Friday, January 07, 2011

Whispers along the Corridor

Whispers and rumours seldom turn out to be true. But in Malaysia, where transparency is not as see through as we wish it to be, many a time a rumour could turn out to be true later.

There are a couple of event happening lately. A couple of SMSes came in yesterday that gave an impression there is a major purge to clean-up UMNO and Government.

Amen. Hidup Dato Najib!

On the other hand, that same development could purge out the existing Government if wrong appointments are made.

No ... it is not another so-called Constitutional crisis.

Over the weekend, Khairy made a statement that he is standing down, going study leave and withdrawing from politics.

Yesterday, public relation firm, Fox Communication is reported closing shop.

This doesn't come as a surprise because this blogger have been getting words that Dato Kalimullah Masya Allah is cashing out from his business.

Will have to confirm that by scrouching through the Bursa data to know of his other divestments.

Is it cashing out time?

Well ... in one SMS exchange early yesterday, this former Member of Parliament said certain people were warned to get out of the national scene slowly so that the 13th General election is free from liabilities.

No need to repeat and enlist the liabilities, do we?

For all likelihood, Haji Khairy may have been told to do so. One of his former accomplice said his butt is burning from the Alcatel exposure.

Not only is his butt hot, he has been hot in his pants lately. But we will not go any further to upset an already delicate marital sensitivity.

The same former MP said he had just withdrawn some 10 million from his Singapore bank account. No currency mentioned and the Bank's definately not the POSB account from his UWC days.

It looks like he is really for an indefinate leave.

It will be pointless of Dato Mohamad Hasan trying to persuade him. Khairy have not had anything going for him as UMNO Youth Head.

Neither has he delivered anything meaningful.

He knows he will still be left out in a cabinet reshuffle. Two days back, a senior journalist text me to alert of an impending cabinet reshuffle.

This rumour have been repeating itself so often that no one take notice of it. Maybe the real McCoy will happen when everyone is not paying attention.

Now that Khairy is out of the equation and the liabilities will no more be political burden to be entertained, Najib may decide to reshuffle.

It is only expected that Nor Yakcop be removed. Someone must be in to replace him and his coterie of young incompetents in GLCs and new agencies.

Me and Bigdog was tipped that Khazanah CEO, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar is eyeing to replace Nor Yakcop. His posting last night was filled with background information but it was too nice.

The source said Azman have been paying lobbyists to whisper sweet Azman into Najib's ears.

This is not the first time that Azman expressed interest to replace Nor Yakcop. After the last general election, he lobbied to replace Nor Yakcop but he can't beat Nor Yakcop who was an elected MP.

The source claimed that this time Azman has the concurrent of Nor Yakcop. With all the robber barons from the Abdullah days fleeing away, Azman maybe entrusted to cover the large crater size hole in Khazanah and GLCs.

Najib will forever only know the one page summary with the consolidated figures. He will never know how much money sucked and disappear in the sands. The list of abuses will forever not be known.

Azman need to keep the Tingkat 4-linked boys parked in Khazanah, various GLCS, Corridor authorities, and agencies intact till their return.

One name that cropped up to replace Azman at Khazanah is SC Chairwomen, Tan Sri Zainah Anwar.

This means the link with Nor Yakcop, Khairy and Kalimullah will remain. These people added no economic value to the nation but were mere robber barons.

It will be a disaster if such appointment materialise.

In the meanwhile, Omar Ong had divorced his wife and is out of the radar with pretty new young thing.

He is still in Petronas, Pemandu and his coteries of Consulting firms fleecing the Government coffer and wrecking the economic infrastructure build over 50 years to close the gap between the Malays and the immigrant descendent Malaysins.

Off course, these are all rumours.

Trees will not shake when there is no wind. In the words Khairy, a berok must be shaking it. He should know about berok. Google berok and he is the first find.

In Malaysia, rumours have a tendency to tern out to be true. Depending on the right source ...


Anonymous said...

Excellent Bro,

This time bukan rumour lagilah.
My bomoh kat Putrajaya said the reshuffle will be after Tenang or CNY.

Yes, you are right about the purging.

Siapa mau jadi menteri boleh bagi nama dan bid kat my bomoh email

oh yes, jangan lupa to deposit 1% non refundable into this account no : PAU Bank: 28106100001

Little Bomoh

bakri said...

