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The art of inciting racial hatred

Penang Chief Minister and DAP Secretary General,. Lim Guan Eng is in hot soup arising from the prospect of DAP having to reconvene another party election and face the prospect of 753 angry Indian and other DAP delegates overthrow the Lim family.

The false CEC is considering of passing the buck to ROS for the convenience of turning it into a political issue to blame them later when DAP is deregistered. It is not far fetch to expect DAP leaders to label ROS as UMNO stooge to sabotage DAP. Hopefully, both Chinese and gullible non-Chinese will hate UMNO further.

It is a typical of political opportunist and promoter of politics of hatred. 


Our gullible cousins, who has only recently found political awakening, fell for such tricks. He has personal issues to hate UMNO and support oppositions, but he cannot substantiate it and make assumptions based on unproven allegation like blackout at a vote counting centre.

The same repeated style of twisting has always been the hallmark of DAP in their propaganda to incite irrational public anger towards government and ruling party. It has been around for more than 50 year and used during the communist insurgency since the 1940s.

Since it is a propaganda, DAP and opposition have no qualms to lie and fabricate false accusation. They usually lob a ball the Government-side for an answer or explanation. Seldom they ignore the explanation and answer when given. Then, continue with their unsubstantiated lies and false accusation.

The DAP classic is Teoh Beng Hock.

All the falsehood are there to see  including propagating an assessment by a weird looking forensic doctor from Thailand that it 80% sure of murder based on only photos. Her statement and submission to the coroner tells a different picture.

When they are consumed with hate and distrust fanned by irresponsible politicians, no facts and rational explanation presented will convince them.

They just refuse to give a listen and keep replaying the same debunked doubt-raising arguments like a warp CD. When asked for specifics (like our encounter after buka puasa last night), they can't produce one and insist with their unsubstantiated doubt.

When there is an issue or hint of an issue, they blow it out proportion.

Like communist propagandist of the past, their eyes and ears are forever looking mistakes and non-issue to be turned into racial issues.

The recent toilet turned temporary canteen is an example. The premise was used by students and teachers but was blown up into a racial issue on Indians using a picture of non Muslim student eating during fasting month.

Deputy Minister for Education, Kamalanathan may have erred a little initially but he was quick to correct his mistake twice. But a group of irrational young Indians remain upset with Dato Zulkifli Nordin for explaining the issue as explained by Kamalanathan.

It was simply because Zul Nordin said something unbecoming on the Hindu during his days with PAS some 4-5 years ago. They had to revive the incident after he switched camp. And one would have thought after he had admitted, apologised and lost, the campaign against him should end.

Dato Ibrahim Ali was also picked on for saying in passing in his speech at a Perkasa do in Permatang Pauh, before the election. He said to the all Muslim crowd that Muslim students approached by Christian activist should throw away the given bibles.

It is a clever spin to simplify Ibrahim Ali had asked to throw the Christian's holy book into the dustbin but it is taken totally out of context. Controversial Ibrahim Ali may have said many politically incorrect words in the past but not on this.

We were a witness and that remark did not exist in a vacuum but was a reaction arising from his believe that there was an infringement on the Article 11(4) of the Constitution. It was not a self initiated action with intention to promote hatred against Christians.

It is not a strong case and 95% winnable one for Attorney General, Tan Sri Gani Patail to work on. Ibrahim can have his lawyer argue "throw away" was said in a colloquial manner to mean "put it away" and the case will be thrown out of court.

Don't accuse of Gani of being bias because the pro-BN bloggers too feel he is bias in favour of the opposition. They felt he is dragging his feet for political expediency by refraining to charge certain opposition personalities.

The issue of Zul Nordin and Ibrahim Ali arise is merely a propaganda counter attack to also deviate public attention from the attack on the local online promoter of free sex and porn merchandiser, Alvin and Vivian and a series of other social media insults on Islam, Islamic ritual and practises, and Malays.

Void of a valid excuse to answer for these insulting and insensitive acts, they could resort to counter attack propaganda and nit picking.

Villifying a Successor?

It reminded us of 2006-7, when former premier Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was shaken to fall, the opposition picked up a game initiated from deep inside UMNO to create the myth of Scorpene submarine bribery scandal and later accused the Prime Minister's wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor for the Altantunya.

The whole idea was to go after the incumbent. Nearing his end, the oppositions turn to support Abdullah and went all out for Najib.

