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Did Perak MB, state sssemblymen interfere rape investigation?

On August 2nd, Fatihah Jamhari, a lawyer and women activist wrote in NST to raise concern on the late progress of rape investigation involving a DAP state assemblyman and Perak exco member, Paul Yong.

Fatihah was not happy with the police attitude. MCA Woman Chief, Dato Heng Seai Kie was called in for investigation for making allegation forensic report was missing.

She is not totally wrong as no forensic report was attached in the first IP to AGC. It was only available one month after the incident.

Hannah Yeoh was vocal too albeit only on August 19th, but left untouched by police. Nga Kor Meng retaliated by revealing her grandfather was a communist.

Fatihah raised a long list of concerns and one worthy of highlighting is: Is he given special privileges because of his status as an assemblyman and a state exco member?

If not for public pressure, this case may have been buried and no prosecution.

Had it not for intervention by His Highness Sultan Nazrin to postphone swearing in exco member, there are reasons to suspect the Perak MB, several state assemblymen and AG Office tried to cover-up.

It was only after his Highness decision that Dato Faizal Azumu immediately said to leave it to police.

DAP cover-up

Knowing the character of Peja, nic-name for Faizal, political and self interest is above all other considerations.

He would have slow talk and persuade police to not investigate and seek to cover-up the case.

Pursuing it would have put himself and PPBM in a precarious position with DAP. At the moment, PPBM is not in a position of power to resist it.

DAP will try any possible ways to save Paul Yong and DAP the embarassment. It is politics above all other cconsiderations too. Without any legitimate proof, it is easier for DAP to deny guilt and bury the issue later.

After the incident, the maid ran off and a passerby helped to bring her to police to make the report. Datok Ngeh Koo Ham claim that the person helping the maid was paid RM100,000.

It is creating of doubt using fictitous conspiracy.

Police had called in Ngeh, PKR assemblyman for Hulu Kinta, Muhammad Arafat and a third person for investigation following police report by the passerby.

Ngeh could claim he has proof.

It leads to the suspicion that the three may have "abducted and interrogated" the passerby till he succumbed to admit.

Failing which, they will nitpick to find fault from a video recording of the interrogation to be so-called evidence to deviate the court

If they got no evidence, it means there was no slip up at all. When asked for comment, cousin Nga Kor Meng gave none. No slip up?

The same story line was heard before when police was accused for closing the case and maid paid off to be send back to Indonesia. A similar rumour of prosper thy maid by a senior politician many years ago.

The level DAP is willing to cover-up their fellow politician went to the extent of RBA playing a mind game to claim Paul Yong is impotent and innocent.

No such report exist in Not ruling out it is a cyber prank. Why then is his semen found in the maid's vagina?

Other suggested spin and propaganda for DAP to cover a rapist.

Lim Guan Eng told media on July 11 that he is waiting for report from state DAP after police invetigation is completed before further action. It is completed and Paul Yong is charged. Are these what DAP decided to do?

More on DAP and PH inconsistencies here.  .

Peja's dilemma 

Till today, Paul Yong had not sworn in thus Faizal should not be persuading him to go on leave and allow him to continue as exco member in a business as usual fashion.

Is he so afraid of DAP that he dare not be responsible to apply his power and honour his earlier word to put him on gardening leave in July?

The answer would be yes. As MCA Youth said, MB should have advised the Sultan to sack Paul Yong.

MB office issued a statement on Thursday to advise him to go on leave on the day police issued a statement that Paul Yong would be charged on Friday, in which he replied after being charged in court with a refusal.

Paul Yong made a scene to accused police of not acting professionally. He claim he had cooperated and abide by police instruction thus police should not charge him. It is obvious he and DAP propaganda team trying to paint a picture of false innocence.

The forensic finding which include virginal tear support the proof there was rape on July 7 at his home. Police report was made on July 8 and investigation was immediately undertaken.

According to police, they have covered all angle and the maid have been taken away immediately to a safe house.

Paul Yong is being charged under Penal Code 376. He is looking at imprisonment of 8 to 30 years. It explains why the wife is upset with him.

Her facial expression is indicative he is guilty as charged.

AG cover-up?

Had it not for public outcry and pressure together with diplomatic pressure from Indonesia, this case would not have seen daylight.

Police had acted fast to arrest Paul Yong immediately. However, the public uproar began the moment Paul was released on the same day on police bail.

The Malaysian Bar website clearly mentioned here that " .... non-bailable offences are rape ...". Why are the usually noisy Bar Council members silence?

The memory of IGP, Datok Hamid Bador words not to leave any stone unturn on the Sandakan semburtit video remained fresh in the public mind. It ended with Hamid saying the video is true but Cyber Security could not identify the face.

It reminded of an old man requesting few friends to stop attacking a politician for alleged wrongdoing on merely the basis of  "dia kata dia tak buat" (he said he did not do).

UMNO Youth, Dato Dr Asyraff Wajidi questioned the apparent delay by AG Tommy Thomas from prosecuting Paul Yong.

According to Malaysiakini report, Asyraf said police submitted IP to Tommy on JUuy 23rd, but the case has yet to go to court. When the incident happened, he should have been brought to court on July 7 itself.

He compared it with another incident of rape where the accused was taken to court within 8 day after 7 days remand.

Police also revealed AGC returned the IP three times!

If that is not enough, Paul Yong is allowed bail by the court for a mere RM15,000.

Is AG up to something?

Well, damn well they could.

Why is the charge made against Yew Wei Liang for the death of Syed Muhammad Danial Syed Syakir in the recent accident brawl done based on Penal Code 302?

That is for premeditated murder. The case clearly has no intention to murder and the death was incidental in the heat of the moment. The proof will not lead to a conviction under 302.

Is AGC trying to give the accused an easy acquital?

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