Friday, June 21, 2013

PEMANDU's pre-emptive move for relevance

Gravity is market friendly, meritocratic and neo-liberal Oxford PPE graduate consultant
For want of the apparatus of propositional functions, many logicians have been driven to the conclusion that there are unreal objects.
Philosopher, Mathematician, and Historian

What the hell was Bertrand Russell saying?

One can only simply interpret that the yearning to propose their ideas and suggestion and consequently, to see it through, made many create non existence stuff.

It reminded us of quantum mechanics and the theory on the existence of electrons moving according to probability in s, p dan d orbitals.

In the perspective of current political affairs, it reminded us of PEMANDU, the Performance Delivery and Management Unit under the Prime Minister's Department. If one have government Ministries, Departments, Agencies, Commissions, GLCs et al, why the need for PEMANDU?

And, if PEMANDU driven and derived economic policies and programs are working and should continue as claimed by The Choice [read here], why the need to seek for public feedback on Government policies and programs now?

Dato Omar Ong may have been too arrogant to hear and be sensitive to the lesser beings not students of Oxford's PPE, thus he may have ignored public feedback before implementation and consequently, the policy, program and himself have become political liabilities.

Driving Transformation

PEMANDU was assigned to supposedly look into the TRANSFORMATION or different mechanics in the workings of economy and government.

These time tellers of your watch had gone beyond doing macro and strategic work, but managing the transformation and latest heard, maybe doing a lab to justify their existence.

Does that means PEMANDU have gone irrelevant and will be but another politician's off the cuff reaction? 

The existense PEMANDU had been  a sore point among the civil servants that saw their roles and functions in the administration being taken away by corporate men and business consultants.

Their reaction was reflected by Tengku Dato Adnan's almost frightening prospect to losing his Parliamentary seat in Putrajaya.

He will publicly and privately deny it. But, he cried privately to the prospect of losing to Dato Husam Musa after a week of unproductive conventional style campaigning.

In their website here, PEMANDU's main role and objective was stated to oversee the implementation, and  assess the progress of government policies and programs.

It also serve to facilitate and support the delivery and drive the progress of the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) and the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).

This is the part that gave the impression that PEMANDU imposed on government servants their own conceived changes on the working of government and economic management.  

After GTP and ETP, then comes the other acronyms of plans like NKRA, MKRA, and NKEA.

Out-sourcing Government

Since PEMANDU had acted beyond it's role to monitor performance delivery, they literally replaced government servants to manage performance using the excuse to help "facilitate, support and drive the delivery and progress of delivery."

Move over are government servants and age tested procedures and manuals or procedures. In comes the PEMANDUs.

The PEMANDUs are mandated to catalyse bold changes in public and private sector delivery, support the ministries in the delivery planning process and provide an independent view of performance and progress to the PM and ministers.

But that mandate was given to professional consultants.

Both PEMANDU and consultants are young, newly employed, urban particularly in the confine of Bangsar, Damansara and the furthest, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, global thinking, foreign educated, worldly traveled, multiracial and handsomely paid.

Sounds impressive?

Yes but when one should be reminded that they are not involved in a business entity but administration of a large public entity called government. For them to be given such a big mandate?

Imagine these young urban executives whose never seen a padi stalk in their life but trying to reform the agriculture sector. Make one want to throw a bundle of hay on them.

Much to the chagrin of government, these consultants impress the power-at-be by being effective in their art in which one of the trick to remain as "apparatus of propositional function" is to conjure up "unreal objects."

How many of the rakyat could comprehend what is ETP, GTP, NKRA, MKRA, NKEA, and there is more, EPP and BO?

The could not comprehend but the rakyat can feel that the government is administering or addressing issues wholesomely because of the focuses and emphasis.

When criticised, they will say that all their suggestions, plans, etc, are not based on any person's study or thought but derived from the finding of social labs.

It is what the people want, they claim.

Of course, all those involved, from lab rats to the information gatherer, not excluding the urban and affluent consultants will not be mentioned.

That way the man with the agenda like Dato Omar Ong, his consultant firm Ethos Consulting, and his associates, McKenzie & Co, Boston Consulting Group, Booz Allen Hamilton, and most recent Frost & Sullivan does not have to surface and take responsibilities.

Even though they pre-prepared the outcome of the lab from their own study, solution template, and along their neo-liberal agenda, the selective participants were quoted to justify for them.

They do not have to but it is Dato Idris Jala that will face the public with his powerpoint presentations. And there is politician on the demise, Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon to help them wiggle their way out of a difficult political situation.

