Wednesday, September 16, 2015

In "spite" of BERSIH

March from Petaling Street, Bukit Bintang to Padang Merbuk.

Time 12 PM to 7 PM.

Be it Himpunan Melayu Bersatu or Himpunan Rakyat, this is to spite Bersih and all that participated in that nuisance illegal assembly.


semut merah said...

Sokong, SYABAS!!!

Unknown said...

I think MCA is in real danger of losing its position in BN to this new kid on the block!

ramlan aziz said...

Semangat...tunjukkan pada malaun2 yg melayu sekali melangkah pantang undur...langkahnya sopan teratur...kalau ada yg menjual...pasti dibeli dgan saksama... !

Anonymous said...

And this will help the Malays how in an era of globalisation and open markets, where a premium is placed on skills and talent?

Will this rally convince foreign investors that Malaysia is a "must invest in" country?

It is all about "syiok sendiri" and never mind about tomorrow.

How divorced from realities can you get?

But that is precisely what the organisers of this rally are peddling - "smoke and mirrors" that investments will still come in and jobs will still be created.

It will need a rude comeuppance to open their eyes to the hard realities of globalisation.

Anon said...

A chess game by the elders.

Anonymous said...

Academically the UMNO Malays failed
In sport, they have no talent in winning. They even lost in Sepak Takraw. Only with non-malays still holding on to badminton and squash.
In politics, Malaysia is in bad shape

The only thing UMNO is good is corruption and racist

God will punish you one day for supporting sinners.

Anonymous said...

I thought bersih is like the voice of the majority..but yesterday's rally proved that bersih is just another noisy minority..


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