Friday, April 24, 2009

Reservation to Rashid's appointment as Press Secretary to DPM

Blogger Mohd Ashraf of Jejak Pujangga was first to break the news in his congratulatory words for Rashid Yusof, the new Press Secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

To his fellow journalist, Rashid is seen as a true professional. Few that was refered to for comment acknowledge this trait about him.

But, politically he is tainted for his involvement in Khairy Jamaluddin's campaign. Rashid was involved in public relation for Khairy and undertaking the reimaging of Khairy.

Good public relation can do wonder in painting an untrue picture of a person.

In a coordinated move through the press, blogophere and public appearance, Khairy's deeds and reputation was cleverly hidden. With some influence applied on the media, Khairy was repeatedly described as open, smart, forward looking and the message was he was wrongly perceived.

The main problem with Khairy's campaign is the open use of money. Talk to any Permuda UMNO involved in the recent party election and they will openly acknowledge Khairy throwing money in his last minute carpet bombing to buy votes and his years of buying influence within the Pemuda grassroot ranks with contracts and outright money.

Repeating from an earlier posting, one source described the number of SPRM report on Khairy alone as 113. At one balai polis alone, reports on Khairy's money politics was already 15.

For someone having a key role in Khairy's campaign, Rashid can't plead innocence.

The party suffered due to such corrupt practise by Khairy and his accomplice. Now that the whole nation's eyesight is set on how UMNO deal with Khairy's case. It will ascertain the new PM's sincere commitment to fight corruption within the party and Government.

As someone closed to the pinnacle of power described Khairy, "He is so soiled that it would take seven generation to samak his bad reputation." Samak refers to the procedures to clean najis mughallazah involving seven portion of clean water and one postion earth.

Having a person with such association in Muhyiddin's team will not auger well for the image of UMNO.

How are we bloggers to defend and support Muhyiddin in his fight to reform the party and in particular to clean it of money politics, if such a person forms an important part of his team?

A bigger concern would be Rashid's own words that have been heard spreading within a certain circle. To quote from Bigdogdotcom, “I will do my level best to resuscitate KJ back into Najib’s favour, through Muhyiddin’s office”.

Muhyiddin should be concern as to whom his loyalty is to. He may feel time has changed. The UMNO lalangs will bend according to where the wind blows or in other words, kow tow to whom the power is with. He is after all an old hand in politics and capable at managing and monitoring his team.

However, one former senior cabinet member, when told of this appointment reacted, "What strategy?" He is implying it is not a safe and wise move.

The question here is, shouldn't staff of Ministers get security clearance before being appointed?

Khairy is not one chap with a good security record. By his association with Khairy, Rashid could be a potential security issue and not to mention, a potential source of information leak.

This reminder from a friendly suppporter maybe brushed aside as paranoid but it is not without its reasons. With the new Prime Minister openly calling on leaders to hear the rakyat, this is a concerned call from a rakyat.

More so, when Khairy openly declared to a group of 80 Ketua Pemuda in a gathering at the PM's official residence that if he goes down, he will bring others down, be it a true happening or a created one.

One should not have taken a chance with someone with association to someone that needs seven generation to samaq and a security threat.

Is Rashid's skill so indispensible to Muhyiddin's work to assist PM that he should take such risk? Is there not anyone else capable of doing the same work?


Anonymous said...


After all the talk about cleaning up the 4th floor ..kita orang semua dah fed up with all the hypelah bro ..
Nothing will change and thats the bottom line ...


Unknown said...

sure or not 113 reports.. if it is true confirm and i know made a report.. confirm.. mana tak nya siap tolong bagi skript lagi.. ni lah manusia berdahi lebar .. berkulit cerah...

Fatimah Zuhri said...

1. Does TSMY have a blog for us to write to?

2. If it is true that this fella is pro-kj and wants to bring KJ back to UMNO inner circle, TSMY should replace him ASAP.

3. This fella should come out and state his TRUE loyalty.

4. Is it to UMNO or to KJ? I am ready to forgive him if his loyalty is to UMNO.

5. But if he intents to bring back KJ to UMNO inner circle, then i would kindly ask TSMY to get rid of this fella.

You Bet the Wrong Horse said...

Sorry lah Rashid!

You bet the wrong horse and that horse is deeply tainted, so have carry with you this liablity for your short association with him.

I symphatise you!

Dhahran Sea said...

Salam Voice,
Maybe MY should have a say in appointing someone to such an important position? Silap2 nanti sokong membawa rebah, especially when sisa2 pak lah, sil&co. are still around even in the "new" cabinet? Tak kan tak ada orang lain kot?

Generasi Pejuang Bangsa said...

tahniah kepada Rashid yang mendapat kepercayaan sbg Setiausaha Akhbar TPM .. harap beliu dapat menulis ucapan2 yang baik untuk TPM kita.

Brunt Council said...

The issue you've raised are fair.

Can't help noticing the bloggers defending rashid are the setiakwan bloggers. Some are retaliating on a personal manner. What do you expect ppl on payroll.

TSMY shd know press secretary are not indispensible positions. I am sure 100 rashid is available anytime.



Anonymous said...

when Muhyiddin was agriculture minister and Khairy was in position to put his men in strategic position in every ministry, including TSMY's ministry, it was overheard that KJ lamented on why TSMY is taking a long time to accept his recommendation of his men into TSMY ministry.

TSMY was furious but kept his his calm, SIL lah katakan... for who's the hell is kj to think TSMY to accept KJ recommendation, as if a boy instructing minister TSMY ????


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