Tuan blogger,

Message to Mr anonymous:

PAU bank account cuma boleh buka zaman cemerlang, gemilang, temberang saja and must be in favour of google beruk sorang saja---lain orang tak boleh---ada faham? Tak selamat dunia akhirat orang yang makan duit PAU bank. Eloklah encik makan kuih pau saja….he he he he he.

Otai said...


Aku rasa buat masa ini, K.Rajagopal
can do a much better job than Amokh.

Najib should learn from him that moulding the young and fresh talents is easier to achieve target rather than keeping those spoilt and corrupted seniors and budak hingus tingkat 4.

Keep the trusted seniors to guide the young talents.

In fact Tun Razak also start up with a bunch of fresh and young talents until they started fighting against each other for the top post.

Suddenly I remember of Musa Hitam, Ku Li and a few others.

Tok Mudim said...

Looking at the way how Najib make decision on important issue in the past, clearly he's an indecisive type of person. A Durex type - play safe.

So, don't hope too high and just take him as he is.

PS don't be surprise if he keep some of the dungus when he announce his new cabinet... which is probably sometime after tomorrow or before Xmas 2011.

HHalem said...

Hai Bro,

The spelling should be better with "Beruk" instead of "Berok".

Try it and see.

Pls give a whirl of my opinion at Of course Im masih mentah lagi Bro.

See if you care. LOL.


Frm HHalem

Anonymous said...

close the gap between the Malays and the immigrant descendant Malaysians.

I find the above abjectional and disgusting.

Who are the malays? Who are the immigrant descendants Malaysians.

All I know is that there is no such thing as a true malay except that the Malaysian constitution prescribed. AND the constitution prescribed is about pseudo malay, not a race.

What we have today in Malaysia are opportunistic pseudo malays out on crutches for freebies.

They are the curse on Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Is Mahathir Bin Mohammad an example of a Malay or an immigrant descendants Malaysian?

By birth he is an immigrant descendant and that is a damn fact. By law he is a Malay.

Thus it seems that this is classification is a pure UMNO political classification. Only UMNO can make black appear white and arrest anybody who disagrees.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11.03

close the gap between the Malays and the immigrant descendant Malaysians.

Of course most find this phrase sweet, soothing music and harmonious rhythems ... almost as classical as Bach and Beethoven ....

It is so compelling that it shuts loud mouths and gabs like Anon 11.03

jeremy piven said...

baca di sini pasal azman mokhtar

1. Selamat Tahun Baru 2011 kepada teman2 setia laman sesawang hamba ini.

2. Tahun mungkin baru tetapi cerita dari Putrid Jaya masih sama. Komplot berterusan dan kini si adik Nazir Razak cuba mempengaruhi abang Perdana Menteri untuk melantik Raja Khazanah Nasional Berhad, Azman Mokhtar, sebagai Menteri Kabinet.

3. Menteri apa? Menteri Kewangan II yang sekarang disandang oleh Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah atau Menteri Unit Perancangan Ekonomi yang diterajui oleh Nor Mohamad Yakcop.

4. Memang tak salah. Azman Mokhtar antara orang yang cerdik di Malaysia. Dia kan dulu menerajui Bina Fikir, con-sultant yang hebat bikin turn-around Malaysia Airlines. Sekarang dia Raja Khazanah. Semua duit kita dia simpan dan belanja dengan arif.

5. Yang penting Azman juga yang serba tahu semua. Semasa skandal rasuah Alcatel di Telekom Malaysia tahun 2006 yang di hebohkan oleh SEC dan DoJ US, Azman antara mereka yang tidak mahu endah lapuran buruknya sistem Alcatel tetapi sanggup mengesyorkan syarikat itu dan cuba memburukkan pengarah2 yang tidah sehaluan dengan nya.

6. Tak percaya? Tanya pengarah2 Telekom semasa itu. Mengapa Nur Jazlan Mohamed berhenti menjadi pengerusi jawatankuasa odit? Mengapa Rosli Man dipinggirkan. Mengapa Telekom Malaysia International dikeluarkan daripada Telekom Malaysia? Supaya Azman boleh kuasai secara langsung?

