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Pak Lah's "tiada maaf" raya revenge

Two days before Hari Raya, Malaysiakini published a report at 5:00 PM [read here] about Pak Lah's sleep apnea condition. Why raise that issue now?

If he had a CPAP condition, he should have immediately got himself a CPAP machine to solve his daytime drowsy condition. But instead, he got himself a used Serani cipap.

He does not need to wait till 2013 to tell everyone. The boys at MyKMU had been talking about 7-8 years ago. This blogger truly can relate to CPAP problem. It has to be more than that.

By night, the real reason begin to surface - Malaysiakini 9:00 PM and Malay Mail Online at 9:17 PM (read in Bigdog's blog here) - in that Pak Lah had written a book, Awakening, the Abdullah years in Malaysia.

The instant impression is Pak Lah is working with the opposition and trying to help his men to win the UMNO party election. Looks like the Empire strikes back. Pak Lah is known to be quiet but he i widely known to be vengeful.

He takes the right time for Hari Raya to tell the world he wants to get even. So it looks like tiada maaf bagi mu, Mahathir.

Tun Dr Mahathir writes but Pak Lah? He falls asleep while reading, how could he write one? Be serious!

As reported, it seems he had written the 620 pages book with editing assistance from Singapore-based pro-opposition Bridget Welsh and James UH Chin. It is published by Strategic Information dan Research Development Centre (SIRD), Kuala Lumpur - NED funded publisher for SUARAM.

Our intel said the book was written by Dato Kalimullah "Masya Allah..." in consultation with Khairy Jamaluddin. More over, the "group" was trying to approach a Sabah-based portal to pay for publishing their articles.

So far, the two reports merely rewind Pak Lah's old excuse as spinned and churned by Kalimullah during those tumultous years. Kalimullah's boys at The Malaysian Insider's have moved to Dato Siew Ka Wei's Redberry Group owned Malay Mail Online. The newspaper is up for sale, we heard.

Bigdog has taken his first bite at the book here. He calls it an irony as he takes us back to the whole history of Pak Lah's pathetic administration which Dato Najib is still burdened to resolve it. Read also the commentaries.

Pak Lah still wants to justify that the country will go bankrupt if he had carried out the then RM12.4 billion but now mentioned as RM14.5 billion Double Tracking project. This project and the Crooked Bridge has highly strategic value and enemies backing our opposition would back anyone railroading it.

Is it really because it will put the country into bankruptsy?

Tun Dr Mahathir has long explained that he knows the country could afford it. He left office after solving the financial crisis and he knows the country can afford this necessary project. It never was about cronyism or nepotism or corruption but building the country's future.

The reason the project was shelved was self-interest on Pak Lah's part. His interest is always about his family.
There was an opposition supporting blogger-accountant, Kong Hui Chong, who wrote an article entitled "The Truth Behind the Northern Double Track Project."

Off course, he will tailor the story as two leaders fighting over the bounty of power but it has some interesting revelation on Pak Lah. We reproduce the excerpts below:
Mahathir Mohamad awarded the Double Tracking Project to MMC-Gamuda on 21st October 2003, just nine days before he stepped down as Prime Minister. On 1st November 2003, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, fondly known as Pak Lah, took over as Prime Minister. The first thing that Pak Lah did when he took over as Prime Minister was to cancel Mahathir’s pet projects. The Crooked Bridge to Singapore was one and the Double Tracking Project was the other, which Pak Lah shelved the following month in December 2003.

Syed Mokhtar
Mahathir was furious. He had spent more than a year from mid-2002 to late 2003 discussing with Pak Lah as to what he can and cannot do once he took over as Prime Minister. Whether Pak Lah just forgot or whether he did a dirty on Dr Mahathir is not too clear. But the long and short of it, Pak Lah did everything he promised he would not do. And cancelling Mahathir’s pet projects was clearly one of the do-not-does. Actually, Pak Lah had a great dislike for Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary who had shunned him when he was the Deputy Prime Minister. Hence, within just a month of taking over as Prime Minister, Pak Lah did the unthinkable. He cancelled the Double Tracking Project, the Crooked Bridge Project, and all those other projects that Mahathir had given to his cronies. Did anyone not bother to tell Pak Lah that one just does not slaughter sacred cows, in particular Mahathir’s sacred cows?

Pak Lah explained that the government’s ‘poor finances’ did not permit such grandiose projects -- hence the need to cancel them. This caused Mahathir to flip. It gave the impression that Mahathir’s mismanagement has bled the country’s finances dry -- hence there is no more money. It also gave the impression that Mahathir’s projects are a total waste of money -- hence the need to cancel them. In short, Mahathir is a bungling idiot.

