Friday, January 21, 2011

Anwarista cavalry arrived!

Thank god they are not gay!

Remember that we wrote this:
This maybe dispelled by the other side's spin master as only stories. They will claim that there is all no proof and heresay as the first line of response.

Then they will pick pockets of information from the past that doesn't tally or is wrong. Maybe pick on some weak arguments or storyline. Hopefully the whole allegations on Loh-Bird can be thrown out.

The person involve in this conspiracy against our institution maybe the ones themselves making the proclamation to throw out the whole posting.

This is despite the obvious conflict of interest. They will not have their cybertroopers defend them because they have a Professor and/or a Dato to lend credibility. A fugitive running away from the law won't do.
As expected, Din Merican here reacted accordingly. Phang issued a statement.

Din went further to make an all out campaign to call on all Malaysians to rise and defend Robert Phang against these rogues and liars. Isn't he overreacting for only an introduction to the story?

This is typical of Anwarista, said Bigdog.

One wonder why Government must entertain his presence as Fellow of MIER. That is a Government funded research institution and meant to assist Government policy making. What use is to have a man dead on destroying the present Government there?

Go ahead an call an ex-PKR MP. This was already raised with a PM Office personnel.

Now ... the first response of any typical Anwarista is to call and label the other side. In the same manner Anwar tried to implicate the Government with APCO to cover his 40 years link as "agent" of Zionist and CIA, Din called this blog a rogue and liar.

This is blog is only starting. There is still many issues on Robert Phang that need to be answered.

Din is clearly over reacting.

It is because he fears that his whole facade will be exposed. He has just been awarded a Datoship and he knows carry around a Dato Prof prefix to his name. At the late age of 70, he finally received the acknowledgement he felt he deserved.

In a posting here, this blogger took a swipe at Din for a past arrogant attitude he carried around in his day as Sime Darby Director. Despite remembering what the reason was, he rebutted:
With regard to you calling me SOB, you should know what you did to incur my wrath. I did not suffer fools then, and I still don't. You were lucky I did not throw you out of the window for the kind of work you did, like this rubbish fabricated story.
That is an indication of his arrogance which he acknowledge as perception. And this blogger replied:
On what my mistake is, I doubt you remember what it was you claim to incur your wrath.

I remember exactly what it is. There werent any mistake or error.

You were just a plain arrogant axxxxxe!
In short, his reply and call reflects his insecurity and arrogance.

Din should realise that he is not the only one accessible to information. None of his postings has he been objective to give the other side of teh story.

If he is really so damn concern about ROGUE AND LIARS, he should know himself. The sufi say "Awwaluddin marifatullah." To know God is to know oneself.

To know a rogue and liar, is to know himself.

Undeniably as member of Anwar Ibrahim staff, he is part of the plant that manufactures lies and spins to be used by their propaganda team of alternative media and blogs.

Let's pick just two examples among the many - the Altantunya accusation and Saiful sodomy issue. For safe measure, there is the APCO fabrication he dutifully defended Anwar.

Imagine the number of people he lied and tricked into.

And you expect this man to tell the truth in his conspiracy with Raja Petra and Robert Phang to demonise tricked the public into believing things which are untrue?

Din, Raja Petra and Robert Phang are all motivated to change the Government of the day. But that is not the issue. This blogger was a pain in the butt to the last PM.

They are essentially fabricating stories to make the public lose confidence in the whole institution of Government. In this case, it is the police, attorney general, and MACC. They have been harping on the judiciary forever.

They are purveyor of anarchy!

For a man who claim to champion democrasy and free speech, why does he fear the revelation this blogger is about to reveal?

Don't tell me a "Prof" can't rebut a common bloke like moi? He is too old for me to ask to grow up.

This is just the start and more is about to unfold.


r0 said...

Go bro go...

we r all behind you!

Anonymous said...

You have the right to publish your stories in your blog but do remember this.....any credibility to your postings are tarnished by the fact that you so conveniently hide behind the veil of your blog... certain 'issues' can hit a raw nerve eh? ;)


Asam Pedas Melaka said...

Don't know why this Din is really pissed off with your story. What has RP done to earn his respect? Maybe Din also involved in the alleged shady deals......maybe???

Anonymous said...

You all(bloggers) should sit down with the respective CHIEF(S) Of PDRM, MACC and AG to get their views and explanations..and after meeting them if you still believe they are not telling the truth then you are justified in writing what you think..The Main stream papers do that and you all label them as "mouth pieces" of the Government..Remember its always easy to light a fire and walk away when you know its not your house that's on fire ( the words of MM Lee Kwan Yew)

Anonymous said...

they read whatever they want to read and wrote whatever they want to write.
In the end, there will be only one, skewed or twisted, only the readers knew and the writers pondered.
I am all for your blog!! Hit em hard and hit em fast.

Anonymous said...

This blogger, Din was a pain in the butt to the last PM.How about Rocky Bru that was out of job and cold storaged. Din is too old to suck up to anyone. Not his way to cari makan. He is well educated and not hiding behind some pricks.. oops bricks.As the prevuous comment said, you can publish your stories but the credibility of your postings are tarnished.. wahhhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

well said man. keep it up.

You'll never walk alone said...


Apa apa hal pun gua harap MACC akan pergi melawat KSU tu.

Alang alang semua pihak nak Malaysia bersih, biar la bersih satu Malaysia. Tak kira siapa pun.


Anonymous said...

Behind a very good man there will always a few good men.

-The fellowship of the ring-

Anonymous said...

Din Amarikan remind me of "a little big man" movie.

A red Indian who doublecross his native fellow - crazy horse, for his own survival.

Haiyo silver....

Anonymous said...

this blog b4 is quite balanced...but now a bit slanted.....what the reader wants is objectivity and they know when there is one...

Anonymous said...

Remember AI's 16 Sept promise? Remember when AI said that a mass lompat katak will happen? Who do you think the 'Silent Runner(s)' in Sabah?

Anonymous said...


A runner defending another runner ?

A Voice said...

Anon 10:57 AM

This is about the other side of the story that no one bother to find out.

That should answer it.

Anonymous said...

after reading din merican's account of how junior officers are fixed, i conclude that this blog only serves the purpose of the powers that be and whose sense of values is corrupted.
this blog is an insults those who genuinely fight for alif ba ta because this blog owner has always accepted money a fact which is well known by all

Lee said...

Your credibility is at stake dog...I mean bigdog ! I know Din.
We are senior citizens..not hiding under any pricks... I mean any bricks.Din is reasonable and therefore credible.Period.

Anonymous said...


Don't worry about hiding your identity. It DOES NOT affect your credibility so long as what you publish is factual. Readers can make up their own mind.

Even if you reveal your identity but what you publish or write is rubbish, crappy and full of fantasy, then what credibility are we referring to?

Besides, at the way things are going now, reveal identity=easy to SAMAN! that's the way it goes. Libel suits designed not to clarify the situation, but to curb the writer from writing, thus burying the information. So much for freedom of this and freedom of that!


old man just for tice said...


as you have predicted the whole gerombolan did arrive ( in din's 2 conspiracy entry )

when I question him the rationale of defending Phang in his blog when Phang himself in a press statement volunteer to be investigated by MACC, din, a guest speaker at a cambodia university, give me a very lame answer - ala anwar.

a waste of 10 minutes of my precious lifespan.

Anonymous said...

Anwaristas and Mahathiristas are all the same lah. Pot calling the kettle black as far as i'm concerned.

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