Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A great talent leaves (Part 1)

There was a farewell dinner event Monday night last week at One World Hotel, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

Present were notables such Minister in the PM Department in charge of EPU, Dato Abdul Wahid Omar, his Deputy, Dato Razali Ibrahim, Chief Secretary, Tan Sri Dr Ali Hamsa, Bursa Malaysia CEO, Dato Tajuddin Atan, etc.

A source told us earlier that the host for the night was PEMANDU and not quite relevant but not to be left out TERAJU. The host invited representatives from other irrelevant and the more accurate description should be "fraud" agencies like Equinas, Talentcorp, Yayasan Pendidikan Bumiputera, etc.. 

The theme for the farewell dinner was "A Great Talent Leaves" and the man honoured but reduced to a mere talent that night was Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop.

One would have thought that he be described as leader or man of vision or saviour for his return from the abyss to be Special Adviser to the Prime Minister and later Minister for a good nine years.

For this no different than a common thief and criminal conman, it is still complimentary to be reduced to a mere talent. He surely had the specific talent as a fake and pretender and a master at taking people's idea and rice bowl away.

Complimenting this Mamak from Penang with a humble beginning that later rose up his organisation to fall and rebound to a position of disrepute as talented, it is like being deceived into believing satan is an extraordinary wise, knowledgeable and pious saint. 

Since given the task of reshaping Corporate Malaysia before the word Transformation became vogue, he had mentored many of today's big names.

It started with tasking two young boys, Dato Shahril Redza Ridzuan, the current CEO of EPF and Dato Abdul Rahman Ahmad, current CEO of Ekuinas to head or perhaps front the turnaround of Realmild-MRCB.

Then the so-called GLC Transformation. Enter Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, Managing Director of Khazanah, Dato Abdul Wahid Omar, his predecessor, Dato Ismee Ismail, CEO of Tabung Haji, and many others too many to mentioned.

But the one notable absentee that night was his co-conspirator, Tan Sri Azman Yahya when he was leading Danaharta.

Though this long hour hardworking former Merchant Banker is a corporate businessman of his own in share registrar and IT, he just cannot resist being member of the Board of Directors of every other of Nor Yakcop's conniving endeavour. 

While he has no problem of leaving paper trails of his association with the talented ones, he realised it is time to drop this friend.

In finance, contingent liabilities are liabilities that may be incurred by an entity depending on the outcome of a future event such as a court case. When a friend is beginning to be a contingent liability, it is time to disassociate oneself.

Azman Yahya could be distancing himself arising from the lawsuit by Tan Sri Halim Saad. Perhaps he is pissed with Nor Yakcop for mentioned of their private meeting in his book.

It is embarrassing that the Special Adviser to the Prime Minister entered into a deal to fraudulently deceive another corporate businessman. Since Azman will be implicated, his reputation will go down under too. No plan to migrate to Australia but only his reputation is loss.

Unlike Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli that refuse to succumb to his threat, Halim had been rather cooperative with Nor Yakcop.

Yet Khazanah could default on a bona fide agreement using excuse it was UMNO asset. How did he know when he is neither President or Treasurer of UMNO and less than a handful knows UMNO assets?

Khazanah is Nor Yakcop and Nor Yakcop is Khazanah. Azman Mohtar is merely a highly paid messenger to carry the wishes and so-called manouvre of Nor Yakcop.

Like his own version of Baring Brothers 8888 account to cover up trading losses at Bank Negara that accumulated into RM16 billion, Nor Yakcop applied the same currency traders psyche to neglect  rules and refuse prudence like busting up trading limits and creatively getting around rules.

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Anonymous said...

Nor Mohd Yakop ni pandai belut. Dia sudah sapu duit masa Bank Negara, masa dia dgn Anwar Ibrahim, masa dia dgn Abrar (duit besar tu). Skrg sejak dia jadi menteri lagi banyak duit dia sapu.

Kroni Nor Mohd Yakop di Kemuncak Holdings kepunyaan mamak Pulau Pinang sudah sapu RM600 juta 'cleaning contract' utk bangunan K'jaan di Putrajaya utk 10 tahun. Cleaning contract lagi mahal dpd harga bangunan.