Syed Mokhtar tried but could not get Pak Lah to agree to revive the Double Tracking Project. By 2006, Syed Mokhtar tried the to work through the back door.
Lin Yung Ling
Syed Mokhtar asked the CEO of Gamuda, Lin Yun Ling, to approach Seow Lun Hoo (former President and CEO of Hong Leong Credit) to mastermind the penetration of Pak Lah’s inner circle.
That was how Seow first involved Khairy Jamaludin, Pak Lah’s son-in-law, and later Shah Hakim, the close associate of Kamaluddin, Pak Lah’s son.

And by a wave of the magical wand of Shah Hakim and Kamaluddin Badawi, the project began to be revived.

All these facts have now been revealed in court when Seow and Shah Hakim admitted that they “provided technical expertise and networking capabilities to help revive the once-shelved RM12.4 billion double-tracking railway project …. It was through our efforts that the project was revived.”

The ‘networking capabilities’ and revival efforts included opening doors for Lin to present the revival ideas to then Minister-in-Charge of the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Effendi Norwawi.

Effendi initially told Lin that given Pak Lah’s grim description of the country’s finances it would be difficult for the government to be seen as reviving it from government funding. Effendi, the (so-called) Sarawak financial wizard, then created this fanciful term for Lin to use when presenting the proposal to the government as a way in getting the project revived -- Private Finance Initiatives (PFI).

The idea was: the private sector can include all their additional financial costs and risks into the PFI proposal to make the project costs higher. Effendi also advised that after approval has been obtained, the PFI project could then revert to a design-and-build project fully shouldered by the government.

And that was exactly how MMC-Gamuda cheated the Malaysian public into believing that the PFI projects were fully funded by the private sector whereas in the end the taxpayers would be footing the bill.

Effendi and Tiara
For his wonderful advice and support, Effendi also asked Lin to sponsor his new wife’s hobby in extravagant stage productions. That explained how Effendi’s wife, Tiara Jacqueline, could have the finances to mount the most glamorous and expensive Malay stage play to date -- Puteri Gunung Ledang. Lin and Syed Mokhtar were also made to sponsor Pak Lah’s wife’s pet project in the Pride Foundation and Endon Award for Performing Arts Excellence scholarship fund.

You see, Pak Lah, his family, and his friends in the cabinet, wanted to teach Syed Mokhtar and his sidekick, Lin, a good lesson for shunning them during Mahathir’s time. So they were going to make MMC-Gamuda pay for every single one of their whimsical pleasures.

The story goes on ...
Shah Hakim Zain
Shah Hakim had a deep distrust for Syed Mokhtar. So he had convinced Effendi that the project should be divided into two parts – the Infrastructure Works to be awarded directly to MGJV for RM10 billion and the Systems Work for RM2.38 billion which will be given to a contractor of the government’s choice. The Systems Work was supposed to be sub-contracted by MGJV to NR Sistem.

When Syed Mokhtar realised that the 30% margin that the Shah Hakim group was going to make from the RM2.38 billion System Work contract amounted to RM600 million, Syed Mokhtar got upset. He complained to Mahathir about how Pak Lah had cancelled the project and forced him to use the services of Shah Hakim who will now make RM600 million ‘atas angin’. Mahathir advised Syed Mokhtar to stall signing any contract with NR Sistem for the Systems Work.

According to the spinned story, Dr Mahathir begin to attack Pak Lah viciously and mocked him about being Mr Clean. ... Of course, the issue was more than that. In the ...
.... mean time, Syed Mokhtar directed Lin to force Seow and Shah Hakim to accept a reduced profit margin RM360 million instead of RM600 million.

Khairy, Kamaluddin and Pak Lah (left to right)
This infuriated Shah Hakim and Kamaluddin because they thought they had already agreed to the 30% margin, which was equivalent to RM600 million. That money was needed not just for them personally but also to fund Pak Lah’s 2008 elections campaign. Syed Mokhtar held back the money and refused to give Pak Lah what he needed for the 12th general election campaign. Mahathir had advised Syed Mokhtar to hang on and not to commit to any figure as Mahathir wanted Pak Lah to perform badly in the election and subsequently be ousted. The only way someone can become Prime Minister in this country is by paying huge sums of money to supporters to vote them into the hot seat. Without funds, Pak Lah could not pay for votes and was ousted.

Without enough funds, Mahathir’s plan became a reality. BN and Umno fared poorly in the March 2008 GE ...

