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Out-manouvred and ill-prepared, Perak DAP and PKR resort to tyranny

In a nutshell, the fiasco at the Perak Assembly was mainly due to the ever defiant and ungentlemenly conduct of Nizar, his puppetmaster Nger, Perak DAP and PKR, and Pakatan Rakyat as a whole.

They defied all court orders, palace ruling and prerogative, and assembly conduct conventions. Worse still, they persistently lie and spin fact for their political expediancy. Before reading further, watch this video from NTV7 for a quick perspective of the incident, below:

Despite their rhetorics of democrasy, DAP-led Pakatan Rakyat were set against democracy to deny the maxim "majority rule". When they realised they were pre-empted, out-manouvred, and ill-prepared, they resorted to unruly behaviours and violent means to disrupt the Perak Assembly.

If NTV7 report is brushed as a "Government mouthpiece", see this pictoral gallery by The Nut Graph here. Below is the slightly spinned Malaysiakini's version of the fiasco:

Due to their inexperiance, BN was able to anticipate and pre-empt their every legal and illegal moves. From the on set, DAP and PKR had planned to disrupt the Assembly. Blogger and journalist Shamsul Yunos overheard Sivakumar's conversation here.

The first plan was to block entry into the building and hall through street demonstration and crowding the hall entrance. That was thwarted by police barricade and tight security with a court order. And, the BN assemblymen entered the hall in the wee hours of the morning. It will not be surprising if all of them had slept inside overnight.

Secondly, it was to deny the majority the numbers. Despite the court decisions, vested power of EC, and prerogative power of the Sultan, the Speaker and the Pakatan "Riot" were adamant that:
  • The three independent Assemblymen/women had resigned, thus ineligible to attend,
  • The was dissolution of State Assembly which in defiance of the Sultan's prerogative to refuse,
  • Insisting Nizar remain as MB despite the clause 16.6 clearly state he "must" resign,
  • Zambery, and his 6 exco members leave the hall despite court order dismissing Speaker's decision to suspend as ultra vires,
  • Assembly under the tree had dissolve the Assembly and rectify Speaker's decision to suspend the 10, and
  • Assembly under the tree were legal despite the absence of a declaration from the palace
Sivakumar insisted at his whim and fancy that the Assembly shall not proceed based on his interpretation that the Speaker had the sole and absolute power.

BN side out-manouvred the inexperianced and not so meticulous DAP legal team. They did not realise the Assembly is deemed to begin upon the officials entering the Assembly after the inspection of the guards. All the normal procedures to inspect the guard, doa prayers, Sultan's address, etc. was fulfilled.

Again, they can go to the court to dispute, but that will be another matter. All that was decided stands till it is overturned. If the court decide in their favour, another assembly can be reconvene with the palace consent. The BN manage to buy time from the automatic dissolution of the State Assembly.

The 10 BN Assemblymen refused to obey the Speakers order to leave the hall. Their basis is the court decision that nullify the Speakers decision. It is the same basis for Assembly officials to refuse order.

The Speaker did not realise that when he entered into an exchange with the MB, he had techically started the proceeding.

Zambery had proposed the motion for the removal of Sivakumar. There was commotion as DAP and PKR Assemblymen tried to physically drag Zambery out of the hall. The Speaker responded to refuse the motion and cited a letter dated the day before to refuse the written motions.

This exposed another of their inexperience. The Speaker failed to realised that the MB is empowered by the Standing Order to float a motion without seeking prior Speaker approval.

The predicted response by Sivakumar is to stubbornly stop the proceeding from progressing. With the Assembly at a standstill, it was a basis for State Assemblywomen and Deputy Speaker, Hee Yit Foong to take control as Speaker. The Pakatan Rakyat expectedly claimed it was illegal, but Article 36A (1) (b) of the Perak Constitution allow for the Deputy to takeover upon failure by the Speaker to carryout his duty. (Read the NST report at the bottom of the posting)

Off course this can be brought to court, fine. BN should argue that Sivakumar was unfit and suffered epilepsy (gila babi) or the S1N3 variant of swine flu. Even if thrown out by the court, it still bought time for BN and time favours the majority.

