Tuesday, January 04, 2011

No to study leave to escape prosecution!

The blog Pejuang Bangsa is one of a coterie of Khairy's salaried Setiakawan blogs and operated by one or two person at RM7-8,000 a month salary. Nama saja macam real. They posted this morning a sympathy spin using comments by PAS Youth Chief, Nasruddin Tantawi on Khairy's "stand down" from politics.

Typical of Setiakawan bloggers. Even at their last drawn salary from Khairy, they are still pathetic bloggers - ill-informed and shallow. They should know that Nasruddin is not seen within PAS circle as bright and capable youth leader. Most of the time he talks rubbish. The choice of person to say those words only weakens the credibility of his spin.

Pejuang Bangsa seemed ignorant to a reality that when a public personality is off away to further study, it means there is something brewing. Khairy does not need another degree or a doctoral degree. What happen is, he got his knickers in a twist.

In the past, study leave or offer for ambassadorial position or migrating abroad are meant to tide a hot local situation down. In the case of Khairy, it looks to be a permanent one and Pejuang Bangsa will have to look for a new master.

But if it is to escape prosecution for any wrongdoing, then that is wrong!

Pejuang Bangsa should be following Sakmongkol's writing with regard to Alcatel. Read here, here and here.

If Sakmongkol inference was not clear enough, read this from Bigdogdotcom here.

Still not clear enough?

Here are rearranged excerpt from The Star report:
Documents made public by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the US Department of Justice on Monday alleged that French equipment supplier Alcatel paid bribes to employees of Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) in exchange for non-public information.

The SEC alleged that Alcatel Malaysia’s management consented to these payments and those who got the kickbacks were two consultants who received payments of US$200,000 and US$500,000 through US bank accounts purportedly for market research.

Because of the bribes, it claimed, Alcatel won a US$85mil contract. The contract is said to be for the deployment of equipment for Celcom’s 3G rollout under phase 2 in 2006.
Source informed that Alcatel sold to Celcom an unworkable solution from a bad solution provider. Didn't quite pick up the name but it sounded like Nortel. TM has a lawsuit against Alcatel.

Sakmongkol had disclosed that the consultant paid for USD200,000, refered as Consultant A was Dato Dr Norraesah, Chairman of Alcatel Malaysia, French trained economist and appointed member of UMNO Supreme Counsel.

Isn't it odd that a Chairman be paid Consultancy fee?

However, Sakmongkol did not disclose that the Consultant B being paid USD500,000 was wunderboy Khairy Jamaluddin.

A source claimed that Consultant A and B did not submitted any report and written submission of work to justify being paid the Consultancy fee. How could could they put in a report for stealing information from within Celcom and get someone inside to push for Alcatel.

Sakmongkol revealed one of the Celcom insiders was Celcom CEO, Dato Shazally Ramly, someone socially closed with Khairy during Pak Lah's time but now have distanced himself away.

This case is undergoing investigation by MACC. The fact that the American SEC picked it up could means it is as good as in the bag.

One can imagine Khairy being approached by someone of authority and told to go away to avoid the heat. He was advised to tell the press he is continuing his education or undergoing medical or whatever. Khairy should try enrollment into Al Azhar and take up Usuluddin. Hopefully he become a better human.

Khairy would usually claim there is no proof or evidence to pin him down as per his usual boast. This should not be the first time Khairy is approached by such person.

In past private four eye discussion with those he can't outsmart, Khairy never try to deny he has been dipping his hand in the cookie jar.

He claimed he has got himself covered and there is no proof. He usually say he sold of ECM Libra but not discuss the long list of Securities offenses broken by the merger deal.

He confessed he only took a little and not as much his brother in law Dato Kamaluddin Tun Abdullah. And he would justify to say that he is only a son in law and must earn his keep too for his pride and honour.

In this fictitous encounter, Khairy would spontaneously deny. The person of authority would reveal case after case and file after file which Khairy thought is not known to others.

If blog Anak Omak can list Khairy's little plunges in the cookie jar. Even this blog could reveal of a video evidence of Khairy harrassing delegates for votes that concealed on Pak Lah's request. Let alone someone else more "informed."

One can imagine Khairy's surprise when he thought he had covered everything but left many trails of evidence.

At first he curse his boys, including the Tingkat 4 boys, but then he realised A Voice was right to ignore his inteligence and called him as green. Anifah Aman was spot on when he described Khairy as clever but not wise.

Finally, Khairy relented from his repeated denials to admit. He was asked to disappear immediately but managed to negotiate to kasi face. Thus the "stand down" to quit politics after the general election.

But it is not over. A Voice still have an issue.

Why should Khairy be allowed to go on study leave to escape corruption charges. So what he is the son in law of a former Prime Minister? Wrong is wrong!

UPDATE 12:30 PM 7/1/2010: Sakmongkol made a reply to this blog here. All due respect, ABITW also have our sources.


Wake UP! said...

Prosecute those big sharks like KJ.

Don't just prosecute small fishes.

Anonymous said...

Tell me Mukhriz is clean. I was told that he lives in a spacious bungalow, mana dia punya wang mari?

Anonymous said...

Ahhh.. Now it's clear how an unemployed can live like a king and a playboy. So how many more cans of worms are there in his closet if one may ask. Let's see how this big talker worm himself out of this one. One up on the old fart Kutty eh.

Anonymous said...

Tell me, who is clean in umno ?

Anonymous said...

Do whatever they want to do now. Sooner or later they will have to face it.
Rakyat will not forget, not only KJ all of them!

