Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't cry for him ... Robert Phang

What song you wanna sing, Uncle Loh-Bird?

The Malay has saying, "Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas." We do not need to translate that do we?

George Bush used to say in a presidential debate, "If you can't stand the heat, you get out of the kitchen."

This is what exactly happened today.

Tan Sri Robert Phang announced his resignation from the MACC Committee on Prevention. He cited all sort of conspiracy theories and speculation which his spin masters will further elaborate and add colour.

This is to give him face. Do give him his last words.

The Malaysian Chronicle reported:

Phang Quits MACC Panel

KUALA LUMPUR, 27 JANUARY, 2011: Tan Sri Robert Phang announced his resignation today as a member of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) Consultation and Corruption Prevention Panel amid the graft allegations that were leveled at him following his urging for an investigation into alleged corrupt practices in Malaysia Airlines (MAS).

Phang, who is also a Justice of the Peace, explained that he wanted to preserve his integrity and that of the anti-graft body.

Yesterday, the MACC announced that it had decided to keep Phang as a member of the panel after he had made a request to be relieved of the post to enable MACC to investigate allegations that he was involved in corrupt practices.

Phang claimed that he was a victim of a character assassination attack aimed at intimidating him after he raised concerns regarding the lack of action in the MAS scandal.

He has consistently demanded that Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail be probed for graft, saying that Abdul Gani’s explanations to the panel had failed to dispel suspicions that he was “consorting” with Shahidan Shafie, an alleged proxy for former MAS executive chairman Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli.

Phang added that the attack on him was an orchestrated attempt to discredit his reputation by “rogues from within and outside the government”.

He said he was not surprised that the attacks are also centered on his past business in Sabah as Abdul Ghani and deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk V K Liew, are also from Sabah.

Liew had urged the MACC to initiate an investigation into Phang after the allegations of bribery emerged on an online blog.

Phang had demanded that Abdul Gani explain allegations that Tajuddin’s recent haj pilgrimage was sponsored by Shahidan, who was also said to have gone for the same haj trip.

Tajuddin was MAS executive chairman from 1994 to 2001. During his tenure, the national airline experienced losses totaling RM8 billion which led to complaints being lodged against him.
What a party pooper?

We were just getting started and it has not reached the bikini stage of the strip poker where the real fun is.

Before anyone start to think of giving him any sympathy, let this blog say stop it. We are ready to even release stark evidence of his activities.

Robert is leaving because he can feel the heat. He knows we have pressed the right button to trigger off more explosion to close in on him. Why would an influential and powerful man like him quit if there is not truth in what was divulge?

Believe me folks, there is no conspiracy. This is solid investigation and information sharing from network of bloggers and friends.

If there is any conspiracy, it is coming from the other side. It is a PKR and Anwarista thing. It is in their blood and brain to always imagining and cooking up things.

If only Robert Phang waited longer, we were going to release who tipped off Robert of Tan Sri Gani Patail and Shahidan's pilgrimmage. The person tipped someone who we believe is the mastermind and real conspirator.

He is the person who left clues all over the documents Raja Petra released to lead it back to him. Someone thinks they are smart, but on this, Allah gave me lead to the truth.

In the meanwhile, let's hope our mastermind cospirator did not quit from his job or leave the country from just that clue.

It'll spoil the fun.

However, do hope that the law catches up on this man who calls other as corrupt but he is the real corrupt one.

Unless Mr Fix It like Phang who goes around pretensiously as corrupt fighters is rid off, we will neve rid off this country of the disease of corruption.

Thank Allah that it was effortless to rid him out of MACC and enable them to do their jobs without such snitch.


r0 said...

aiyo bro...

i wanna hv some fun. please tell me more about this uncle. Those anwarista already support uncle. Im also want to support this uncle ma.

Tell us more about our uncle ya?

Anonymous said...

Strip the bastards naked bro. Show the link all the way from LoBert to Ramli to Raja Petra to Anwar Ibrahim. Mampus depa.

laxamana said...

see how naughty malaysian chronicle is linking the "exposure" on Phang to his calls on MAS investigations.

and repeating Gani's alleged "intimacy" with Shahidan.

didn't gani explain to the committee the allegations and his explanation was accepted.

i don't understand phang's role in MACC. he was advisor and he was attacking MACC. he was never protecting the integrity of MACC and now he has quit to protect HIS INTEGRITY and that of MACC????


SiKenit said...

Uncle ABITW,

What will Din Merican say now?

Now that Tricky-Bobby is out, its about the crusade to go after Ramli Yusuf & Rosli Dahlan.

You & other this band of 'elite bloggers' should finish them once & for all.

This is definitely an elite forces work!

voter said...

Yo bro

They(PR) want a clean Malaysia and so do us the voters.

So why not strip it all the way regardless who they are.

it's not about fun but integrity - your integrity.

Ghost Rider said...

A voice

the cavalry make a sudden change of their target as the leader seems got confuse with himself, after rerun and rerun of his own conspiracy.

All the way to Tombstone boys.

Anonymous said...

If you bow at all, bow low.

-Chinese Proverb-

Anonymous said...

and my words to dato' or datuk din

If you dig a hole for someone else, you might fall into it.

Anonymous said...

Dear A Voice,

"Innocent until proven guilty" is the maxim that should always be carefully observed especially when it involves a hearsay case like this (at least at this stage).

But, I couldn't help to believe the allegation leveled against Robert as exposed by you. Please release more convincing facts or any further circumstantial evidence to corroborate your accusation A Voice. Better still, lodge a formal report to the police or the MACC.

Your intention to get rid off this kind of culprit is highly commendable, but what good would it brings if there's no action taken?

What happen to SC Zarinah now after your series of revelation against her, her hubby and Nor Yakcop? Nothing?


hemisfera said...

agree with almost all of the other commenters, why stop divulging info now. If you really have the juice, dont just stop for the sake of that person leaving the post. Whatever ewalth and influence he has accumulated over the year, if it came from unlawful or naughty means, then, make sure we'll strip that off of them also-lah. So, dont just stop here. Let's go all the way.

Anonymous said...

Haha another good one coming! One girl recently was taken to court for releasing accounts statements belonging to one customer and eventually came into the hands of robert and robert published them in the internet. We heard that it was robert who engaged a private inveatigator company to obtain financial background of this bank customer. Dirty old man la robert.

Anonymous said...

hidup zarinah. blog ni sekadar pandai main tepi je

Anonymous said...

Kalau dah nama pun Robert Punk, mesti kena jaga reputation as lanun maaa....

Anonymous said...

He has better principles than the rest of the guys at MACC. You could not tackle the issues he brought out so go and hit below the belt. Spread a RUMOR that he tried to bribe a senior govt servant. Where is the proof? None to be seen .While there has been so many documents posted to link the AG and ex IGP and TR in countless shenanigans the MACC chooses to close one eye and at times both eyes , ears and mouth .Maybe he saw the true nature of the guys at MACC and had enough of it.He got out to save himself.

Anonymous said...


Investigations take time. What is crucial here is the fact that bloggers like A Voice and others encourage a culture of whistleblowing.

That in itself is a GOOD start. Whether appropriate penalties will actually follow up, is another matter. It has NEVER been easy to catch crooks red-handed.

Motivated bloggers have SAVED IJN from privatisation. That is an achievement. Bloggers have also played a role in sleepyhead stepping down.

So here's KUDOS to patriotic bloggers. They have their hearts in the right place. Keep up the active citizenry.

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