With all that sophistication, the only effective outcome from PEMANDU that helped the ruling government maintain power was only BR1M. Do one need consultants to think of BR1M?

Realising that hundred of millions, if not billion in the total, spent for consultants fees since the days of sleepy, the people are questioning why are we keeping these Consultant-Advisers that have delivered nothing worthy.


Tun Daim's call to Dato Najib to sack all his advisers will have political ramification at the grassroots. Under pressure, PEMANDU had called a group of people to compile their views on current government policies and programs, and what need to be done.

One can call it as mini-lab to get feedback. One can suspect it to be not just merely to get views but something more sinister. And, one can suspect it to be about politics to get back support to BN. 

It is speculative. One is supposed to take it in good faith that PEMANDU is serious to compile public view on government program and policy. But, our trusted instinct tells us that it is merely an effort to sustain their existence.

Since sold to many of Omar Ong's ideas and suggestions, Najib has put aside his qualitative ability in decision making. He has grown more American to want to see numbers, statistics, ratings, ratios, KPIs, and stuff before he decides.

This mini-lab will generate the numbers and massage it to justify their existence. The views of those that participated will be made into questionnaire's questions for favoured lab participants. The outcome can only be favourably anticipated.

Those invited to give their views was heard to be Stephen Hagger, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Dato Yong Pok Kon, and many others.
Stephen Hagger is the Managing Director and Head of Equities at Credit Suisse, Malaysia. He has been around in Malaysia since 1992 and jumping from one firm to another.
This Mat Salleh has some education and made the foray abroad to the Far East. If he had not been in Malaysia, he is probably working at some farm in Scotland.

One wonders what can he contribute to understand what the Malaysian public want or vote-getting expectations for the BN government.

Never trust a broker talking about corruption, cronyism and nepotism. They strive on know who and has no bound on ethics in their business affair.
Mat Salleh does not wish to understand the local tradition, thinking and psyche. They only want to promote their degenerate liberal ideas.
Tan Sri Tony Fernandez is our dear friend Tony F.

Just cannot imagine Tony F understanding what the public wants. Otherwise, we would not be operating his Airline like a teksi prebet sapu. Who does not know of his conniving wants?

Is there integrity in his ideas towards nation building when he is a neo-liberal, corrupt, and discriminatory on application by Malay for cabin crew? Maybe he disagree with Article 153 on special constitutional rights of Malays. 

With the recent episode between his Air Asia X CEO, Azran Osman Rani and Utusan Malaysia, does his organisation has sympathy for the BN cause?

When Tony F yells for the sacking of MAHB's Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad and KLIA2, he has DAP's Tony P or Tony Pua echoing him openly and it should be for their common interest.

And, Omar Ong is on the Board of Directors of Tony F's Air Asia X ...

Tan Sri Dato Yong Poh Kon is the owner of Selangor Pewter.

In a recent close door discussion, he blasted the government servants and call for the immediate signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

He thinks that opening up the economy will bring more prosperity to his pewter business and enter into US government procurement business.
When asked if he knows that American federal government procurement gives 90% contracts to American company and 10% to European companies, he does not.

He probably did not know no Asian can get much chance to participate American procurement because the bulk of federal government (not state spending) is military. He probably did not know that TPPA is not just about trade with Americans.

And he probably wanted to open up trade because he hated Dr Mahathir and likely to be an anti-Mahathir for playing delay tactics in trade agreements. He does not know the FTAs are full with manouvres. If he made so much noise for signing of TPPA, maybe he should know more of the FTAs with EU countries.

Only few FTAs are signed but most are an endless game of negotiations that will perpetually not agree to anything. 
Hmmm ... pro-western, conniving and corrupted, anti-Article 153, neo-liberal, anti-Mahathir and most likely anti-UMNO to advice PM. Is that where the agenda Omar Ong is carrying the PM to?

From Syed Akbar's posting here on rumoured talks amongst powerful Power Rangers, PEMANDU is on course to look into Political Transformation with Omar Ong assigned to look into transforming BN into a single party.

Thought they would look into Social Transformation and political funding reform first then becoming a bigger political liability.


Anonymous said...

Mr Brick, if what you saying is True than UMNO members is sleeping and dozing, They should start demonstration against Najib but till now its just cool so are they sleeping or you just being biased or our Pemuda UMNO especially the Ketua telor tak functioning?

Anonymous said...