Hii allowed all removals and appointment motions to be voted in what can be described as a "seating within the seating".

This move by BN left them dumbfounded without a response. They heightened their unruly behaviour of rudeness, and disrespect. DAP and PKR Perak ADUNs, including PAS's ex-MB Nizar and ADUN Idham Lim became more aggresive, provocative and violent to "attack" the BN side of the Assembly.

The BN side maintained a cool composure except for Rungkup BN State Assemblyperson Shaarani Mohamad who lost his cool. He was physically contained by his BN colleagues. See the video below:

There is a claim that Deputy Speaker had resorted to apply a "pepper spray" on handicap DAP Assemblymen Au Yong in self defense. Whether it is true or false, as a physically handicap, she has every right to defend herself. She was receiving the brunt of sexual and psychological harassment from her former colleagues. A Malaysiakini video of the incident, which many claim was passed to them by a TV3 Group TV camera person, below:

Order could only be maintained after motions to remove and suspend Sivakumar and 3 other ADUNs were passed.

During the removal of Sivakumar, the sargent-in-arm was obstructed and physically roughed up. This justify the Speaker to bring in external security as per in the power of the Speaker in the Standing Order.

When their chips began to fall, the Pakatan Rakyat acted like victim to claim of police abuse, assembly as off limit, and power grab. But with PAS not involved in the fracas, blogger Berita dari Gunong here can't help sensitizing it as an antogonistic act by the Chinese towards the Malays.

Is it a case of Tyranny of the Minority or Might is Not Always Right?

For a moment, lets think.

The pictures, videos and answers are presented for rational considerations. The question in everyone's mind should be to ask whether the conduct of DAP and PKR is deserving as a future alternative Government.

With these kind of natural inclination, will they take into consideration the voices of the people when they are truly powerful? Will the rakyat be treated in the same unruly and violent manner they imposed on our national institution today? Is this their response when the rakyat disagree?


Hee defends role in assembly

IPOH: Perak state assembly Deputy Speaker Hee Yit Foong said she had the power to take over the running of the assembly session as specified under Article 36A (1) (b) of the Perak Constitution.

She said her decision to chair the assembly session to appoint Datuk R. Ganesan as the new speaker on Thursday was not an abuse of power or a power grab from former speaker V. Sivakumar.

"No doubt the speaker (Sivakumar) has the power but as the deputy speaker, I can take over when he is not capable of convening the session," she said here yesterday.

Hee (Independent-Jelapang) said it was normal to appoint a new speaker when the existing speaker had lost the confidence of the majority of the state assemblymen.

"The opposition can name a candidate as the new speaker. This is the democratic process in Malaysia."

She denied an English newspaper report that Thomas Su Keong Seong (DAP-Pasir Pinji) had thrown a RM50 note on her table during the commotion yesterday.

"I would have picked up the money and given it to the needy. Being a stingy person, he was just showing off and would never drop the RM50 note." -- Bernama

Source: NST Online, 2009/05/09


Sivakumar maintains he is the rightful speaker

IPOH: Tronoh assemblyman V. Sivakumar, maintaining that he is the rightful speaker of the state assembly, is asking the police to investigate their own kind for trespassing into the assembly and assaulting him on Thursday.

A group of policemen, uniformed and in plainclothes, entered the House without his knowledge or permission as the speaker about 2.30pm, he said in a police report lodged at the Ipoh district police station here yesterday.

The men, together with suspected gangsters who also had no passes, charged at him and acted violently against him while he was still seated in the speaker's chair, he said.

"I tried my best to warn them not to act violently or to stop me from performing my duty, but the men strangled me and dragged me across the floor, forcibly removing me from the state assembly," he said.