Are they thinking that it is the end of Najib thus their accelerated attack on Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and brush him as an ultra Malay and racist? What made them think that Muhyiddin will rise to challenge Najib?

In his heydays, even the ever manipulative Tun Musa Hitam dare not try to break tradition and be the first Deputy to take-on the boss.

That did not stop DAP from painting a negative perception of Muhyiddin. It could be the sole purpose of destroying the credibility of any possible successors. For Najib's moronic diehards, which of late, have shown their moronic irrational side, note the plurality. 

The Father and Son Lim was at it with Muhyiddin. Lim Kit Siang said Muhyiddin "should apologise for jumping the gun in falsely blaming non-Muslim" and "for condemning the video without checking the facts."

The son goes on to accuse for Muhyiddin as not being a leader for all Malaysians. That is the propaganda to over blow things out of proportion by nit picking to create issue.

How factual can these perpetual liars and propagandist of racial hatred be?

Kit Siang was quoting newspaper reports but he did not bother to read the actual words said. An extract of the speech in Malay, below:
Namun begitu, ada juga beberapa perkembangan mutakhir yang tidak menyenangkan hati kita sendiri. ... You-Tube yang sudah mulai pergi orang kata, biral (selepas peristiwa apa yang berlaku baru-baru ini,) sikap tidak bertanggugajwab kumpulan Alvin dan Vivian (kalau tak silap saya.) Kes sudah dihadapkan ke mahkamah saya tak boleh buat komen.

Ada lagi satu You-Tube yang terkini yang latar belakang suara takbir tapi gambar anjing dan dia bawak anjing ni basuh tangan macam nak angkat sembahyang. Jadi, hal-hal sebegini agak mula berlaku dalam masyarakat kita yang sepatutnya tidak berlaku.

Walaupun aman tenteram yang disebut awal tadi tapi hal2 sebegini yang menunjukkan tidak ada persefahaman dan pengertian yang mendalam tentang pentingnya keharmonian berasaskan agama dan kaum ini kita pelihara. Mungkin disebabkan oleh perkara-perkara yang berlaku dalam masyarakat kita sama ada politik dan sebagainya? Jadi ini menganggu gugat ketenteraman jiwa masyarakat islam dalam negara kita.

Apakah ini manifestasi daripada tanggapan sesetengah pihak bahawa kita lemah? Maka itu kita mudah diperkotak katikkan ataupun kita tidak tegas dan berani untuk bertindak kepada perkara-perkara yang dilakukan boleh mencemarkan kesucian agama kita atau sengajakah mereka ini orang yang bodoh dan tidak faham tentang nilai agama dan penghormatan pada agama-agama?

Yang berlaku adalah (agama Islam di Malaysia) tidak ada orang Islam yang mempersenda sendakan agama-agama bukan Islam - baik Kristian, Hindu dan sebagainya.  Tetapi yang dihadapi disini yang majoritinya umat Islam ialah memperlekehkan atau mempersendakan agama kita.

Saya setuju sangat yang menghantar teks kepada saya supaya pihak SKMM, KDN, dan pihak berkuasa ambil tindakan cepat supaya hal ini tidak akan berulang tetapi malangnya berulang berlaku. Jadi inilah suatu gejala buruk yang sedang melanda masyarakat kita di malaysia. Kita harap ia tidak sampai ke tahap yang mencetuskan situasi yang berlaku di sesetengah negara Islam lain di dunia.

It started out of a poor reporting by Bernama. Although it was subsequently corrected, it was made "biral" by Malaysian Insiders and Malaysiakini.

Based on what Muhyiddin actually said, perhaps it is fair for us to tell the Lims that it is THEM that is  most undeserving to be members of Parliament and head of a state government.

For more than a generation, they had not expressed the concerns of all Malaysian but the myopic interest of only a certain race, or religion. They have always unfairly sided wit sided with a certain leaning group on any issue.

Foolish Apologist

The reporters need not be worry.

The Director General for the Ministry of Information, Dato Ibrahim Abdul Rahman and Special Officer for Media cum Coordinator for Social Media at Prime Minister's Office, Dato Akmar Mokhles will recommend the Bernama, MI and M'kini reporters to be conferred a PJN medal and subsequently addressed as Dato at the next Agong's Birthday.

Their "reports on the conflict were accurate in showing that we were right albeit legally and morally", to quote Prof Dato Khairul Anas prepared speech reported by Malaysiakini here.

