Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TSUNAMI ALERT: Stay off beaches [up-dated]

Sorry for this very late up-date.

We at dozed off in front of the telly at around 9:00 to only awake around 2:30 AM. By then we are too lazy to up-date.

Anyway all is safe, Alhamdulillah. God is great. Blessed is our land called Malaysia!

Below messages were received at around 9:50 PM:

11/4 Aceh quake: Indonesia lifts tsunami warning; Pacific Tsunami Warning Center also cancels its Indian Ocean-wide tsunami alert/STAR

11/4 Aceh quake: PTWC lifts Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore off its tsunami watch list; alert remains for Indonesia, India, S. Lanka and Maldives/STAR


up-date: 8:09 pm


Expected Tsunami for MALAYSIA

GEORGETOWN 5.4N 100.1E 1311Z 11 APR - Local time 8:10 PM
PORT_DICKSON 2.5N 101.7E 1810Z 11 APR - Local time 1:10 AM


up-date: 7:40 pm


Gegaran kedua dirasai sebentar tadi di beberapa negeri di Pantai Barat, Semenanjung Malaysia susulan gempa bumi 8.9 magnitud di Bandar Aceh.


update: 7:37 pm

Rela manning the beach not allowing anyone to get to the water in Bagan Lalang.

Sources(via Blackberry)


update: 7:25 pm


Phuket hit by tsunami, second tremor felt in Kedah Penang, estimate 6M wave to reach shore of PEN LGK 2100, PD at 0200 tonight.

Tell family and frens.

Red alert


update 7:18 PM


Initial tsunami wave prediction arrival times:
1. Georgetown - 09:11pm 11th April 2012 MY Time
2. Port Dickson - 02:10am 12th April 2012 MY Time
3. Singapore - 07:51am 12th April 2012 MY Time

28 buah Negara terlibat dalam amaran Tsunami termasuk *MY* Jauhkan diri dari Pantai.


The Maritime Enforcement Agency has issued a Tsunami alert. Stay off beaches. PD and Georgetown expected hit.

Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia


Amaran Tsunami untuk lautan Hindi. Lokasi pertama tsunami akan tiba: Banda Aceh (beberapa minit lagi)

Lokasi lain seperti di Myanmar, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka juga akan dilanggar dalam beberapa jam lagi. - CNN

Ombak tsunami dijangka tiba di Georgetown pada 9:11 PM dan Port Dickson pada 2:10 AM.


For latest info on the Tsunami Alert, read it here:

Share this messages with all.

Will update as new information comes in.


matteo said...

run guan eng run!!!!

Anonymous said...

DAPig and his gang will said that this is the job of UMNO.. I hope it will hit Penang a bid... why not...

Anonymous said...

Ini konspirasy umno

Anonymous said...

Saya setuju Anon 05:33. Ini tak lain angkara UMNO. Dah tak ada lain modal pilihanraya lah ni.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your update. Human lives (lots, lots of them) may be lost if tsunami strikes. It is to much to accuse anyone or any party or to assume that someone else would blame others. This is too much to stomach. No man can take credit for acts of nature. Just pray for the affected.

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