Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bukit Gantang: Immediate thought

I'm at Bukit Gantang in the aftermath of another BN lost in a by-election. On our way from Ipoh, a traffic jam was seen at the Jelapang tunnel as BN supporters left Bukit Gantang.

With Batang Ai's win and Bukit Selambau's lost, the cumulative score for BN in the by-elections now stands at 4-1.

Much to my chagrin, the Chinese vote did not swayed for BN. Did MCA or Gerakan failed to deliver for BN? Does it indicate MCA and Gerakan as being no more relevant to the Chinese voters?

There was a rise in Malay votes and encouraging trend among the Saloran 3 and 4. Perhaps, the derhaka message, the issue of 999 year lease and Nizar's response to the power change reached the Malays.

But, it was not sufficient to help BN. Malay votes remain split. The number of majority rose from about 1,500 to more than 2,000.

Is the battle in Bukit Gantang about the age-old animosity between UMNO and DAP? Or it has changed from the battle of party politics to become the battle to win the heart of the voters? Has the traditional political stucture undergone a permanent change after GE12?

BN has to assess it's position seriously. My gut feel is that the same political trend in GE12 prevails.

The pressure on UMNO and Barisan Nasional to undertake change or transformation within itself has become more intense.

The new cabinet to be revealed by Najib will be closely scrutinised. Dr Mahathir in his latest blog post have spoken to demand questionable personalities not be selected as Ministers.

There is no more time for politicking and procrastination within UMNO. No more sugar-coated consoling words.

Change or perish!


Mat Kepit said...

Nampaknya BN masih tak belajar-belajar dengan kesilapan demi kesilapan yang di lakukan. Memang orang yang di ambang kejatuhan akan melakukan segala kesilapan walaupun kecil kerana kuasa Allah swt mengatasi segala-galanya. Bertaubatlah BN dan balik ke pangkal jalan...Amin.


it is not mca gerakan failed to deliver but amno succeed to provoke chinese voters with their divide and rules tactic.

Becks said...

Thank you to Tun Mahathir. BN lost because of him!

Anonymous said...

Come on, did not Dr Mahathir himself campaign in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau. Stop trying to insert some personal vendetta in this defeat.

Like it or not, the voters rejected Dr Mahathir. We need young people, Pakatan has so many, and we have only a few. And even the few you want to cantas, we know what the coded message you were trying to send.

We are on the same team, if we fight one another, the opposition stands around and laughs only

Regards, and have a safe trip back home.

Unknown said...

PR will never have any change in Batang Ai, so PR win 2 Bukits and lost 1 Batang. Sound like a good deal to me, right?


In order for PR to make an inroad into Sarawak and Sabah, the Indelible Ink has to be implemented and others form of rigging has to be stopped. I am not a sour grape or bad loser in Sarawak, I am a Sarawakian and work as boatman to ferry voters around. So I have seen it happens before.

Yahoo to the Rakyat!

Shiok Guy

M'sia Clown Association said...

Chinese ourselves are already very very terribly mad with the new MCA President, Ong Tee Keat!!!! Under this circumnstance, do you think the Chinese will add more support to BN?

MCA need to transform and the VERY first step is to deal with the rotten fish head.

OTK's arrogance and selfishness are MCA's Archilles' heel!

Anonymous said...

Good to know one UMNO supporter has seen the light...

Now spread the gospel to those who do not read your blog.

Change might mean less contracts to go around for the Class F Umno members but at least their children can continue daddy's money making scheme.

Dhahran Sea said...

Salam Voice,
Precisely, CHANGE OR PERISH! Especially those well-known and acknowledged deadwoods and penyangak within UMNO - these are cancerous elements & if they are allowed to remain in UMNO then by GE13 UMNO will be as good as dead! Lets see whether Najib has the guts to do this in his new cabinet line-up... it will indicate his seriousness and willingness to really affect change within UMNO... its going to be painfull but it has to be done! One good indication is whether he would allow the SIL yang tak ada malu to be in his cabinet? IF he's in, then to me Najib is playing the compromise game all over again...

Dal said...

And the younger Malays shouldn't be taken for granted any more.

And the non-Malay votes that left BN last GE may not return again.

bro brotherhood, said...

