evidence must be brought forward. New investigation made. Otherwise, it is good mystery stuff.

You commented about PI Bala turnaround SD. Deepak made a comment claiming involvement to turnaround Bala. Alas he is dead and nothing can be done. To the court, both flip flop.

When brought to court, both could be proven a liar and their allegations have no proofs. Their statement will be thrown out of court.

Buried that episode. Its full of doubt. Both PI Bala and Deepak are liars and opportunist at the own right. Not worthy to be trusted.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

why was kalimullah & co was let off with all the money freely...
how did kj win the KP umno post after the longest vote counting process in Malaysia...over mukriz
pak lah, kj, kalimullah, najib and rosmah knows all the story
that is part of the agreement for pak lah to step down and make sure no mahathir legacy in the future...

A Voice said...


You can oppose and criticise but please adhere to the policy. Have been warned upteen times.

Plainly state your opinion, even if it differs. No hostilities, insults and bad languages be allowed release.

We do not need to be antagonistic in being critical, do we?

My Say