Thursday, August 08, 2013

Empire strikes back from Singapore [up-dated]

Something really strange about Pak Lah's book cover.

It does not mention the author's name but only the editors; pro-Anwar Ibrahim American lecturer-writer, Bridget Welsh and James UH Chin. Already mentioned in earlier posting here that it is published by SUARAM's publisher, Strategic Information and Research Development Centre (SIRD), Kuala Lumpur.

One would wonder whether this is an opposition dirty trick to publish a book claimed as Pak Lah's but not highlighting Pak Lah as author.  Moreover, Sundaily reported Nurul Izzah will launch the book in Singapore on August 30th.

It only confirms the involvement of the former Singapore's intel chief in government of the previous administration, Dato Kalimullah Hasan. But Pak Lah?

The report in The Sun, which is still in the network of left-leaning mainstream media, below:
Nurul Izzah to launch Pak Lah’s book in Singapore
Posted on 7 August 2013 - 10:02pm
Last updated on 8 August 2013 - 12:48pm
Dorothy Cheng

PETALING JAYA (Aug 7, 2013): Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar will launch former prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's book "Awakening, the Abdullah Badawi years in Malaysia" in Singapore later this month.

She said she has accepted an invitation to launch the book on Aug 30.

"I believe the Malaysian launch will be presided over by Abdullah himself and (former deputy prime minister) Tun Musa Hitam," she told theSun.

In Abdullah's tell-all book, which will contain more than 35 essays, he defends his tenure as prime minister and accusations that he slept on the job by revealing that he had been suffering from sleep apnea.

During that time, photos were circulated ridiculing him, and even his predecessor Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had criticised him.

However, in an excerpt from the book, Abdullah claimed Mahathir had known about his condition all along.

"I did tell Mahathir of my condition so for him to say I doze off because I am not interested in the job is most unkind.

"He knew the problem and yet he chose to say all these things," he said.

He has since undergone surgery and no longer suffers from the condition.

Abdullah, 73, was prime minister from 2003 to 2009. He resigned from his post as Umno president and as prime minister after the BN's lacklustre performance in the 2008 election.
Is it true that Pak Lah will preside over the Malaysian launching? And Musa will attend?

This is compulsive liar's daughter speaking. It could means the Pak Lah/Musa Empire is striking back. 

But then again, it could be former Deputies to Dr Mahathir, minus the late Tun Ghaffar, forming a coalition to get even. Abdullah and Musa looks to be sleeping with the left. Anwar already a left wing liberal, sexually and asexually, and dumped off his Islamic fundamentalist beginning.

If one consider Ghaffar's son, Tamrin Ghaffar is now with PAS, all of Mahathir's "Deputies" are in  opposition. Will more of Dr Mahathir's adversaries coalate with the liberal side?

Maybe it is just not about Dr Mahathr but also Dato Najib. Dr Mahathir expressed his disappointment with Najib and there are issues that he need to address.

But, he still believe Najib should stay unopposed as UMNO President. The basis is to keep the party united.

Will it affect Dato Najib and the existing ruling team from UMNO?

The political development after Hari Raya and facing up to UMNO's part election looks promisingly to be exciting.

Update: 11:20 PM

Indeed, it will be more exciting after Hari Raya. It could create the buzz for the Hari Raya political open house circuit and will leaves behind a perception that carries through till the UMNO party election in December.

It is made more exciting with Malaysiakini keeping up the suspense.

Dr Mahathr is assessing the situation because suddenly sickly Lee Kuan Yew is coming out to help squash his dissatisfaction with the current inclusive policy that tend to exclude Bumiputera. It seems he is also in support of Abdullah. Read Malaysiakini here.

It is not Dr Mahathir to run from a brickbat with Lee Kuan Yew. Read Malaysiakini here.

In the meanwhile, neo-liberal Khairy may like to pretend the cat got his tongue. He likes to  give the impression that he has no opinion and knowledge of Pak Lah's action.

Malaysiakini here highlighted he was not influencing Pak Lah. That denial had been heard before. Tell us more please ...