Sivakumar said his ouster as the State Assembly Speaker was the result of a well-planned conspiracy.

"All of them are in it together. I cannot single out or blame only one party. There are a lot of them. The SS (state secretary Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Hashim), LA (state legal adviser Datuk Ahmad Kamal Md Shahid) bentara (sergent-at-arms) and others.

"They already had meetings earlier and decided what to do at Thursday's assembly sitting," he said.

Meanwhile, Karpal Singh said a fresh application would be filed at the High Court here to set aside an order issued by an Ipoh magistrate's court on May 6 which prohibited political party supporters and the public from gathering or coming within 500m of the state secretariat during the state assembly sitting on Thursday.

Karpal Singh, counsel for P. Sugumaran, who is the personal assistant to Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran, said his client would file the action next Monday.

Source: NST Online, 2009/05/09

* Updated: 10/5/09 2:22 PM


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Dear Sir/Madam

Do you agree that the pillar of democratic society should be independent and should not intrude into each other?

The pillar of Law Enforcement is intruding into the house of Perak, is that right?

Shiok Guy

eddy said...

Going into the persidangan DUN on 7 May 2009 BN has 31 seats majority over Pakatan 28 seats minority.

Bro,the ousted speaker sivakumar deserved to be dragged and carried off his seat as CASH punishment for attempting to pervert the democratic rights of the majority.

Pakatan's DAP led onslaught used Sivakumar as spearhead to do a Coup de Etat in total contempt of the 2 Federal Court Rulings under the very nose of the Regent of Perak BUT thankfully the BN Majority Government were ready for their illegal maneuvers. Kudos and Congratulations to MB Zambry for keeping a cool and level head while directing the BN ADUN counter maneuvers to thwart the Pakatan desperadoes.

You observed that PAS ADUNS except for that insolent Nizar kept out of the fracas, I say typical PAS which will only do things that will benefit them politically however they are guilty as hell by association for not attempting to calm down their Pakatan comrades and allow them to run riot in the DUN.

After their coup de etat attempt has been effectively shut down by MB Zambry and his BN supporters, now these Pakatan turned into crybabies and claim to be the victim. This display of political devisiveness is very dangerous to the security and stability of this country.

We should all do our part to ensure that these Pakatan pack of dangerous politicians and their cult followers running about under disguise of justice and democracy, will never get a chance to run the country as Malaysia will be ruined by these people.

Anonymous said...

pakatan rakyat aduns are like MONKEYS in heat!

I am ashamed to have voted them in the last general election...


kalau dah degil macam batu, macamana nak jadik leader yg bagus?

jawab ... jawab...

Anonymous said...

Perak DAP/PKR are not honorable people.They are not behaving like gentlemen.
Nizar as their former boss,did not try to contain their behaviour,so PAS is as guilty to me.
How do you expect these people to govern Malaysia in the future?With despicable behaviour like this.

A Voice said...

Anon 12:03/12:08 - Both comments are only insults which does not have any relevance or refute the lengthy points I have posted or add anything to discussion.

Show me your point of view. Not your insult or childish belittling.

Typical Pakatan Rakyat sympathiser. No Manners. Adios! Its deleted.


Shiok Guy! - I agree in theory but show me where in the world it does not happen.


1. The PM is both an MP and Executive.

2. In America, the court intrudes into the Executive and Legislative area.

3. If one should not intrude into the power of Monarchy, why did Nizar brought the case to the court?

I can go on and on.

Your point is cheap political rhetorics with convoluted ideas of democracy.

To refute you, it is easy. There are provision that is crystal clear that allow the Speaker to bring in security when the situation is in such disorder.

Refute that with facts. Not using political cliche!

RAY said...

"With the Assembly at a standstill and held back by the Speaker's refusal for an oderly progression of the Assembly, it gave basis for State Assemblywomen and Deputy Speaker, Hee Yit Foong to take control as Speaker."

