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Wind blowing against Zuraidah

Zahida responded, explained and suing
Life is a cycle, they say. What goes around comes around.

It wasn't too long that this blogger told someone related Zahida Rafik to keep within the realm of politics. Keep our peculiar behaviour private within closed sphere.

When it crossed outside it's territory, the outcome gets unpredictable. At the extreme, reactions can be beyond lost reputation and smeared name. It could turn into lawsuits, subject to police investigation, physical abuse and other least expected retaliations.

Our prayers are with him to get out unscathed. His spontaneous action may seemed clumsy but he had avenged injustice and misery done to my late "brother." The late family would thanked him for that.

However, he can't be solely to blame. Sometimes politicians have problem understanding this boundary concept  themselves. There are politicians that do not publicly refute allegation or criticism but resort to taking it outside the realm of politics, like the court.

Are their self worth only RM300,000 ...
In the case of Minister Dato Dr Rais Yatim, he had the media and propaganda machinery at his disposal. He could deny allegations without having to sue opposition blogger Sharpshooter.

While in another case, he flexed his ministerial muscle to lodge a police report and instruct MCMC investigation without making proper report against a pro-Government blogger.

Are their self worth only RM300,000 or in other cases only RM500,00?

Or it is their personal vindictive intention to financially incapacitate a person? Even how despicable a person maybe, they and their family need to eat and should not suffer from mere politickings.

In the allegation made against Zahida, YB Zuraidah Kamaruddin have finally met her mantle. Buku dah bertemu ruas.

Caveat emptor.

Voters beware. They have been warned of Zuraidah.

Zuraidah's intention was to smear ...
Zuraidah's intention was to smear Dato Shafie Apdal with creative allegations of money that had crossed the realm of politics into the private life of actress cum model Zahida Rafik.

Like Saifuddin Nasution used to, now Rafizi Ramli, Tian Chua, and few others, Zuraidah is designated smear-er of other politicians. While, the lawyers in PKR are assignend to spin any legally feasible allegations against anyone or any issue relating to Pakatan.  

YB cast aspersions that Zahida is an "expensive" cheap woman. She claimed Zahida had rendevous with Shafie in hotels based on an unconfirmed allegations by Zahida's former driver.

Zuraidah sensationalised claims made by the driver that seemed to divulge all these sordid details to deviate attention from the allegation that he stole RM200,000 from Zahida.It means Zuraidah believed the words of a suspected thief!

Zahida responded, explained and suing. The following is taken from Kemunting Central blog:
Assalamualaikum Warrahmatulallhi Wabarakatuh.

Pada Rabu 18hb April 2012, Ahli Parlimen Ampang, Zuraida Kamaruddin telah mendedahkan satu dakwaan bahawa seorang menteri telah memberi wang sebanyak RM 1.4 Juta kepada saya selama 4 bulan (Oktober, November, Disember dan Januari). Ia adalah susulan daripada kes pemandu peribadi saya yang melarikan wang saya sebanyak RM 200 Ribu.

Untuk pengetahuan umum, saya melakukan perniagaan penjualaan kereta import bersama abang ipar saya serta perniagaan arang batu di Kalimantan, Indonesia bersama abang angkat saya. Semua penyata akaun serta wang yang dimaksudkan oleh Ahli Parlimen Ampang adalah benar tetapi ia adalah hasil titik peluh saya sendiri dalam perniagaan yang diceburi dan ianya tiada kaitan dengan seorang MENTERI yang dikaitkan oleh YB. Zuraida Kamaruddin kepada umum.

Saya mempunyai pelbagai rangkaian perniagaan yang diceburi setelah tidak lagi aktif dalam bidang lakonan kerana bagi saya perniagaan sendiri lebih menguntungkan untuk hidup yang lebih sempurna. Ini adalah satu tanggapan yang serong terhadap saya dan keluarga kerana pertuduhan ini dapat menjejaskan karier perniagaan saya serta kehidupan seharian saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia.