This part of Pak Lah being denied election money is an embelishment. There was sufficient money for the 2008 election. In fact, Dr Mahathir made statement that he left UMNO to Pak Lah with RM1.5 billion in the coffer. Why should UMNO be financially desperate in 2008?

Pak Lah's era was an era of rampant self interest and personal enrichment WITHOUT anything to show for. He developed and delivered nothing really worthwhile for the country. His big ideas for the nation forward was not only empty dreams but disastrous. He wrecked the civil service and marginalised their role.

Not only those in his small closed circle became instant billionaire, but the assistants like political secretaries. As one lawyers representing many UMNO politicans confided to us, these secretaries in the right grouping are worth at least RM100 million,
Post-March 2008, it was imminent that Pak Lah would have to give way to Najib. Syed Mokhtar, being the shrewd businessman that he is, then directed Lin not to sign anything with Shah Hakim’s NR Sistem – even for the agreed price of RM360 million .....
Shrewd or not, why should Syed Mokhtar pay for blackmail for his already earned project?
Syed Mokhtar never intended to pay Kamaluddin and Shah Hakim the RM600 million nor the 33% or RM3.3 billion from the RM10 billion Infrastructure Works. All in all, Syed Mokhtar earned RM3.7 billion from the combined value of RM12.4 billion for the Double Tracking Rail Project.
Good for this Bumiputera businessman. He earned it.

It is not like some civil servants in power or politicians with the discretionary power taking money by taking bribes, kickbacks and corruption.

Why should this Bumiputera businesman being politically pressured repeatedly when he is only one Bumiputera is in the top 10 richest man in Malaysia? More so when some 80% of top 50 richest Malaysian are Chinese.

Don't give the excuse that Chinese are competitive and worked hard. It is only partly true.

Each had a life story of subsidy and monopoly, linked with unsavory characters, and practising bribes, kickbacks and corruptions. Some 70% of corruption involves commercial transaction and both taker AS WELL AS GIVER OF CORRUPTION are guilty.

Why don't they raise issue on how the other Chinese business became multi-billionaires? Tan Sri Robert Kuok, for instance. Tan Sri Teh Hiong Piow, Tan Sri Vincent Tan, and so on.

Save the Malay are corrupt stereotyping, ok?

Read the whole article here and one can sense the blogger was writing in defense for someone.

The story could be fabricated out of sporadic information here and there. The full picture could be different. Nevertheless, as an accountant with interest in personal finance, he may know something useful to be shared.

So, lets see how Pak Lah respond. That is if he wants to respond. Kalimullah would surely be reading this blog, We are quite sure ...So don't just go nahi nahi nafi nafi ... These days it is not enough.

More need to be told. The more told, the more will be known. The more known, people can spot whether it makes sense. Remember ... Pak Lah does not know and remember much. He slept on the job most of the time.

This revenge he had for Tun Mahathir, the man who put him there, will make this the most unforgiving Hari Raya for Pak Lah. Que sera sera ... Until more development from Pak Lah and his men, we like to wish to every Muslim:

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin

And travel safely .....


Anonymous said...

doubt paklah able to write a book/understand macro economy

many provision & capital failed/not materialised during his time.

it must be somebody else (con-sultant), for another future PM

Anonymous said...

kesian kesian kesian pd yg percaya kat dollah anak branak.....

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah...ko cuma dikudakan oleh your inner cycle.

Big doubt that he can write !!!
Meeting pon tiduq...

Kamal said...

Agree.Khairy will be contesting,for,VP in UMNO election.

Look like it

Anonymous said...

Org kata mr "clean", tp rakyat tertekan dgn harga minyak yg tinggi, gula susah nak dpt, nak isi diesel kena beratur berjam jam.
Org lain mungkin tak se"clean" dia, tp rakyat keseluruhannya boleh hidup dgn lbh baik dan tak tertekan. What will rakyat choose ?

Anonymous said...

No one is right on this article.its just our politicians doing what they do best.for themselves.rakyat is not even mention to appeal to this article.which leaves a very bitter taste to swallow.shame...

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah baru bangun
Tu yg tajuk Awakening

maae said...

Interesting! Beyond the knowledge of an everage man like me. Sometimes only got the general pictures from somebody, but not details as described. So, this is the scenarios behind the expensive curtains ! No wonder bumis are always incapable of handling multi millions/billions projects due to the administrations of super-malay-power.... finally the businesses of the honest malays are shoved in drains !

Whatever it is, in the right track, Malays are supposed to be well entertained in the mega economic scales. Sadly, the problems are among the malays themselves.