This is amusing and laughable. Where on earth that tell us there's a basis for her to take control as Speaker? This is where you and BN try to spin things.

The legitimate Speaker Sivakumar is still there and if he decide to ignore any court order then that's his final decision. Again, read the Federal constitution. Ignore any BN claims about having majority because 10 of them are suspended!

I believe even the court has totally been ignorant to the separation of powers between the judiciary and legislature.

How could you drag the Speaker out of Dewan like a comman criminal?

The thing is BN thought they won the war when they removed Nizar but they did not realise the final hurdle was with the Speaker who is with Pakatan. Thus BN had to remove him by hook or by crook.

Please laa.. any common man knows that BN play dirty and you know it too as well!! People no longer buy your spin whatever it is...

Anonymous said...

Did they have anything to manouvre with,in the first place?
I don't thing so as they are in the minority.
Guess the best thing is to create chaos and make everybody else look bad or at fault.
I'm sure this strategy will go on and on and on....
I sincerely hope that the people realise what PR is doing.

Anonymous said...


Don't Pine over the Fiasco

What you are seeing is Bollywood in Action.....
Some people are amused..Others horrified...

Consequences are Fear rules the Day.
BN's Fear of calling for State Elections...
PR's Fear of Losing the State through defections....
Sultan's Fear of losing Face...

When there is so much Fear in the State everyone is continuously on the defensive. On this birthday of the Buddha reaffirm one's commitment to Compassion...Have Kindness in your hearts....

Joe Black

A Voice said...


I am as much a sceptic and cynic as you but I am objective at reading taking fact as fact.

Unless you can deny with a fact to refute Deputy Speaker Hii, her statement as per the following extract stand:

Perak state assembly Deputy Speaker Hee Yit Foong said she had the power to take over the running of the assembly session as specified under Article 36A (1) (b) of the Perak Constitution.

She said her decision to chair the assembly session to appoint Datuk R. Ganesan as the new speaker on Thursday was not an abuse of power or a power grab from former speaker V. Sivakumar.

"No doubt the speaker (Sivakumar) has the power but as the deputy speaker, I can take over when he is not capable of convening the session," she said here yesterday.
I await your fact, not cynicism.

In the meanwhile, I do see a serious shortfall in your argument to believe that the 10 remain suspended.

Sivakumar suspended the 10 indiscriminately through his Previlage Committee. Only the floor could do so.

Realising he did something wrong procedure wise, they endorsed that decision during the invalid assembly under the tree.

Your argument to claim that Sivakumar can refuse all decision does not hold water. It is just an excuse to abuse power.

Did I hear someone accuse BN of power abuse somewhere?

The 10 are still valid and there is no basis to deny them.

MB and 6 exco is appointed by the Sultan and not Speaker.

The 3 independent have not vacated their seats. There is a case to deny a pre-sign letter and ultimate decision on seat vacancy is with the SPR.


The suspension is an infringement of justice becasue all those decision are invalid. They have every right to refuse.

Those references you made in the Constitution missed out an important element that is unique to Perak. The position and power of the Speaker is more clearer define and he is subservient to the Sultan. Thus the basis for teh CIvil Servanst to refuse where the Speaker has overruled against law and convention.

This separation of the branches of Government is only good in theory and it is never in practise ANYWHERE.

Your basis to use it is merely to justify the illegal and invalid act of Sivakumar.

What is supreme is the Constitution, it's spirit and philosphy and all - Sultan, Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary - govern by the Constitution (inclusive the State Constitution).

GO back to your nit pick.

Unknown said...

Steady lah A Voice.

Great and substantial rebuttals.

Their accusations might CON the gullible, if left unanswered.

Anonymous said...

How can the deputy speaker take over when the Speaker is still in the room?

I dont care who started what. But the deputy do not have the power to do what hee did.

A Voice said...

Anon 10:04 said

"I dont care who started what. But the deputy do not have the power to do what hee did."This is a typical tyrant in teh making.