If Khairy he has no opinion and agrees with the view of blogger Flying Kick here that it could be an attempt to "kill him off.", he should immediately deny. But, no he did not.

It was written somewhere that Pak Lah requested the book not be released before the general election.

Blogger Dr Novandri here agrees with the actions of Dr Mahathir and Dato Najib to not jump.

In the meanwhile, Malaysiakini here is trying to spin Najib's words as being pro-Abdullah. It is as though Najib agrees with them on the difficulty of reforming UMNO. They have been highlighting one negative point over another of Dr Mahathir.

As far as the difficulty of reforming UMNO, Dr Mahathir also felt he had failed by indirectly saying he failed to change the mindset of the Malays.

For now, Najib needs to maintain the trust of the Malay voters and Abdullah's book and various remarks are making it difficult.He knows that he cannot quite trust the Chinese voters although he tries to offer olive branches. 

Something sinister is being orchestrated but let's enjoy Hari Raya first.

Edited: 9/8/13 3:15 PM


drMpower said...

it is silly to argue that the word 'doze off' is mostly referred to the physically dozing off a.k.a tidor

one may has his eyes open wide but still be regarded as dozing off at work or in kedah we say TIDOQ MASA KERJA

so he is trying to defend the indefensible. he may again be reminded by everyone about his woeful and flip flop decisions, all resulted by him TIDOQ MASA KERJA

Anonymous said...

It is not written by Pak Lah but commentaries of 35 different authors. Pak Lah himself was kind that he requested not to launch the book before the general election.

Anonymous said...

This is the coming of new era or new age of Melayus off loading their tradition of bersopan santun (politeness) , berlebih kurang (give and take), bertolak ansur (accomodating) dan cakap beralas (conveying your thoughts indirectly). If I am not mistaken the late Tun Dr Ismail did advocate for the Melayus to be a bit more "kurang ajar" .
It is quite intriguing enough to observe such a departure of a traditional Melayu where before, there were more Hang Tuahs but too few Hang Jebats.
So how would the non Melayus handle these new Melayus?

Painkiller judas priest said...

As long as kj is in the picture, this brown ape trying to be a white monkey will cause havoc.

God knows what deal was struck to put this imbecile as minister.

The inner circle vying for power are forgetting. Good deeds last a lasting impression. What more deeds like Tun M's which are also mostly physical in nature.

Building up badawi has no effect. He was not only a mule, but a stupid lamb that hae been sacrificed. He is no jesus and there wont be any second coming.

So congratulation jibby, this is all your fault.

Anonymous said...

The book ahould be retitled as Awakening - pak kaduk years as PM.

Mimi said...

Please stop spinning un-truths. The book is not written by Pak Lah. Its a compilation of articles on his tenure as PM. And it is equally critical of him, his SIL etc. Maybe you should read the book 1st before commenting on it. If anyone is to blame for Pak Lah's disastrous premiership it should be the man and/or party who made him PM. Nak put up a successor as a department head in an office pun we groom the person, learn their strengths an weaknesses, and do a full appraisal of the candidate first. Tak kan nak promote someone to PM the process is any less robust? And if Pak Lah hoodwinked Tun, well that then speaks volumes of Tun.

Anonymous said...

@Mimi, very good observation and points.

Anonymous said...


are you high on weed or something? you must be on KJ payroll to defend his FIL coz its obvious the only ones left to think highly of Badawi are his moronic SIL and his machai's. so continue your wet dreams in slumberland ok....

kluangman said...

'Sebuah buku' inipun dah 'kecoh' mcm tuannya'.... elok pahlah mandi bunga buang ****

drMpower said...

Dont come repeat about this isnt paklah penned book. Of course we all know he cant pen anything properly - slumberjack had problem staying awake in the first place

And about Tun being hoodwinked. Iy is very obvious u dont know anything - Tun himself numerously told every single person he was hoodwinked and apologise for putting not one but TWO wrong guys at the wrong places. That shows a measure of a statesman

So if double tracking was going to bankrupt us then explain the additional cost 2 billion plus when hr signed to revive the project. U cant. No one can.

