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Pekan nominate Najib, Kepala Batas none ... Coming Next?

Kepala Batas Deputy Permanent Chairman, Datuk Shahul tried to deny it does not mean Abdullah is not endorsing Najib, to say, “No, no. It does not mean that."

Shahul's reason using MKT's decision or more legally appropriate, MKT's request or recomendation is technically right but not the right answer from the cryptic UMNO political vocabulary and nuances.

Pekan's surprised defiance of MKT's decision to nominate Najib but not other posts surprised many. In any political move, there is always that convenient caveat if questioned. "It's the members rights which no one can deny them off."

It could be a subtle, but loud message from Najib in the same authoritative brio as the infamous words of former Reagan-era Chief of Staff, Alexander Haig, "I'm in charge!"

Or, it could be a nudge to test and see what is in the mind of the Kepala Batas Division Chief?

What is coming next at the theater near you?

Happily Ever After?

This is a lazy analysis without any pre-emptive effort.

It is as though the whole Abdullah saga end up as a romantic fairytale ending. The King "dies" to migrate to Perth with the family and the Crown Prince takes over in March 2009.

Why is Abdullah still holding on to his Kepala Batas Division seat? Why is Abdullah openly expressing preference to Ali Rustam, privately giving blessing to Muhammad Taib, and did not mince his disgust for Muhyiddin?

Is the portfolio switch between Abdullah and Najib for Defense and Finance, really about power transition? Why does someone who did nothing in 5 years suddenly have this hurried urge to do a lot of things within 5 months?

From Here To Eternity?

This classic movie has got its passionate moments but that forbidden love ends with a sad ending. The hero died and the lady moves on with her life.

If thats the next change, is that how Pak Lah wants the story to end. Will it mean by being in collusion with Anwars, he will help pin Najib in the Altantunya murder trial.

Is that why Kepala Batas refused to follow suit and endorse Najib? Does Abdullah knows something we do not know off? Is there hands helping Raja Petra out to pin Najib down?

Strangely, RPK whose name is writen as the author of Khairy Chronicle gave a tacit endorsement to compliment Khairy as smart a day upon his ISA release. No one expected him to get released. Shafee Abdullah must be pissed!

While, Anwar managed to win round one to avoid his case from being transfered to the High Court and maintain his sodomy trial within the Session Court.


Oh ... this will be everybody's favourite movie. Lots of action, a pretty heroinne and the hero will usually come out winner. There will be few human casualty but the collateral damage is big, simply because it sells the movie.

Yesterday, its confirmed!

Muhammad Taib joined Muhyiddin and Ali Rustam for the Deputy President's post.

For the Vice President's post, Dr Rais Yatim and Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis will join the already qualified list of Hishamuddin, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Shafie Apdal and Isa Samad.

Pemuda is a three corner between Khairy, Mukhriz and Dr Khir. Where will it lead? Mukhriz and Dr Khir is pro-Najib. How far will the showdown between Abdullah son-in-law and Dr Mahathir's son lead to? Can the more seasoned Dr Khir spring another surprise to surpass not only on Khairy but Mukhriz too?

The Wanita post is still a mixed up lot. Shahrizat is available for the No.1 and No. 2 post. Her choice will determine whether Kamelia Ibrahim run for No. 2 or wait. Azalina does not qualify, whats the story now?

Frankly Wanita and Puteri is inconsequential to the main body of UMNO politics. The MKT is more relevant. Will the Pak Lah/Khairy team try to dominate the MKT?

A bifaction raft is forming.

The first salvo came from Dr Mahathir's call to remove all of Abdullah's man. Abdullah replied back asking to stop being an Election Director. He has let loose Zaid Ibrahim on Dr Mahathir and gunning everyone of his as right winger.

Is the game really clear cut Team Abdullah versus Team Mahathir? What makes everyone sure there is no Team Najib? A President will have his team. Can we expect a winner to come out thats neither Team Abdullah or Team Mahathir/Najib?

Never understimate Abdullah in the political game, he does not fall asleap in the political dugout. No one seen Najib's card. Some say Ku Li is not out yet, just laying quiet.

Looking for another movie coming next.


The Star, Monday November 10, 2008

Kepala Batas stays totally neutral with no nomination

KEPALA BATAS: The Kepala Batas Umno division headed by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has decided to remain neutral for the Umno polls by not nominating anyone for party posts, including the presidency.