Don't care.

What basis is your view on?

Becasue you say so?

Go drive your car and knock a lamp post. It would do you good.

Typical attitude of an anarchist who when ill-prepared and out manouvred resort to violence and irrationality.

Anonymous said...

Dap & Pkr resort to tyranny?

How huh? When the judiciary, police & royal house are behind amno all the way.

Anonymous said...

Dear O Great and Mighty Voicey-san,
Seems that it is easy to tell a lot about your commentators background from ther icomments.
By the way, are you campaigning for PAS by pissing people of on a regular basis?

Between you and Big Dog, I mean, you both can really piss people off, and that even guys on the same side.

Wait a minute...,truth needs hurts right, and needs to be told.

PR should be handled with tact and diplomacy. Thats public relations sir, but you know about that already rite,sir.

I'd just drop my comment on this most famous blogturf (Anfield?) and be on my way. Just some food for thought, btw, I am interested in winning sir.

A Voice said...

Anon 11:53 PMPolice and security intervention is provided in Perkara 90 Peraturan Tetap.Which lawbook are you refering to? Law of the jungle?

Read more hereWengerYou want tac ...go to 7-11 and buy tic tac.

I am sure KJ and his group of Setiakawan bloggers are more reknown in the area of tac?

Reminds me of Ijok 2007. Or are you born already then?

Oh ... pleaseee... Don't talks as another case of Melayu mudah lupa.

I am not in the business of politicking but in the business of presenting it as it is.

Truth hurts. You shd know.

berasiam said...

Komen ini adalah lanjutan komen dalam "Sepanjang Jalan Kenangan" di blog Scribe AKJ bahawa air yang tenang jangan disangka tiada buaya.

Tahun 1948, selepas Jepun menyerah, komunis mengganas di seluruh Tanah Melayu. Menyangka mereka kuat kerana memiliki senjatan api yang dibekalkan oleh British untuk menentang tentera Jepun, mereka bermaharajalela selama beberapa hari selepas Jepun meletakkan senjata. Sasaran utama mereka ialah orang-orang Melayu, khususnya pemimpin masyarakat termasuk imam. Mereka sangka mereka akan berjaya menubuhkan Republik Komunis Malaya yang mereka cita-citakan pada masa itu kerana orang Melayu terbiar tanpa pembelaan dan persediaan.

Resam manusia, apabila terdesak, dia akan berusaha untuk terus hidup, dengan apa cara sekalipun. Kisah seterusnya adalah sepertimana yang boleh diketahui daripada mulut orang tua-tua di Sungai Manik, Kampung Gajah dan sekitar penempatan Melayu di Perak. Ramailah anak-anak Cina yang diserahkan kepada keluarga Melayu. Tidak kurang yang disembelih dan dihumban ke Sungai Perak begitu sahaja sehinggakan kawasan itu bersih daripada anasir bermata sepet. Jika dibandingkan, mungkin 13 Mei itu tidak ada maknanya dengan yang berlaku pada 1948.

Kini mereka nampaknya mahu mencabar semangat yang terpendam itu supaya bangkit kembali. Dipersilakan dengan segala hormatnya, dan bersedialah untuk menghadapi akibatnya. Sedangkan JWW Birch tewas di Pasir Salak, apatah lagi cina Setiawan.

bro brotherhood, said...

Bro Voicey,..wat else can I say, matter how rational or gud an explanation is it is alwiz not gud enuuf fer fanatics of PR.. we d rational ppl noes dat d PR in Perak wun last long,..heheh.. even in Selangor its cracking & soon in Penang too,. PAS noes d danger of dis Chinese(DAP),Indian(PKR,Hindurough,)and Malay(PKR) bros wun bring d gud changes but racial tense,..heheh..well, TIME WILL TELL,..apo nak dikato,..heheh..(",)

Anonymous said...