Right we don't know who to trust. We admire your guts to go after Omar Ong but feel that this may be a bridge too far. Even though u have exposed so much information on NMY and Tingkat 4 but it seems that they are getting stronger by the day. We understand that u may be getting older but maybe no point for u to continue to attack this group even though u are right. Some even say that right now u are considering joining KJ group. Don't know what to believe anymore...

anti bohmau said...


Can u comment on this picture

Sad to see that u have sold out, but everybody has a price it seems...

Anonymous said...

Looks like PM and the bunch of government cabinet members and senior officers are taken for a ride by these CON....Sultant. I can bet bet most of cabinet members don't pay tow hoot of the GTP, ETP etc. All these are waste of rakyat money. No wonder most of government officers hated Najib government. and voted for the opposition. PM Najib please take notice and rectify your action. You are way out of the UMNO and malay aspiration.

A Voice said...

Anon 9:22 PM

Melayu mudah lupa. How long did I pursed Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar?

I don't waiver that easily especially with advancing age.

It only makes me fearless because my needs are minimal and cannot be easily compromised.

Anonymous said...

Senang Aja Kawan. Kesimpulan nya lagi Sensng:


Najib Sudah Memberi Mandat Kepada Pemandu untuk Mejadi Official BULLSHIT SPINNER.

Sekarang Semua Bijak Pandai dan Rakyat Jelata sudah di BAFFLE KAN Olih Si Idris Jala exShell Boss.

Ada ke Melantik Ketua Syarikat Minyak Asing ke Jawatan dimana Semua Rahsia Kerajaan di tangan dia?

Shell mesti Syiok sejak dia di lantik. Semua hal minyak Malaysia senang dapat.

Anonymous said...

the choice ni omar ong ke ... listen to my choice kata dia hehehe

Anonymous said...

no to TPP. its another US scam. Nego with US, only they win. dont expect us to come out smelling like roses

Anonymous said...

Just get a few honest retired Civil Servants into PEMANDU and they will tell you how to fix the system. The Car is Ok it just needs to be fine tuned. It no use getting a team that opens up the entire engine to fix problems. What happens is that they are busy trying to find the right screw for the right place. The civil service is to be blamed for this because they did not address the issues when time was on their side. They were busy with other matters such as promotions, and social engineering of the service.They allowed for the 'nasi to jadi bubur' and then made weak attempts undertaken by weak leaders to fix the system. For example on person comes to work regularly but instead of calling that person and give him a warning the Head of Department sends out a circular warning all persons in the department to come to work on time.

PEMANDU can only help by putting in place tools that will strengthen the system Do not report that you had just got an investment approved in 21 days. That is the job of the civil service. Your job is to fine tune the system to get the approval in 20 days for a investor who does not know a Tan Sri or Dato

Anonymous said...

Jala and the people behind jala screwed up MAS and now they are screwing the country. These con sultan trend started in mas long time ago and like cancer it is spreading to all glc culminating with govt agencies lead by pemandu while najib, pak lah and tdm were sleeping or busy making money for their families. Pak Long

Anonymous said...

The PM has to decide whether to continue with the highly nebulous schemes cooked up by his Consultant Advisers.

If it was purely for election purposes, it has cetainly not done much good.

Joe Black

Unknown said...

Dear Haji,
Omar Ong, reminds me of Grima Wormtongue, adviser to the king (couldn't remember his name) in Lord of the Rings. Maybe we need a real Gandalf and Aragorn to kick some resemblance of 'how to think' to the beloved Ah Jib Gor. He almost brain dead lah. Penat undi Najib, rupe-rupenya dia puppet aje. Blah la Najib, jangan harap anak muda yang anti PR nak bagi undi kat lu lagi !

Shadow Banker said...

My attempt at the saying by Betrand Russel

A short definition on prepositional logic from Stanford

Roughly speaking, a proposition is a possible condition of the world about which we want to say something. The condition need not be true in order for us to talk about it. In fact, we might want to say that it is false or that it is true if some other proposition is true.

So a Pemandu-esque way of looking at the Betrand Russel quote is that these guys talk about unreal conditions and make belief. After all, prepositional logic allows them to talk about it and in the end they conjure up nonsense. The best example was when they quoted "incremental GNI" numbers in the hundreds of billions when projects had not even got any funding.

But that said, I still think your explaination on Bertrand Russel is better and more apt to be digested by Najib. But then again, Najib may be fooled consider himself as being "unreal" under one of Pemandu's famous prepositions

My Say