The division did not make any nominations based on an earlier decision by the Umno supreme council for the Kepala Batas and Pekan divisions to remain neutral, its permanent chairman Datuk Shahul Hamid Bakar said.

Asked if the decision not to nominate Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak for the president’s post was a sign of Abdullah not endorsing Najib as Umno president, Shahul said: “No, no. It does not mean that.

“We are just following what the supreme council decided,” he told newsmen during a break in the meeting.

On Saturday, the Pekan division headed by Najib only nominated him for the party presidency. It did not make any nomination for the other posts.

Meanwhile, Abdullah was returned unopposed as Kepala Batas division chief as all the 85 branches in the division nominated him for the post.

Datuk Helmi Rashid was returned as deputy chief by polling 220 votes against 206 votes garnered by Datuk Roslan Saidin. A total of 440 delegates attended the meeting


The Star, Monday November 10, 2008

3-way battle for deputy post

PETALING JAYA: It will be a three-cornered fight for the Umno deputy presidency but it will not split the party or be a bitter repeat of the infamous Team A-Team B fight of 1987.

Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib, the third candidate to become eligible to contest the party’s number two post, said it would be a fair fight.

The former Selangor Mentri Besar faces ex-Johor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam for the post in the March party polls.

Muhammad has picked up 45 nominations. Muhyiddin, the favourite, qualified four weeks ago, while Mohd Ali made it on Saturday.

A candidate for the deputy presidency needs a minimum of 39 nominations from the 191 Umno divisions to make the cut.

Although Muhyiddin is the favourite, Tenggara became the third division in his home state – after Kota Tinggi and Johor Baru – to not nominate him for the deputy presidency.

The deputy president’s post fell vacant after Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak moved a step up to contest the Umno presidency – following Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s decision not to stay on in the top job.

Today marks the end of the five-week nomination period for the Umno divisions.

When met at the Kelana Jaya Umno meeting yesterday, Muham-mad said he believed a fight for the deputy presidency would be healthy for the party.

The Umno information chief said the present scenario should not be compared to the infamous Team A-Team B spat.

“This is not a bitter contest between an incumbent and someone who is trying to unseat him (such as in 1987).”

In the 1987 contest, Team A comprising Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Ghafar Baba were challenged by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and Tun Musa Hitam’s Team B for the presidency and deputy presidency.

The fight was so bitter it resulted in Umno being declared illegal by the courts.

Muhammad said that at times, a contest could strengthen the party because “if there is no contest, maybe the combination may look good but actually has weaknesses”.

Meanwhile, in Malacca, Mohd Ali said his qualification to contest for the deputy presidency had proven that democracy was alive and healthy in Umno.

He said he was prepared to work closely with the party president to strengthen Umno, return confidence to the party and Barisan Nasional.


The Star, Sunday November 9, 2008

Only Najib named on Pekan’s list

KUALA LUMPUR: In a widely anticipated move, Pekan has given only one name for the Umno party nominations.

As expected, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was its choice for the president’s post.

As at 8pm, Najib, who is also the division chief, had 159 nominations.

Pekan did not name anyone for the deputy presidency and the three vice-presidencies.

The decision not to nominate other names is said to avoid a sense of “endorsement” by Najib that will subsequently influence the party polls.

Najib will take over as party president officially in March next year during the Umno general assembly.

The Deputy Prime Minister won the seat uncontested last week.

Today, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdul-lah Ahmad Badawi’s division, Kepala Batas, will meet and is expected to take a similar action by not giving any nomination other than for the presidency.


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Ada kalangan kerabat sahabat yang masih menaruh harapan .....
Katanya mandat Pak Lah hingga 2012 bukan Mac 2009. Cuma yang membingungkan macamana nak lembutkan hati untuk menerima Anwar dalam lingkungan mereka.

Hairan bin Ajaib kenapa 5 rakan yang berada di Seri Perdana malam selepas Pak Lah umum secara rasmi tidak pertahankan jawatan tidak bersama dengan lingkungan sahabat dan Pak Lah di Lanai Kijang tempuh hari.

Menarik .... sungguh menarik.

Najib jangan terlalu selesa. Muhyiddin belum pasti.

Sahabat Pinggiran

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anonnimous.. Mukhriz Lantang Biadap, Bodoh Macam George W Bush.

I pun sependapat dengan u.
Good comments man..

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abdullah have something up his sleeve and still hoping for it to happen one day.

he eagerly waiting for khairy next advise believe me. SMF

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