Bro,the ousted speaker sivakumar deserved to be dragged and carried off his seat as CASH punishment for attempting to pervert the democratic rights of the majority.

good idea,may be you are not deserved the real democracy,but not the majority of Malaysian.

the 3 ADUN jump under whose name ? thousand of the voter?

vinnan said...

PKR DAP, no mention of PAS. As usual UMNO assholes playing the divide and conquer game. Remember UMNO the pondan which does not use a Malay name, the rakyat has awoken.

vinnan said...

berasiam, Kalau orang berani mengamuk, mengamuklah. Bangsa=bangsa lain diMalaysia memang tidak mampu menghalang mu. Tapi ingat bila Malaysia sudah jadi macam Indonesia apakah yang akan berlaku.

1. gadis -gadis Melayu akan terpaksa melacurkan dieri meraka seperti yang kita boleh lihat di Tanjung balai dan Batam.

2. orang Melayu akan cuba memasuki negara lain secara haram untuk bekerja sebagai kuli haram.

3. ramai demi pekerjaaan mereka akan lupoa tentang agama Ialam.

Kalau perkara 1, dan 3 boleh diterima orang Melay., sila mengaamuklah. Saudara sekarang ialah tahun 2009 buan 1948. Dalam dunia moden dimana semua nasib manusia dikaitkan satu sama lain . kita mesti pandai kongsi kuasa kalau tidak kita akan sama-sama mati.

A Voice said...


If you have reading disability, I will forgive you for calling me an an UMNO assholes.

I was there and I see. The lady BN ADUNs acknowledged the same thing. My PAS friends acknoledge what I say.

I am clear for a fact that all the DAP, PKR ADUNs are involved. The PAS involved in this scuffle are Idham Lim and Nizar.

Ex MB Nizar shd have stayed away but he lost his cool. Even speaking before Raja Muda was suppose to speak.

He was rude to use his left hand to hold the Raja Muda's arm while shaking hand.

What is there to make a big deal of PAS absence? Pas has only 6 ADUNs. 2 involved. The 4 was sitting all day.

Except for Husam, Salahuddin Ayub, and few PAS people who came as observer, no PAS crowd was gathering.

Am I trying to divide and conquer?

If you are there seeing it, you can deny what I described. Otherwise do not conjure up things, please.

Congress Party said...


I think the caste system has made your pariah backside whitelah. Don't talk about sharing with other communities when the Indian community can't even sit down together. Hindraf Tamil Tigers Pariah cannot eat together with the Brahmin businessmen, let alone marry their daughters. The Pariahs can only take out the shit of the Brahmins.

By the way, Vinnan, are you the Hindraf Tamil Tigers Pariah or the Brahmins?

Anonymous said...

The Assemblyman was pepper sprayed? He must be lying thru his teeth! The video sure didn't lie.. Did he looked like he was sprayed? His shady face didn't look like it.. remember how Tun looked when he was sprayed? I think he was not sprayed.. Maybe he was misquoted.. Probably he said he was SPAYED!


Anonymous said...

Dear everyone,

I would like to inform everyone that A Voice is one of the very few bloggers who was given special permission by the Zambry's office to enter cover the state assembly.

Please bear in mind that no 'pro-pakatan' bloggers were allowed in on that day.

Dear A Voice: I think you should point out that you were given special treatment by Zambry's office, so that no one will expect you to be neutral. That should keep some pesky commentators off your back.


- A Perakian

berasiam said...

Kepada Vinnan dan yang seangkatannya

1. Sekarang pun ramai gadis-gadis Melayu yang melacurkan diri tapi atas jenama GRO di kelab-kelab yang majoritinya dimonopoli oleh mata sepet. atau Melayu yang bersekongkol dengan mereka.

2. Sejak berabad-abad, orang Melayu memang menjadi masyarakat dagang antarabangsa sehingga kedatangan penjajah Barat menekan segala bentuk potensi orang Melayu untuk bangun kerana orang Melayu itu beragama Islam. Barat hanya pergi selepas pasti bahawa bangsa beragama Islam di sini dikuasai oleh manusia-manusia bukan Islam lain dalam aspek ekonominya.

