Monday, April 09, 2012

Mixed feeling inside

It is the time of the year for imposters to fall to the wayside and the true champion to surface. Year in year out, only Manchester United deserves to come out victorious to raise the English Premier League Cup.

Last night's 2-0 victory over Rashdan Yusof-sponsored Queens Park Ranger and a 0-1 Manchester City lost to Arsenal gave Man U an 8 point lead with 6 games to go.

That is as good as a done deal for Man U to but again take English Premier League Cup home to it's rightful place in Old Trafford.

The win against QPR could have been more, but thank God it is limited to 2 or Rashdan's statement, that it was a fair deal, will be another famous last word.

If not for the name Malaysia is on QPR, we would have cheered for a major drubbing to suppress the ego of Tony F. Newly relegated QPR has sealed a place to the relegation. Hahaha ... Tony F!

Man U's win comes with a mixed feeling for our friend.

Our friend of the Kuantan member-alumni waited 40 years finally see something victorious come out of Maine Road. It is almost like seeing the NY Mets and Chicago Cub wining any baseball pennant.

His whole conscious lifetime was about waiting for it to happen for Manchester City. Life is cruel buddy. The celebration for this season remains at Old Trafford and not at Maine Road. Maybe next year.

All along we've been teasing him to be with a winner. Join us, the perpetual winner!

He has his noble reasons to root for underdog. It is just like when we chose to root for Man U. It was not about being a glory seeker but also rooting for an underdog. The team had lost few players in that tragic 1958 Munich place crash.

The time Man U became our team of choice was in the 60s when then manager, Sir Matt Busby was rebuilding the team with exciting players like Dennis Law, Bobby Charlton and George Best.

It paid off instantly as Man U won the FA Cup in 1963, 1965, and 1967. In 1968, Man U won the European Cup by beating Benfica 4-1.

Despite those victorious years, the club had it's worst spell to be relegated to the Second Division in 1974. As true fan, we stayed loyal to the team. It paid off.

Man U bounced back the following year and won the FA in 1976.

Those days the glory of winning the FA Cup is more than the League Cup.

Man U began to dominate the Premier League under Sir Alex Ferguson. Since managing the club from 1986, this will be our 20th league title, Insya Allah.

Imagine the frustration and envy of one club after another that invited rich billionaires as shareholders to spend their stashed sterling pounds to buy players and think they can buy instant success.

No sireee ... watch my lips. Money cannot buy instant success. It's effort, dedication, and hardwork. Most important is to build a tradition, a winning tradition.

There must be culture of seriousness and that burning desire to want to win. Man U was 5 points leading and yet Ferdinand can still say, the title race is far from over.

Clubs like Chelsea, Manchester City, and Arsenal are dime a dozen, but it can never compare to the building of this successful generation of Manchester United team. The fortune of the club comes with building a successful team.

For those Manager that is trying to rebuild the suckered company that sponsored the QPR team, the same basis should apply.

Stick to fundamental. Work from the basic. Why was these set of checklist from late Chairman Tan Sri Azizan in 2001 and 2003 here ignored by Management?

It shows the arrogance of Danny and Amokh.

Another thing is apply common sense. Without one, don't claim to have one with verbal bullshiting.

Ask ourselves: If the company can generate RM18 billion sales, savings here, cleanup there, and plugging holes like an 18 sterling pound sponsorship, it is not impossible to generate and be consistently profitable.

Did anyone ever thought of the MAS owned office in Earl Court's from the perspective of advertising cost? How much would it cost to advertise on MAS building at Earl Court's in suburb of London in the royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea?

It could be a better more value per year than advertising on a soon to be relegated team and MAS will be seen on a premier league team anymore. Did anyone think about that when selling?

Are MAS management aware of the corporate objective of MAS here.

It's tiring to keep seeing "second division QPR managers" thinking of themselves as Premier Leaguers material.


drMpower said...

i used to urge my mates to don red shirt during football competition among the dorms back in those days in matjiwa. because i wanted to wear my man united 'replica from siam'.

my old man bought me the SHARP sponsored red shirt with the collar. and guess whos the cantona on field. haha.

the only reason Man United are who they are now is the club culture and amazing institutions. Nobody is bigger than the club, they make sure of that.

Anonymous said...

Tahun depan malaysia airlines akan advrrtise di liga div satu. Mana nak dpt coverage dunia? Bodoh punya danny

Pak Zawi said...

So the 18 million pound sterling is money down the drain? MAS could ill afford it.

Tok Mudim said...

Next season, Cardiff city will replace QPR in the premier league.

so, we still have Malaysia ads in the top league, for free.

Come on Cardiff, you can beat Man u.

btw, danny boy , you should use QPR jersey as MAS uniform. more publicity.

The Man said...

Article full of factual errors.
QPR currently 17th. Outside the relegation zone but only just. Nothing has been sealed.

My conclusion
(a) A lot of factual errors whether it is basic understanding of relegation rules for EPL or how to run an airline

(b) MAS investment of 18million pounds as QPR shirt sponsor is a good deal. Enables wide media coverage, identification of brand. Co brand with Air Asia on referee shirt maximizes awareness of 'Malaysia' and 'flying'

(c) WAU managed to turn MAS to cash rich company having RM 5.5 billion in cash. Give managers a chance to do same magic. MAS Union still believing in no performance pay, not acceptable in today's world

Thank You

Saat said...

Tony was inspire by Branson of Virgin Air.Bronson take the lesson from Fredde Lacker,The famour Guy who started Air Lacker and bankrup?Tony want to Follow Lacker Air with slight modification and started Air Asia X base on that model.His Friend Connor from Plane Consult told him his Air Asia X wont work.He told him i want to give a second trial.

Now he got stuck will Air Asia X and he had to terminate a lot of route including London and Paris.He know he cannot make money if they fly more thab six hours route.He need MAS badly to rescue him and our dunggu executive at Khazanah take the bite.

He is in Fomula one,he is in Football and he is in basketball.I hink next year if the oil price remain at this level he will lose his balls.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You are one of the Man U fans that I can respect!!!

Blue Moon .. you saw me standing alone there,
Without a dream in my heart,
Without a love of my own ..

I will wait for another 40 years!!!

Jasper Bloodstone said...
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A Voice said...


You should be defending Rashdan Yusof decision to sponsor QPR. They claim to uphold meritocrasy.

People like us and unions know the real meritocrasy beause we understand well the issues.

People like you, and your pro Singapore and admirer counterpart in MAS are only providing lip service of meritocrasy.

You know nuts!

Anonymous said...


you mean upgrading baby and nanny is an act of meritocracy?

well, if mas practises that, danny upgrader would have found himself out of a job by now.

care to enlighten us?

Jasper Bloodstone said...
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Jasper Bloodstone said...
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Anonymous said...

shouting that the barbarians are at the gates is not enlightenment, i'm afraid.

that is FACT. that is the very fabric of the airline industry. (or did u just find that out, japser ?)

the enlightenment needed is why the failed architects of the previous scheme are still at it !

"It's all about the quality of management, the acknowledgment of competition and the refusal to resort to excuses for poor performance"

And you mean the upgrader is all that?

check your facts. he is certainly NOT !

Jasper Bloodstone said...
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