Friday, September 09, 2016

"Siapa guna siapa" and other humorous observations

Tsunami was mentioned in the previous posting here.

So happen, Amanah's Dr Dzulkifly was reported yesterday to believe Anwar-Mahathir pact will unleash a political tsunami against UMNO.

Maybe Azmin's initiative could do it but Nurul Izzah's "surprise but not forget without the forgive" statement is interesting. Nurul, her mother and Rafizi was not in court. Correct us if we are wrong.

Wan Azizah twittered appreciation for Mahathir's support for the challenge against NSC Act. While Rafizi still on a wait and see.

All parties talked of the NSC Act but the political interpretation has gone beyond that.

Azmin commented about UMNO is now in a state of panic. Noh Omar replied it is diversion to his problems in Selangor.

It is rather cliche a statement from Noh. So was Azmin's gempaq.

Dulu Tibai, sekarang CIBAI ... Cium Itu Bontot Anwar Ibrahim?

There have been many cliche political statements and observations from both sides that it is quite humourous and funny.

For instance, Raja Nong Chik said Bersatu will further split the Malays. It is quite obvious, isn't it?

But hello.... boat has left the jetty on that.

Ti Lian Ker is not wrong to say Malay do not fall for such scare tactic any more. At least in the urban seats. Padanlah kena trick by Nurul in Pantai. No old school please.

Nazri Aziz's challenge to Muhyiddin and Mukhriz to remain in Pagoh and Jerlun, respectively was rather cunning.

The talk of Muhyiddin moving to Muar was first raised by Rocky Bru, then Joceline Tan and now Nazri.

Muhyiddin could retain Pagoh but he may want to put his man to win more seat in Muar.

If kalah, easy for Mukhriz to be PM hehehe ...

While, Mukhriz have to take on the influential veteran heading Jerlun Division. Budak-budak like Pejo, Anas etc will have to take on the local leaders of Pak Abu, Man Pin and Man Aziz.

Indeed, why must UMNO dwell too much into the handshake. As KJ said, UMNO should go to battle based on it's strength and not the opposition's weakness

Tak payah komen ini semua. Get their act together.

However, as blogger, we must write something. And who is to tell us what to write or what not write?

Najib, Rosmah pun tak ada arah-arah. Ada lu bayar gua gaji ka?

As far as the handshake, it will be seen as betrayal. RPK's daughter, Raja Sara Petra went through the ordeal of seeing what her father had to undergo in his support of Anwar.

She can say that.

And, there are those on the other side too who felt betrayed.

1MDB and NSC Act

There is a spin to win the Malay hearts by calling it a goodwill gesture. But is that not what Najib and Hadi are doing?

Regular FMT contributor, Tay Tian Lian felt it is time for bygone to be bygone and justified the handshake cum cooperation as alliance to take on the NSC Act.

He forgot that it is still unjustified.

NSC Act, POTA or SOSMA pales in comparison to the ISA and EO. Mahathir ruled for 22 years during peacetime but the EO was still enforced.

How could he missed out on that important point?

Must be reporter and their simplistic understanding with easy to digest soundbytes. The handshake should be seen with deeper implication.

The NSC Act took a turn because Rulers Council had their own understanding. If it is taken into consideration, more interesting turn can be engineered.

He should try investigate why the need for such act. It got nothing to do with Najib seeking for more power and it serve an operational role.

Some on our side gave a view that what if BN lose power, and the power is passed on to Lim Kit Siang or Lim Guan Eng or Anthony Loke? Fine ...

But why did long time dictator, Mahathir instructed his lawyer, Hanif Khaitri to join forces with Anwar's lawyer?

Wasn't Mahathir's people, particularly those in Perkasa, complained against the abolishment of ISA and various civil liberty moves by Najib?

Perhaps, Mahathir and Bersatu need something to say other than 1MDB. Otherwise he has only 1MDB to campaign to kampong folks.

He need an issue to counter his decades of hypocracy.

It seemed he has invested more on 1MDB issue.

Ananda, Vincent and a Sarawakian front was heard buying former officials of Bank, Government and Corporate for future testimonies and gempaq activities.

The latest alleged WA messages between Jho Loh and Ambank officer in WSJ and believed to be written by a Sarawakian may have risen out of such collaboration.

If we are Mahathir, we will go to the extent of buying Jho and family. With their asset frozen, they could be broke. We could get DAP Penang's corporate henchman like Tan Kok Ping to lend money.  

No surprise should there be more sensational headline on 1MDB to come.

With Bloomberg predicting a March 2017 election, it will be twisted, made into propaganda and politicised to the hilt.

The 1MDB could be overdone and they need a tectonic shift devastation. Thus the economic sabotage effort by AKJ.

If it is the truth, fine ... but not with any elements of spin. We will have our reservation on anything resembling psywar on 1MDB. Innocent until proven guilty. No lawyer will disagree.

There is a psywar also on 1MDB. A new interpretation of the acronym.

But do not believe it.

Since it is all politics from now on, 1MDB will be politicised further, and NSC Act is additional campaign material, more can be interpreted on the handshake.

UMNO perspective

UMNO see it as desperation.

To elaborate the point, Mahathir is not confident Muhyiddin can carry this fight. He is not popular, he cannot smile and he cannot show the proof as challenged by Zahid and Nazri.

Mukhriz, as his father used to tell a businessman, is a weak leader. He will only waste time on Firefly to and fro Alor Setar-KL, and ada peluang cuti terus ke London.

