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Kit Siang out-danced, Media just no class

Dato Najib challenged Lim Kit Siang for a free style debate.

Without the usual play hard to get by one side in any typical political debate challenge in Malaysia, Najib went along to agree on all conditions set by Kit Siang.

He only insist on free style debate, and in jest, as long as RSN Rayer is not moderator..

It was most welcoming to see that it could come to an agreement in two days. But Kit Siang choked and withdrew.

Chance for democrasy? 

Here is Kit Siang, a man who had been on rabid daily attack of BN government for the last few decades, will finally get into debate with a BN leader and PM, now former on both front.

There was already an offer to provide the platform for the debate.

It is a chance to see how Kit Siang will fare in a debate without a set topic, in which he can attack Najib but he will have to defend himself too.

Both Kit Siang and Najib cannot come prepared enough and have aides do it for them as Kit Siang blog postings. Both must be able to know the issues to answer for and have the facts up their sleeve. 

It will not be about oratory skill and political argument alone, but a test of each other's knowledge and ability to articulate with facts and figures at their finger tip.

As a former PM, Najib has the upperhand over the rhetorical Kit Siang. But one cannot ignore Lee Kuan Yew's protege and the Jewish Zionist mentorship of PAP/DAP.

Media no class

But disappointingly the mainstream media assisted to provide an exit passage for Kit Siang to chicken out.

One would have thought that the so-called "liberated media from the clutches of BN control" would celebrate a healthy debate in this "new aura" of freedom to speak, of expression and for media.

As soon as Najib agreed to all the terms set by Kit Siang with the minimal of request, he had cold feet.

Media became the typical mainstream media of BN era, but this time they were doing it for PH to discourage and justify against the debate.

NST claimed Najib stand to benefit the most which was echoed by FMT as serve Najib's agenda. Malaysiakini highlighted the views against the debate and dubbed it as time wasting.

The day Kit Siang chicken out, Vincent Tan's paper came out with an old cliche that the debate will be used to criticise government. Both Malaysia Today explained the real intention of Sundaily was to protect current and former PM, Mahathir.

MMO quoted their ex-reporter claimed it will backfire on government.

It was unbecoming and no class bunch of journalists, if one could call them so.

Kit Siang chicken out, but it was the media that cop out earlier to talk him out of it and provide a face saving passage for him.

Instead of cherishing a healthy political debate, media chose to avoid.

There maybe some ungentlemanly incidents from the debators or the crowd, but this was necessary tolerance towards the path for a more mature democrasy. 

The next time any reporter complain media freedom curbed, remind them of this.

Tell these third world mentality pretending to be first world journalist to stop being a hypocrit and F^<& Off

Kit Siang out danced and made a clown

Contrary to the claim by Malaysia Chronicle that Najib had no guts and showed signs of fear, it was Kit Siang who was seeking a way out by getting P Ramasamy to start the ball rolling for him.

This would have been the predictable way for BN to wiggle their way out of a public political debate.

BN fear for a debate was predictable that the academically challenged Dato Mahfuz Omar dare challenge BN to a debate to douse any issue raised against then opposition.

But this time it is PH that is behaving like the former BN government.

Is that the outcome of being government in a third world mentality political system with a predictable and cliche thinking media?

For it to come from Kit Siang, it was most disappointing to all Malaysians and would be a lifetime embarassment for him.

Kit Siang had been the firebrand, who relentlessly barked at the BN government for at least the past 50 years,

It was Kit Siang who started with the provocation Najib's Malu Apa BossKu as against the spirit of Rukunegara. It is doubtful Kit Siang appreciated Rukunegara.

He then did a political pre-emptive move to claim Najib had directed BN propaganda machinery to target DAP in which the DAP and PH counter strategy is to brand UMNO and PAS as racist.

His excuse to withdraw from the debate is to cite racial and religous disharmony.

Whose the provocative one? And whose calling who racist? Who has dedicated his lifelong pursuit based on subversion and racial provocation?

Tun Daim advised Kit Siang to lay off to not dance to Najib's tune. and focus on own narrative. Focus should be on deliverables and performances.

But, Kit Siang was stubborn and said Daim is half right. Daim made the comment made in the SCMP interview that lambasted son, Lim Guan Eng and wunder boy turn disappointment, Tony Pua.

Kit Siang got Malaysiakini to start a debate to back him. Kit Siang insisted that PH should recognise Najib's influence as opposition. and fallacy to ignore him.

As soon as Kit Siang suggested a topic to a free style debate, it was a giveaway his bluff was called. And, the moment Najib agreed, he predictably chicken out.

Run baby run .... 

The moment it is no more a one sided debate, Kit Siang went run baby run ... It only proves DAP is a bully. They knew Kit Siang is no match for Najib. And they chicken out.

In retreat, Kit Siang called Najib malignant but it does not change the fact that he withdrew and revealed himself as not as brave as he exhibit himself to be. He was a coward and a Charlie "Chicken" Chickadee.

Maybe Kit Siang realised his son will be made a fool by Najibmore of his cover blown and he could not answer to details raised by Najib.

Kit Siang silently is in fear of Najib to judge his acknowledgement as ‘most potent political force’ plotting Pakatan’s downfall. It could be him admitting 1MDB issue was meant to maligned Najib and the case is failing to pieces in court.

Latest being London court embarassed the DAP-appointed AG, Tommy Thomas by directing 1MDB to seek arbitration with IPIC with grant for a stay of indefinite duration. It was something Najib had already done and it is supposed to be more beneficial financially to 1MDB than the path taken to sue by Tommy.

Najib and Tan Sri Irwan Serigar were charged for making payment due to IPIC. It seemed an offense to PH's eye applying executive discretion to re-prioritise from other purposes.

No benefit was derived as it was to avoid trigering a default. And Shafee then described the charges as atrocious and absurd.

At the same time, judge chided AG Chamber on their contempt of court case made by against Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah. It is revealed by Shafee that AG withheld a letter he wrote to the judge.

AGC faulted printer as excuse for non-delivery of charge and affidavit, then complain on withhelding evidences but now deliver submission to the judge at 11:33 PM, just 27 minutes away from midnight!

Police raided 1MDB's auditor, Deloitte's office yesterday, a year after cases are charged in court. Charge first, investigate later? Which case has insufficient evidence?

Wonder whether having joker RSN Rayer as replacement him means he is equivalent Kit Siang's standard of intellect.

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