Bro ABW,

My gess is d KJ factor,..d younger gen hope to see a clean prson leading d Pemuda n wen KJ 'GOT' it it shows dat UMNO didun change(d tot of d youngsters in BG) d UMNO election shows money politics is still rampant wth corrupted leaders still winning.. wat more wth d whispering last year bout a compromise between PLah n DSN on KJ being d KP n also a Minister(full fledge).. org masih ingat bisikkan2 nakal tu bro,..heheh.. wat says u,.. i gess d result on d by election is a msg frm God dat we shud of taken Ku Li as PM,..heheh.. BN=1,PAS=1=PKR=1..semua menang sorang satu jd leh brgabung la untuk atasi kemelut 'Great Depression' yg bakal datang ni,..heheh..apo nak dikato,.. apa pun rakyat silap lagi,.. DS Rosmah is showing her bad attitude by making stupid comment about recommending MB N9 to DSN for promotion,..entah le bro,..nampak gaya bini dia nak bg bg dia lingkup kot,.. sedih gak tapi,..heheh..wat else can i say,..ciao bro..

p.s. wat next,..heheh..ousting Najib n bringing on TSM?.. i pray Najib will not fail us..cheers bro!!

Anonymous said...


Jangan kecewa sangat. At least a bulk of Malay votes did came back for UMNO in Bkt Gantang.

What to do? PAS is willing to give land for 80% discount. Too good an offer to be reject by the Chinese.

UMNO ni pokok getah tua. Susu dah kering. PAS pokok getah muda. Susu banyak lagi. Faham-faham saja la.

#toNg kosoNg

Anonymous said...

Lain kali jangan suruh Dr Belit yg juga flip flop hal kerajaan Perak pergi berkempen.

Umur dah 80 masih rasis.

Mangkuk hayun

bendera merah said...

yes...bro changes or perish

tokwe said...

kalau KJ heads the BN machinery, surely we wont have this problem ..

Najib bodoh suruh muhyuddin asam masin tu lead ..

true malaysian said...

As i have mentioned in Rocky's blog. People like you should leave TUN alone. His intelligence and sharp mind can be used for any beneficial purpose irrespective of political affiliation. Allow him to be the true statesman. Dont drag him into dirty life of politics after his retirement.

Hamba said...

Another graffiti on your wall. And it says 'Loser!"

Anonymous said...

MCA are rejected by the Chinese and MIC are hated by the Indians.They are a liability to BN.

UMNO are better off on its own and in the opposition for a term or two,before they can really cleansed themselves of greed and money politics.

PAS and DAP should run the country.

PKR?they will die a natural death after Anwar Ibrahim.

Anonymous said...


To all Malays-Musims-UMNO. Lets have the spirit of Egalitarians, Classless and Meritocracy among us. No more pratonising, like the MCA and MIC did at Bukit Gantang. We can be self sustaining and uphold over political prowesness. Tengok perangai MCA dan MIC minta ini , minta itu dan diberi oleh BN. Tetapi pada hari mengundi tidak deliver. Shame on you MCA and MIC.

Y.B Hisham Gemuk.

Anonymous said...

"Much to my chagrin, the Chinese vote did not swayed for BN. Did MCA or Gerakan failed to deliver for BN? Does it indicate MCA and Gerakan as being no more relevant to the Chinese voters?"

If you look at the other side of the coin, could Gerakan and MCA be in this state because of the antics of a very demanding and bullying UMNO? It also shows that BN needs the non-malay votes to WIN in the elections so the UMNO leadership needs to keep the little Napoleans, spelled division chairmen, in check and curb their excessive outburst.

-BN member

Anonymous said...

To the chinese, DAP, MCA or Gerakan, they're the same. they will support any that will benefit them.

An in this case, the 999 lease is an opportunity for them and a cause to support DAP

Melayu juga yang rugi




Anonymous said...


hope Najib gets better people around him

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You insinuate that the 999 year lease on land alienated by Nizar as against Malay interest. Are you sure you are right ? Are you sure you've reached your puberty ? If you have, you surely have noticed that your father and grand parents previously enjoyed such previlege, more surprisingly at the courtesy of the British Colonialists. Conversely, however, your beloved UMNO found it fit to shorten the leases to merely 99 years or less after taking the Government much to the detriment of the Malays. Again, I believe you don't understand me here due mainly to your immaturity. The Malays lose out here because the market for leasehold properties is merely patronised by Malays simply because (i) the properties are cheaper,(ii) they are not aware that its market value dwindles as time passes, and (iii) they don't realise that they need to pay a high premiums to renew the lease upon expiry. The Non-Malays, instead, rush for freehold properties whose alienation runs forever and market value escalates with time. So, who's wrong here... Nizar or your favourite UMNO ? As regards Mahathir, he's not interested in seeing UMNO winning the election in as much as ascertaining his son selected in Najib's cabinet !!! GOOSTEE

Walk D Talk 09 said...

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Akhirkata , saya menyusun jari yang sepuluh, saya sedar siapalah saya mahu meulis kepada Ayahanda tetapi inilah akibat desakan hati dan nurani yang tidak tertahan lagi menunggukan perubahan dalam UMNO. Assalamualaikum.

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