For these culprits,there's no hard work at all.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Semoga Sinar Syawal kali ini menjadikan semua Melayu lebih bertanggungjawab terhadap bangsa, agama dan negara nya.

moya said...

Kalimullah ni tak tahu ke yang orang Melayu benci dengan dia? Berapa banyak dia dah sapu duit kerajaan.
Si Bangsat ni, dia tak pernah mahu kongsi dengan orang Melayu lain. Cubalah check di EPU ( Kalau mereka masuh simpan file ), privatize job yang Kalimullah dah sapu. Government Printing dsb, dia kongsi dengan bukan Melayu.
Ini, nak highlight pasal kebijaksanaan Pak Lah. Apa tak diam sahaja bangang-bangang ini. Melayu dah letih dah, asyik didendangkan dengan kepincangan, kecurangan orang-orang yang di beri kuasa.
Tidah usah lihat jauh-jauh, cuba trace duit pendapatan kerajaan dari PETRONAS semasa Pak Lah memerintah, kemana perginya?

Anonymous said...

Told you so. Umno now only breed oppotunist and no more nationalist

Anonymous said...

dollah nak cakap pasal nation building? about future of the country? even his book is using anwar' suppoters and matdstswa salleh mabok for editor.....shame on you.

Anonymous said...

sudah lah dollah tak ada siapa nak baca buku kau tu< kau baca tek ucapan pun kalut..ada masa sebut pun salah, Era kau lah Melayu di anak tirikan, Imej Pdrm merudum Kau bebaklan Pak Jubir, Kau beri muka kat NGo Pro Yahudi, Kau tak tau apa apa..Sudah lah kau tulis sendiri buku tu bukan org luar yg anti malaysia dan melayu menjadi penulis..Nak PRU umno mcm mcm kau buat utk sokong menghantu kau tu..Melayu mudah Lupa

Anonymous said...

"Dato Azeez Rahim Chairman Tabung Haji Keling Penyamun Duit Umat Islam.

Bagaimana seorang yang kaki SPA boleh diangkat untuk menjadi Chairman lembaga Tabung Haji? Mengapa Azeez Rahim yang memang cukup terkenal dengan kegiatan Conman dipilih untuk menerajui satu badan yang cukup sensitif dengan umat Islam?

Sudah tidak ada lagi mereka yang layak didalam Malaysia ini sehinggakan kaki melanggan pelacur ditempatkan dikerusi yang sepatutnya bersih imej nya. Dalam bergelar chairam Tabung Haji Azeez Rahim masih melanggan pelacur dengan meletakkan moral yang rendah serta mencalar imej tabung Haji.

Siapa pilih Azeez Rahim menjawat jawatan terpenting didalam Tabung Haji? Makan gaji buta nampaknya Jamil Khir Baharom menteri Agama bila meletakkan penyamun tarbus di tabung haji. Pecat Jamil Khir yang bodoh dan makan Gaji buta. Azzez Rahim dipilih Jamil Khir nampaknya jamil ni takde otak jual agama agaknya.

Chairam Tabung Haji Azeez Rahim mamak keling penipu, curi duit cina dan sapu pelacur untuk hidup mewah. Curi duit tauke cina meniaga haram lepas tu beli tilam dan basikal konon nak tunjuk duit dia. Dasar penyamun tarbus Azeez Keling. Lepas ni habis duit tabung haji keling ni samun.

Azeez Rahim Chairman Tabung Haji perguna nama Tun Mahathir untuk diletakkan di Tabung Haji. Jangan jual nama Tun M, keling macam Azeez Rahim penyamun tak sama dengan Tun Mahathir. Lingkup lah tabung haji kalau dibiarkan Azeez Rahim terajui Tabung Haji.

Sejak bila syarikat GLC dipaksa menyalurkan sumbangan secara paksa kepada Tabung Haji? Azeez Rahim tak fikir dan ambil kira duit derma tu halal atau haram? Syarikat glC bagi derma secara paksa kepada tabung haji tapi si Keling Azeez Rahim curi separuh duit derma.

Pilih lah orang lain jangan pilih aziz. Jamil khir takde otak pilih kaki langgan pelacur jadi ceo tabung haji.

Dah berapa banyak org bagi duit bayar azez nak dapat projek. Kalau aziz kena tangkap dalam lokap sah akan ada 50 lagi report pasal aziz pasal ramai geran aziz ambik duit. Ramai yang tunggu nak buat laporan pasal Azeez Rahim Keling." ---@ betul ke ni? nilaikan lah

Anonymous said...

He has been on the receiving end from so many people for so many years, surely he is entitled to some "thoughts" of his own? No?