Mengikut undang-undang Malaysia, akta BAFIA 1989, mana-mana individu, syarikat atau juga badan kerajaan mahupun bukan termasuklah institusi kewangan (bank), dilarang sama sekali untuk mendedahkan mana-mana akaun peribadi, syarikat atau mana-mana badan badan kerajaan mahupun bukan kerajaan kepada UMUM dan SEKIRANYA ini terjadi, maka si PELAKU boleh dikenakan tindakan mahkamah.

Mengikut akta tersebut juga, akaun kewangan seperti ini hanya boleh didedahkan dengan perintah HAKIM.
Maka dengan ini, saya mengambil keputusan untuk mendakwa Ahli Parlimen Ampang di mahkamah kerana mendedahkan akaun peribadi saya serta menfitnah saya berhubungan sulit dengan seorang MENTERI yang dikaitan bagi membersihkan nama baik saya serta keluarga saya.

Sekian, terima kasih.


Zahida Rafik
20hb April 2012
Looks like Zahida may have an explanation and most likely proof for her money and lifestyle. And Zahida is suing Zuraidah.

That is good.

As a Parliamentarian and holding public office, Zuraidah should be responsible for her actions. She is no two bit low Alexa-ranked blogger expressing themselves in their blog. She should learn to keep her politicking and political subject within the political boundaries.

Political players can take it better than those smeared innocent citizens. So what if she is an alleged whore. This also applies to the suspected thief that unless proven guilty, Malaysian law and court assume all person as innocent.

If this is Zuraidah's behaviour as an opposition, good save us should she turn to be in Government after the next general election. Masya Allah, what happened to this former Jemaah Islam Malaysia (JIM) activist supposed to propogate Islam. She can't be Islamic in her behaviour!

Some may think the answer is as obvious as blowing in the wind. It looks like a strong wind has gushed in Zuraidah's direction.
Zahida denied any affair with Dato Shafie Apdal.

... he has to be man enough ...
However, Shafie should not just keep quiet. Where is his chivalry to let a woman clear his name?

As a politician and a senior one, he has to be man enough to face the court of public opinion. Otherwise, he will be a ball of chain for BN to let him go.

It is most afdal for Shafie to call a press conference with the wife in tow like Anwar Ibrahim, Chua Soi Lek, Dr Badrul Amin, Bill Clinton, the Kennedys and other political luminaries.

Deny, or admit and regret/announce. Shafie has to be brave enough to end all this nonsense once and for all, if he wish to be the highest Sabahan to make it in national politics. It is hardly in the same magnitude of the Altantunya slander that Najib has to face. 

Ada lagi atau sudah dikerat isteri, bah!. 

His actions or in-actions in dealing with this incident will be evaluated for the election after this general election.


Anonymous said...

Really hope zahidah sue zuraidah..padan muka mak lampir

Anonymous said...

Ada abang angkat you.

Abang angkat sama you atau abang punya terangkat . . . Artis artis . . . Jagalag diri tu baik2

Anonymous said...

Looks like UMNO elections coming nearer and trying to get rid of competition for the top posts?

Stop being a hypocrite and write like an angel.


q0l0p said...

anon 1.20.
Pemimpin Anugerah Tuhan pun ada ramai angkat2 apa.. Adik angkat katanya, Tapi lebih molek disebut "Adik Tolak" kalu nak sebut "Adik Tonggeng" keterlaluan la pulak... ;)

Anonymous said...

satu lagi berita sensasi, bestnya. politik tikus-tikus dan pelakon2 yg tak pandai berlakun bersatu tenaga melempiaskan angan2 masing2.

habislah si shapiot kali ni, zuraidot dot dot plastik bawa ke mahkamah, terbarailah semua cerita2 dewasa mereka.

saksi @ informer si zuraidot dot dot akan menelanjangkan dia di dalam mahkamah. ingat lawyer2 pkr, handal dan canggih manggih semuanya. mampoilahlah...........

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