3. Hidayah itu hak Allah, begitu juga dengan rezeki. Allah akan mengurniakan hidayah kepada sesiapa yang dikehendakinya dan menyesatkan sesiapa yang dikehendakinya. Allah akan memberikan rezeki kepada sesiapa yang dikehendakinya tanpa berhitung. Hanya yang kuat iman akan berjaya bertahan dan itulah tapisan yang telah ditentukan oleh Allah untuk memilih hamba-hambaNya.

1948 hanyalah pengajaran dan pada zaman ini, cara untuk mencapai sesuatu sudah tentu berbeza.

A Voice said...

A Perakian

I think that was mentioned by Rocky Bru. It was not issued by MBs office but by a different outfit.

Too bad the Pakatan Bloggers did not get pass. I can't answer for that.

Maybe they did not went through the process and assume MBs office will not issue them.

However, I saw many non mainstream online media getting pass.

I used to get invited to PAS organsied do. Anwar used to invite us for a session with blogger.

Don't tell me it is a crime for me to try get a pass from an UMNO-led state government?

Since Pakatan took power, they stopped inviting me too!

I guess we Malaysians will ever be partisan.

Sans said...

Some points on this article

vested power of EC - Sorry the EC has no automatic "vested" power to reject a resignation letter, that's why this matter had to be brought to court.

prerogative power of the Sultan - The Sultan cannot dismiss an MB (or PM), only a vote of no confidence in the state assembly. The MB has to resign if he loses the confidence of the majority. It is generally accepted that this should be through a motion of no confidence in the assembly, but in this case it was intrepeted that the Sultan meeting each of the 31 BN and BN supporting Adun's decided that the PR MB had loss the support of the majority, Unfortunately there is a structure and system to remove an MB and this was not followed. The Sultan cannot simply meet people in his Istana and then ask an MB to resign. Please put this in the perspective of the Federal Govt. Can you imagine if this happened at the Federal Govt. level? It would be unacceptable.

clause 16.6 clearly state he "must" resign - I am sorry I am not familiar with any clause in the Perak state constitution that insist that an MB "must" resign. he can be asked to resign and refuse but "must" resign? That is calling sacking an MB. Where is the logic of "must" resign?

his interpretation that the Speaker had the sole and absolute power - The speaker has absolute power, otherwise why was BN so keen to replace him? The speaker has a lot of power and there is no denying this.

deemed to begin upon the officials entering the Assembly after the inspection of the guards - Not sure about this but I believe the Assembly has to officially open, otherwise what is the point of the Raja Muda being there and being the head of govt. The head of govt. usually officiates and opens an assembly. This is not like opening a shop.

It is the same basis for Assembly officials to refuse order. - Sorry but are Assembly officials expected to be law experts? The Speaker is in front of them and they don't obey but refer to court rulings? hmmm.....

"seating within the seating". - what is this?! how can you have this in a state assembly? Maybe BN should do this in the Federal parliament as well and just ignore the non BN parlimentarians :).

his justify the Speaker to bring in external security as per in the power of the Speaker in the Standing Order. - 50 plainclothes policemen at the ready to barge into the assembly, all I can say is very convenient to have them on stand by to invade the assembly (not sure how else it can be described)

On your other points, my main refution would be that Dr. Zambry is or is not the MB is in the hands of the court and so a lot of his actions on that day would be moot if the courts decided he was not the MB which they have.


Sans said...

P.S - BN had the numbers; all they had to do was wait for a State Assembly sitting and have a no-confidence motion against Nizar, but they put the interest of the UMNO party elections before the interest of the people of Perak and went in for a quick and dirty propaganda win.

All this fiasco as TDM says is due to their haste and in not folowing proper procedures.

My Say