The rest of the protem committee membrs are insignificant.

The Bersatu people are going around saying "tunggu bila sudah daftar. Ramai akan keluar UMNO." Fine and that is another area to gempaq.

But can it reach 200,000 members?

Supposed Perkasa has 300,000 members as Ibrahim Ali loved to gloat and we do not need to believe only 10% of what he say, most of them are UMNO members. Can we see 30,000 from Perkasa?

At best, GKCM is only few hundred.

Bersatu feel UMNO underestimate them so we will see them realy gempaq on the crossover.

However, certain operatives in UMNO felt their number will dwindle and keep dwindling when Mahathir sat with Kit Siang and now shaking hand with Anwar has sink in.

UMNO should remain respectful of Mahathir in their campaign and let Bersatu continue with their nasties. 

The handshake could have pissed a lot of middle class and fence-seater. It demeans politics.

Expect the young not coming out to votes. The lower voting turnout trend seen in the last two by-elections will continue.

The theory is Mahathir need Anwar to keep fighting and not lose face. At his age, he is growing weak. A week or two of roadshow and off he checks-in into IJN.

Though former UMNO members are more active and spirited to take on UMNO then to take on opposition when they are in UMNO, their strength and organisation is not there.

PAS is not with them. It is of mutual benefit for Bersatu to work with PKR.

There is another view that it is Anwar that guna Mahathir. From someone without any chance for comeback, he can now see a royal pardon in the horizon and room to manouvre back in the game.

Mahathir could snake him and not help him when he has knocked off Najib. He and Bersatu could even return and unite with UMNO.

Remember that Mahathir started his assault immediately after Anwar got sent to prison.

But this is Anwar's only chance. When they reach the bridge, they can both outsnake each other.

So it could be more Anwar guna Mahathir. 

Lost focus

By the way, something need corrrection.

PAS is only not with them yet. And, Muhyiddin is heard working hard to make it happen.

Yesterday or day before a PAS leader was seen near an eatery near Bersatu's regiatered office. He went up to see Muhyiddin.

Khairy used to have an office in that same building. The eatery is aà secluded place to meet for the likes of Khairy, Kalimullah, Brendan Pereira, and Nor Mohamed Yakcop.

Maybe Nika Gee too?

It has been a while that we talked about NMY. He is now quiet in Khazanah.

Why is Najib still keeping the likes of him there and as member of the Board of Advisory of 1MDB?

He could be leaking all sort of thing to Mahathir. He has one leg permanently with Mahathir, one with Pak Lah and wonder if he has a third leg for Najib.

Returning back to PAS, when it comes to the crunch, PAS could "over-run" Hadi to urge him to negotiate. Tuan Ibrahim only want Amanah closed.
It looks like PAS and Amanah is constantly at loggerhead and Zaid Ibrahim unrelentlessly whacking PAS.

But they are politicians and not really ulamak. Umarah maybe and a few are learned but they are all politicians. They can turn around and justify it.

The new party PPBM, no more using of Bersatu, could put aside Amanah.

The offer for Mahathir to run at Putrajaya must be understood. And it came with the willingness of Amanah to step aside for PPBM.

Loaded .... and it is heard that DAP is sick with their constant asking for money.

The interesting part in all this is the uneasy marriage of convenience in the opposition and the unusual political narrative and rivalry.

All parties lost their focus to combat the usual opponents.

The one with the agenda and welfare of the people need to come out as winner. It should not be the blamers and negative campaigners.

However, the prospect of success for underhanded politics is there should Trump beat Hillary. Mind you the latest he is leading in the latest poll by 2%!

To summarise the current political senario in Semenanjong, PAS is constantly in quarrel with Amanah.

Mahathir just want to see Najib down. UMNO seemed pre-occupied with PPBM. However, many political pundits could suffer for underestimating them.

PKR has their internal quarrel with Kak Wan and Azmin at each other like the silent and perpetual rivalry between the first and second wife in a polygomous marriage.

Kak Wan, Nurul and Rafizi are not keen to accept Mahathir.

Azmin could end up taking up the Deputy President of PPGM above Mukhriz and later knock Muhyiddin out?

Azmin is buddy buddy with PAS. And, Amanah is pissed with PKR.

DAP has only to worry about Dato Huan Cheng Guan in Penang. Gerakan and MCA tidor. They will come out sounding like the drum in a Chinese opera ... tong tong tong untong saja.

MIC will ask macam-macam despite not delivering much politically. Kara kara untong ... kadang-kadang untong as an Indian drum would sound.

For Melayu ... tak tong, tak tong, tak tong in a trance gamelan music.

Some states, not just one or two, will come out banyak untong.


Anon said... about the level of misinformation involve.I am telling you that nobody knows what is true or not.

Anonymous said...

However, as blogger, we must write something. And who is to tell us what to write or what not write?

Najib, Rosmah pun tak ada arah-arah. Ada lu bayar gua gaji ka?

Two old indians said...

Just so you know. Mahathir father is an indian from kerala.
While Anwar's father was and indian hospital attendant in Penang.
So there are blood kinship between them. Race run thicker than water.
The question is what can the Malays do with a runaway UMNO President Najib?

Anonymous said...

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59:12 If they are expelled, they will not leave with them, and if they are fought, they will not aid them. And [even] if they should aid them, they will surely turn their backs; then [thereafter] they will not be aided.

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