Anonymous said...

si menantu keparat KJ yang sabenarnya tulis buku haprak tuh. budak kitol ni tak serik serik lagi. saya harap perwakilan UMNO nanti jangan pileh budak bedebah ke jawatan apa pun. biar dia tergolek siut dalam UMNO. budak mentah ni sabenarnya adalah Anwar Ibrahim II jelmaan semula!!!

Anonymous said...

Ni yg membuatkan org ramai meluat kat UMNO. Tak tahu la. Suara rakyat dah tidak diendahkan. Baik je kita jangan undi UMNO. Biar dia org sakit. Parti yg tidak sedar diri. Tak tahu ke org Melayu jugak yg tolong bg kuasa balik kat UMNO untuk memerintah sepenggal lagi. Ni memang nak tunggu kalah pilihanraya baru je la sedar diri.

Anonymous said...


Saya tak tahulah kalau Tuan ni rapat dengan PCEO Datuk Farid kat Maybank ke tidak. Saya suka dengan pilihan ni. Tetapi kalau anda rapat dengan dia, sila pass teguran ikhlas ini.

1. Janganlah selalu keluar dengan sweet young things yang bukan isterinya. Tidak manis PCEO bank terbesar di Malaysia berkepit dengan perempuan-perempuan ini. Tidak mahu kerana skandal cam ni, dia terpaksa letak jawatan.

2. Sila reappoint MD untuk Client Coverage. John Chong adalah seorang pemimpin yang amat lemah. Dia tidak mendapat sokongan dari Directors nya. Pendapat-pendapat Directors nya dia tak hirau. Dia promote je orang-orang yang dia suka tapi tidak berkebolehan. Seperkara lagi, John Chong jugak tidak pro business. Dia terlalu 'lalang' dan tidak suka membuat decisions. Ini adalah sangat memudaratkan kepada Datuk Farid. Bayangkan right hand man anda hanya sibuk nak mengekalkan status quo tetapi tidak pro-business. Bagaikan paku yang hanya bergerak jika dihantuk. Macam mana nak memajukan Maybank menjadi regional bank of ASEAN pada 2015? Jika tidak percaya, lihatlah nombor CC sekarang. Lihat betapa senyapnya John Chong dalam CC. Dia tidak memberi pendapat langsung. Apa guna beri kuasa kepada seorang pemimpin sebegini?

3. Sila lihat kembali appointment Head of Asset Management. Harus ada target dan milestone yang mesti dicapai. Jika tidak, apa gunanya?

Harap-harap tuan boleh menyampaikan teguran ikhlas saya ini kepada Datuk Farid.

Melayu dan Hamba Allah.

Anonymous said...


The less you know
The more you study
The more you study
The more you know
The more you know
The more you forget
The more you forget
The less you know

So ...

- Hantu Siber -

A Voice said...

Melayu dan Hamba Allah

Delivered and he thanked for the feedback. Will do his best to ...

Anonymous said...

Njib Ah jib gor..zaman kau jadi PM haru biu negara..keceramuk politik..konsep dan program kau gagal memikat hati rakyat, Cina tak mau tranfomasi kau..meka nak Bn dan UMno lepas kauas pada meka..Meka nak kuasa itu aja..

Anonymous said...

A great statesman once said, "Happiness is when what you think, say, and do are in harmony."

If what has been said about Pak Lah is true, then he must have a hellish conscience indeed.

Anonymous said...

Paling saya terkejut apabila beliau dan menantu lepaskan si peliwat. Dari ctu dah nampak sgt dia benci dr m. Dia adalah salah seorang peliwat penjenayah agama bangsa dan negara. Munafiqun. He doesnt hv the 'cut'. Cute jauh skali. The nerve of some humans wants to make a' wet thread stand straight.;-)

Anonymous said...

Geng mamak mahathir yang nyanyuk dan gila kuasa bikin negara ini kucar kacir

Anonymous said...

Our beloved Malaysia lost territories, money, assets etc after 2003 in peacetime and not through War.
1. The Saddam Hussein UN Sanctions re-arrangement.
2. The lost of Pulau Batu Putih.
3. The hot potato Indonesian International Bank was bought from Temasek and Kookmin by Maybank in the same year 2008 which Pulau Batu Putih was lost. It is alleged that Maybank will now lose billions of ringgits on this investment.
4. Two block of oil exploration properties were re-arranged.
5. TNB shares were sold and repurchased whilst other shares were sold in trades by the Government.
6. 25 miles of steel rails should belong to KTM.
7. Miscellanous. What we do not know, we do not know.

My Say