7. Cerita besar kerugian Khazanah belum terbongkar lagi. Usaha2 Azman dan konco2nya menyebabkan kerugian sebanyak US$600 juta apabila pelaburan di Tabung Olivant yang dijalan oleh Lehman Brothers telah hancur berkecai. Lehman Brothers tidak ada lagi. Olivant tidak ada lagi. US$600 juta duit Khazanah tidak ada lagi.

8. Pelaburan lain Khazanah menemui ajal yang sama. Syarikat Langkawi Tuna sudah habis manakala syarikat pertanian Khazanah seperti Blue Archipelago, Malaysian Agri Food, Bio Tropics dan Cold Chain Network sekarang kehilangan ketua eksekutif dan digantikan dengan konco2 Azman. Yang nyata, tiada pulangan dari pelaburan2 ini.

9. Jadi mengapa Nazir yang tamak duit dan menggunakan nama abangnya masih mahu Azman sebagai Menteri. Kan lebih baik Azman di Khazanah dan si-adik boleh bermaharajalela dengan fi perbankan dari mergers and acquisition seperti UEM Land-Sunrise, PLUS, Maxis dan lain2.

10. Jawapan senang. Kerana dia ingin menebus hutang kepada Azman yang telah memberi dia semua kerja2 perbankan GLC yang tolong membuat Nazir lebih kaya lagi. Tanpa kerja GLC, CIMB hanya bank biasa dan Nazir hanya tokoh bank biasa, tidak menyerlah.

11. Semenjak beberapa bulan ini bila ura2 ada pertukaran Kabinet, Nazir asyik minta si-abang Perdana Menteri untuk menilai potensi Azman sebagai Menteri EPU atau Kewangan II. Maklumlah Idris Jala sudah naik, tak kan Azman yang lebih arif juga tidak naik menjadi Menteri.

12. Rasional Nazir senang. Dengan Azman sebagai Menteri EPU atau Kewangan II, dia boleh diberkati deals daripada GLC2 dan juga apa2 projek pengswastaan kerajaan. Kerana Husni dan Nor Mohamad tidak memberinya penghormatan sebagai adik Perdana Menteri. Dia hanya tokoh bank sama seperti tokoh2 bank yang lain. Sebab itu, Azman penting sebagai Menteri.

13. Kerenah2 Nazir mengunakan nama Najib Razak sudah memburukkan Perdana Menteri sampai isteri PM Rosmah Mansor sendiri telah memberi arahan supaya tokoh bank Malaysia ini tidak dibenarkan di Seri Perdana. Tanya saja pak2 guard di sana. Pernah lihat Nazir di sana? Tak, dia di Oxford, di merata tempat tapi tak boleh bertapak kaki di Seri Perdana. Datuk Sakmongkol AK47 pun tahu kisah ini.

14. Tetapi Nazir orang yang pandai. Dia tidak payah melawat Seri Perdana. Dia hanya perlu bisik kepada PM. Berilah peluang kepada kroni2 dan konco2 nya yang nampak cerdik tetapi telah merugikan negara kita dan membocorkan Khazanah Nasional Berhad.

15. Kalau nak menjadi bankrap seperti yang dikatakan oleh Idris Jala amat senang. PM lantik Azman Mokhtar sebagai Menteri. Apa yang dia lakukan di Khazanah, dia boleh ulang sebagai Menteri.

jeremy piven said...

bacalah mengenai azman mokhtar di sini -

Anonymous said...


We should thank our lucky stars there are immigrant descendants. If not, then there is no Dr. M.

These days, mana ada pure Melayu? Banyak Bangla, muka sebijik Keling, Myanmar yang menyamar Melayu...dude, these people are stealing from the real Melayu, the Bumi. Jangan orang adopt je culture kita orang, tukar nama jadi macam kita orang, agama Islam je kita terus label Melayu. Bahaya bro. Tak caya pergi tengok klinik gomen kita, sekolah kita. Banyak bebudak Indon. Dah tinggal kat sini satu dua generasi tiba-tiba pulak jadi orang Melayu.

Tak surprise aku kalau satu hari, PM kita orang ni orang Indon. CM kat Sabah tu Filipino.


Anonymous said...

Azman Mokhtar failed in his turnaround of MAS. It never turnarounded?

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