The fact that matters is he failed as a premier. He was given a fat chance.and all he did was cancel everything he shouldnt. Managing a nation is clearly beyond him.

Thats isnt rocket science. But him trying to put things straight/get even? why trying to defend the indefensible?

And ah whoever wrote the book isnt important. What every tom dick and harry can tell us, for u to write something about someone u gotta ask the persons permission. Unless he agrees then no one can write anything

So did they get his permission while he was dozing off?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:15pm
Respek lu la bro boleh bagi komen 'membina' even sebelum baca buku Pak Lah tu...

Lebih kurang macam sebelum GE13 BN predicted ... "No problem, BN akan menang 2/3 or even better..."

Ha ha... Lawok

Mimi said...

Anon 3:15pm. Fyi I am an apoitical tax paying Malaysian. Didn't I refer to Pak Lah's premiership as 'disastrous' in the third line? Come on la, fair is fair as much as just is just. And everyone with an opinion does not need to be in so and so's camp or crony. The world is much bigger than that and we need to break-out of such narrow minded-ness and take our national conversation to a higher and more mature level.

Anonymous said...

relak la mimi. pak lah yang kau kagumi tuh memang kaki tidor dan non performer. jangan lah marah pulak pasal being KJ lackey. if you are not one perhaps his secret admirer, no? whatever it is, KJ and his FIL is the reason we are in this predicament. kapish!

Anonymous said...

Ala.. Tiap kali sentap jer mesti keluar kenyataan 'I am tax paying Malaysian'.. Tipikal cina la hang ni!!

Hang ingat kaum hang saja yg bayaq cukai habis kami Melayu tak bayaq la.. Podah!!

Kekurangan paklah tidak patut diletak kesalahan kepada manusia/parti yg letak beliau dipersada tertinggi Malaysia, sepatutnya sebagai manusia yg tahu bersyukur sekurang2nya laksanakan apa yg telah dirangka pemimpin terdahulu kemudian baharu lah bina legasi sendiri!! Ini paklah tidak sabar malah membelakangi pemimpin terdahulu dan meletak anasir luar ke hadapan.. Tidak keterlaluan aku cakap semasa paklah menjadi PM kapal besar Malaysia seolah2 belayar tanpa nakhoda dan kapal yg besar itu makin hari makin mengecil!! Sedikit demi sedikit bahagiannya dijarah, disiat!!

Aku tak akan lupa perilaku paklah dan sikap 'lackadaisical' beliau..

Anonymous said...

I agreed with mimi. Pak lah is mahathir biggest failure and biggest greed. It took him more thAn 22 years to leave a half past six pm and kitchen cabinet. Raja chuni.

Anonymous said...

Please act smart and be fair like Tun M. You have not read the book yet you spew hateful words here to Pak Lah. You must thank him that the book was not lunched during the runup of the general election. Otherwise BN would fare worse than it is now. Pak Lah is not like Mahathir who has destroyed Malaysia and BN with his stinging attacks. Now he and his minions like you all here are aiming stinking guns at Najib. You comment something like you dont know like the TPP. You should be ashamed of youself that you destroy UMNO and BN.

Anonymous said...


Apolitical? yeah right! who are you kidding?once you make comments belittling others be prepared to get the same. dont talk about being open minded cos you are sure not!!

Anonymous said...

SHORTLY....BODOHWI WAS A DARN STUPID PREMIER EVER....Macam dalam filem P Ramlee kata "Kecik2 tak nak mampos dah besar nyusahkan orang"

Anonymous said...

badawi should have maintained his stupid silence until days end. once he opened his mouth and wake up from his slumberland, bad things happened. The Kali guy and obnoxious SIL is still scheming behind Badawi. They are planning to turn UMNO upside down. Be aware UMNO members, laknat laknat ni tak akan berdiam diri sehingga mereka di nyahkan darai UMNO! KJ adalah Anwar II. nyahkan Budak Hingus KJ dari UMNO!!!!