Anonymous said...

Well done, Bro... another PEKUNG bites the dust !!!

Yeee haaa, NMY bila lagi?


warden said...

Si kerry lupa bahawa kentut yang tak ada bunyi tu lebih tengik baunya.

Kat dalam penjara Malaysia sekarang pun boleh sambung belajar buat master. Semua kemudahan ada. boleh buat study group dengan anwar.

Oxford university pun ada program PJJ kan. Tak payah la pi london.

Tak pun belajar macamana nak buat kraftangan. ado paedahnya

A Voice said...

Anon 5:35

This subject is about KJ.

What the fuck should I discuss about Mukhriz?

He was a businessman and used to have a job.

How come KJ is so rich but never employed?


Anon 5.35 is a typical bebal nak mampos punya cybertrooper upahan si kitol beruk dalam google punya! That is why instead of answering about this issue he blame somebody else, in a way dia mengaku dan tahu kitol memang kaki sebat la kan?

Thats why he is nagging like little gayboy, oh itu orang boleh makan takkan saya tak boleh type la ni..

Well done A Voice, i mau Cili kasi taruk lagi...

HHalem said...

Hello Mr Brick,

wrote something about your perception on KJ. Tell me if it is half wright.

Frm HHalem

Cucu said...

Ah...tak dapat nak ku bayangkan si Kerry dgn Anwar kena beratur masing2 bawak pinggan plastik nak ambik nasik kat Hotel Sg Buloh tu...

Anonymous said...

Didn't YB Kit once said "KJ the richest unemployed?"

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.35,

Amik kau kena fuck! itu le, lain kali stick to subject. blogger tulis pasal KJ Beruk kau nak cerita pasal orang lain.

Kau ni perangai sebiji macam al-juburin le, suka kona2 hal lain.

Nasib baik kau Anon bengap, sapa2 pun tak kenal kau. macam aku, sapa2 pun tak kenal, tapi aku bila orang bercerita pasal bolasepak tak ade pula aku sembang pasal bola tampar.

kan dah kena penampar tu! malu malu

Gballs (edited) said...

In the complaint, the SEC alleges that "55. From October 2004 to February 2006, Alcatel bribed government officials in Malaysia to obtain confidential information relating to a public tender that Alcatel ultimately won, the result of which yielded a telecommunications contract valued at approximately $85 million"
Paragraph 55

57. Between October 2004 and February 2006, Alcatel Malaysia personnel paid bribes to employees of Telekom Malaysia in exchange for non-public infonnation. This non- public infonnation included important documents and budget infonnation relating to ongoing bids and competitor pricing infonnation. Alcatel Malaysia's management consented to these payments.

58. These bribes assisted Alcatel Malaysia in obtaining a contract with a potential value of$85 million.

59. The Telekom Malaysia employees who received bribes were "foreign officials" within the meaning of the FCPA and were in a significant position to influence the policy decisions Telekom Malaysia made.

60. Alcatel Standard also made significant lump-sum payments through U.S. bank accounts to two consultants ("Malaysian Consultant A" and "Malaysian Consultant B"), purportedly for market research.

61. Alcatel Standard paid $200,000 to Malaysian Consultant A in 2005 for a series of "market reports" describing conditions in the Malaysian telecommunications market. Similarly, Alcatel Standard paid $500,000 to Malaysian Consultant B in 2005 for a "strategic intelligence report."

62. However, the work product these consultants prepared could not justify the size of Alcatel Standard's payments. In fact, Malaysian Consultant A and Malaysian Consultant B did not appear to render any legitimate services to Alcatel Malaysia in connection with these payments.

Question 1: Since when had KJ ever been on Telekom Malaysia's payroll?

Answer : Since Never. Never ever has been an employee of Telekom Malaysia.

And furthermore

63. These consultants also worked for A1catel Malaysia before formal agreements were finalized and executed, under what they called "gentlemen's agreements," which required that consulting agreements be entered into retroactively. This process allowed consultants to work for Alcatel Malaysia without being properly vetted through Alcatel Standard's due diligence process.

Since when did KJ after having purportedly worked for Telekom Malaysia actually work for Alcatel Lucent?

A Voice said...

GBalls and cybertroopers

Are you illiterate or stupid?

Insulting the blog owner will not get the daylight of your comments.

Don't think that by giving your links I will help you get traffics to your blog.

Perish the thought, Wanker!

Your adolescent answer have been preempted.

Read back the posting, MF!

JKRM said...

Datuk Norraesah was fondly remembered as the chairman of Bank Rakyat. There were some speculations on her departure from the bank after her short tenure there.

Datuk Norraesah is currently the chairman of MYEG. The company is essentially a non-bumiputra company having the malays as the frontliners. They currently control the market for online government transactions.

Datuk Norraesah also affectionately known as 'Auntie Chah' by the family members of Abdullah Badawi although no direct family ties. She addresses Abdullah Badawi as 'Bang Lah'.

She has also won a seat in the UMNO Supreme Council in the previous UMNO Election when Abdullah Badawi decided to step down. She declared herself to be in Najib's team.

She was put in place as a parachute candidate for Balik Pulau parliamentary seat but lost to Yusmadi Yusof of PKR during the last GE 2008. Nevertheless, all the state seats under that constituency retained by BN.

We wish her luck in her future undertakings.

Anonymous said...

Isnt the MyEG cina owner got skandal in Singapore, financial skandal tu pulak.?

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