Kemuncak juga sapu cleaning kontrak pejabat PM atau PMO. Nilai kontrak RM300 juta utk 10 tahun. Dah RM900
juta kontrak cuci jamban saja. Kroni Nor Mohd Yakop.

Abang kpd Reezal ia itu Sharidan juga CEO anak syarikat Khazanah pengusaha udang di T'gganu. Syarikat udang itu rugi. Skrg Sharidan sedang memancing projek lobster RM2.0 billion di Sabah. Kroni Nor Mohd Yakop juga.

Terbaru Nor Mohd Yakop kata Khazanah akan tubuhkan Khazanah Research Institute yg tugasnya adalah membantu Perdana Menteri memikir.

Apabila pemimpin jadi tak berapa pandai, datanglah mamak mencuci otak PM.

Anonymous said...

One World Hotel in at One Utama - next to TV3 Sri Pentas and not in Jalan Sultan Ismail as mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I am wrong, but is it all about what MNY had done on TR & HS before?

Anonymous said...

say all you like. but innocent until proven guilty.

Anonymous said...

p.s. Reezal tu CEO dan Boss Kemuncak Holdings di Pulau Pinang - kroni Nor Mohd Yakob

Abang Reezal pula namanya Sharidan, CEO anak syarikat Khazanah Nasional - yg bela udang - kroni Nor Yakob juga.

Reezal & Kemuncak Holdings dapat kontrak cuci jamban RM900 Juta. kroni Nor Yakob.

Abang Rezal nama Sharidan tu nak dapat projeck lobster RM2 billion di Sabah. kroni Nor Yakob juga.

Abang adik kedua mamak kroni Nor Yakob mamak.

Reezal, Nor Yakob dan Sharidan pula bayar duit buat NGO "Melayu" MTEM - Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu.

MTEM ini confirm 100% "bebudak belaan" Reezal dan Nor Yakob. Kononnya nak bela hak Melayu. Sebenarnya kroni Nor Yakob.

Ya lah - bila lelap dan lalai akan datang mamu dan chacha sondol dari belakang.

safiai saad said...

This story is getting more interesting.he was a member of parliment in Tasek gelugor.I do hope the writer could publish this story.Please be careful you might be sued for defamation.So please do proper research.The whole rakyat are waiying for next episode. Good job

Ghani said...

Salam Bro.
Keputusan yang baik dari Azman Yahya.

Halim akan mengemukakan satu lagi saman kapada semua pengarah UE pada masa itu.Ini termasoklaha Azman Yahya,Wahid Omer,Kadir Lawyer dan lain lain.

Saya setuju dengan pandangan saudara.
Bagaimana Noor Yaakop tidak menunaikan janjinya dengan Halim sawaktu mengambil aleh Empira Renong nya yang bernilai berbillion ringgit dengan hanya membayar 165 juta.

GO yang di buat kaatas UE dan Renong tidak akan berjaya jika Halim tidak memberi undinya dalam EGM.

Sekarang harta Khazanan Nasinal benilai berpuloh billion ringgit dan NOR Yaakup memberitahu Halim,Khazanah tidak berhutang kapada nya.

Apa yang di lakukan oleh Nor Yaakop kaatas Halim Saad merukapan satu criminal yang tidak boleh di maafkan.

A Voice said...

3:31 PM

If you are so keen to know about TR and HS, read back past postings.

I won't be writing a series if I have lots of nothing new to write.

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan,

Satu satu pertubuhan yang berjaya menilai kebolehan dan kebijaksanaan beliau adalah pertubuhan penganas di Negara Africa (Nambia) dimana beliau telah dipinjan kan sebagai Gabenor Bank Pusat negara berkenaan pada tahun lapan puluhan. Apa yang terjadi penganas penganas ini telah menculik beliau, setelah beberapa hari diculik pengganas ini telah melepaskan beliau kerana berpendapat mereka telah melakukan kesalahan menculik orang yang betul betul bodoh. Beberapa waktu selepas kejadian itu. M'sia mengalami kerugian matawang yang paling tinggi di dunia oleh barua ni.

Sayang kita tak belajar apa apa dari penjenayah dari negara Afrika tu. Crook yang mengenali crook.


Anonymous said...

Let's Face It, the Mamak Mafia Still Rules...

As their Leader says Melayu Mudah Lupa..That's the Cue for his Mob to Take All they Can.

My Say