Anonymous said...

tak payah mandi buang bunga pun si dollah nih. bior aje dia terlena dalam dakapan Jin. kiter tengok cam mana menantu dia nak hidup dalam UMNO. silap silap haribulan jadi siamang dalam UMNO menantu dia nih!!

Anonymous said...

buku tuh bukan masaalah nya tapi si Dol suka tidok nih yang nak memandai bagi ulasan politik. memang Dol tak pandai....siapa nak pertikai kan nya. elok dia dok kat rumah tidor je lai bagus. Bekas PM yg Dol marah sangat tak payah ulas pun sebab nak ulas pandangan Dol buang masa je...

Anonymous said...

siapa makan cili dia lah terasa pedas nya kan?

Mimi said...

Ha ha ha, komen saudara saudari....macam cerita jenaka pun ada, rasa kesian pun ada, rasa simpati pun ada....tak mengapa la. Jom baca dulu buku tu, then masing masing buat kesimpulan sendiri.

Anonymous said...

You can see the level of so called intellect of Mahathir's supporters here.
Calling people names, immature and all the bad things. No wonder you all lost the perception war.

Anonymous said...

Salam bros & sistas,
Eid mubarak...partake of the discourse but lets be respectful and bil hikmah pls? Afterall we are talking history, albeit important history, whereas we shud be looking to the future, no?

Anonymous said...

After 2003, our beloved Malaysia lost territories, money, assets etc in peacetime than if we had embarked on a War as follows ;
1. The UN Saddam Hussein Sanction re-arrangement.
2. The sale and repurchase of TNB shares etc with the Government dealing in business for the first time.
3. Pulau Batu Putih became something else in 2008.
4. In 2008, we lost Pulau Batu Putih but we bought the hot chestnut Indonesia International Bank from Temasek and Kookmin at a fancy price. Maybank now is alleged to lose billions of ringgits on this deal.
5. 2 oil exploration blocks were re-arranged.
6. GLCs expanded to make money by the Government which job should not be to make money but to rule over us.
7. The 25 miles of steel rails into Singapore rightfully belongs to KTM.
8. Miscellaneous. What we do not know, we do not know.

Anonymous said...

Dah bertahun-tahun dia kena belasah, takkan dia tak boleh jawab. Kan kita ni negara demokrasi?

Anonymous said...

The book was written to reduce the chances of Mukriz winning any post for the coming PAU.

The idea was to write off Mahathir and his idea which will be continued by Mukhriz.

Remember that Mahathir is against spore while Kj & his boys thru Pak Lah is the opposite.

And mukhriz is kj biggest obstacle in the last and future PAU.

Anonymous said...

The latest book by Lee Kuan Yew destroys whatever arguments Bridget Welsh has put forth for her post-apnea client and questions the credibility of this author also.

Anonymous said...

There is a saying,' If the cap fits, wear it !' A hero looks like a hero, a fool looks like a fool.

Anonymous said...

Mimi, we should leave the Melayus to fight amongst themselves la.

They get insulted when we try to interfere with THEIR country's affairs.

Kan kami pendatang? Ada hak to comment ke?

Anonymous said...

walaupun kamu cuba nak sindir tapi kalau dah paham hakikat dudok diam ajelah!

Anonymous said...

@ 8:41PM

Why should I? Exactly what are you going to do about it?

Run Amok? Please la. Want to be insulted again?

You are the one should be shutting the %$#@ up. Sheez.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:41PM

Why should I? Exactly what are you going to do about it?

Hakikat? I was being sacarstic and you think it's real?

You see, that's why we think you are dumb!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:48 AM,

Its amazing the Mahathiristas will go into a tizzy and flip out when the shadow of Pak Lah rears itself.

Never saw a bunch of people with more unwarranted self importance before. They have the cheek to proclaim that Tun M's refusal to give blessing to Pak Lah caused BN's loss of its supermajority in 2008. But in the recent PRU, Najib had Tun M's blessing, yet did worse than Pak Lah.

Never mind, just tai-chi the blame to Najib and the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

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