This recent barrage of insults on the Islamic rituals, Islamic religion, and Malays had it's origin in episode involving Namewee's Negara Ku Ku video. That time he was merely lampooning our national anthem to insult the Malays, Islam and Malaysia.

Former Minister for Information and still has Ministerial status, Dato Dr Rais Yatim was ready to pounce the law on the Namewee.

The opposition and non Malays was supporting the unbecoming behaviour of Namewee. Eventually, one senior Minister inside the Prime Minister's Department went soft. The quick to lallang Rais turnaround and had FINAS helped Namewee launched his career in filmaking.

Namewee made a bundle from the special treatment from FINAS. Cinema operator and the Chinese players in the film industry enable him to produce two films a year. [read our past posting here]

Such softie way of dealing with bigotry insults not only refused BN the Chinese electoral support and continued online harassment, but Namewee is still at it.

His issue is with the withdrawal of the movie New Village. Someone must be sleeping at the Lembaga Penapisan Filem at Home Ministry. Among others, the film manipulated historical event to promote the murdeous terrorist-communist as freedom and independence fighter. [Read Bujai in Just Read here.] 

FINAS must be either sleeping on the job or under payroll of cinema distributor or just plain void of any sense of patriotism. Do they not realised that New Village is slotted to steal the storm from  Tanda Putera by showing it on 22nd before it's showing on August 29th?

Bayan Baru MP, Sim Tze Tzin sprang up a statement [read here] to call upon Malaysian to open up to both the films, Tanda Putera and New Village. Where was Sim when Tanda Putera was unfairly treated by the establishment?  

Looking fair and acceptable is also part of the game. DAP and Gerakan claim to be multiracial. Sim is trying to be fair-minded.

In the meanwhile, Nazri just realised something about Namewee?

Gerakan Anti PKR here is not impress. It must be the UMNO party election is around the corner.

Nazri compromisable act in the past contributed to the current contagion of racial hatred and lost of respect towards government. Hopefully the UMNO grassroot see to it to dump him.  

Vernacular Paranoia    

Still related to the Lim's "myopic interest", their allies and chauvanistic comrade, Dong Zong had
recently held a conference at Hall of SJK (C) Chung Kwo, Jalan Loke Yew, Kuala Lumpur to protest against the Malaysian Education Development Plan for 2013-2015.

The self interest but unconstitutional theme attracted 728 NGOs and 2,500 participants. It is not about their rights to preserve their culture and language but it is unconstitutional to expect public funding. The constitution only allows the "study and learn" of mother tongue but not "study and teach" the language.

Former Appeal Court Judge Dato Mohd Nor Abdullah interpreted that the constitution has the basis to deny the non mainstream vernacular school the funding. The foreign imported fringe education system does not have any national aspiration but only for the narrow interest of the Chinese.

But conference speakers demanded budget from the government. By right, they should not assume they have any right but merely seeking assistance from the government. The Malay has a saying, kasi betis hendak peha.

The Unspinners have an account of the conference here. Not reported was the reason for their willingness to be confrontational against the Government on the plan.

They were against one of the objective of the plan to "memperkasakan sekolah kebangsaan (empower the national school)". Part of the plan is to cater for a more upgraded syllabus in teaching Chinese and Tamil language and improve the quality of teachers and method in improving English lesson.

They are paranoid to the prospect that mainstream school will attract Chinese students, if the plan is implemented well. Worried that it might spell the end of vernacular school, they are not taking chances

Dong Zong activists live from the money generated from their monopoly in publishing and printing of Chinese school text books and stationaries. Who says it is a genuine struggle to preserve their language and culture? It can also be preserved at Vision School or any other.

So it is only about money for Dong Zong.

The conference abusively criticised Mahyuddin and demanded the Plan to be readjusted in accordance to the rudimentary Education Ordinance of 1957. Why not the more wholesome nation building plans enscribed in Penyata Razak and Penyata Rahman?

It is because their are not interested to see a one and united Malaysian nation (Bangsa Malaysia). Chinese vernacular school activists want to preserve their Chineseness by being divisive and live in "autonomy".

So they imbued ideas to create fringe group using socially unacceptable products of Chinese schools. Dong Zong thrives on inciting racial hatred and the existence of divisiveness in society.

They are smarter and more poweful than the chauvanist DAP. Dong Zong is an important chess player that determine the Chinese political game. Be it, DAP, MCA, Geraka, SUPP, and not excluding multiracial PKR, all kow tow to them for support. 

To argue against our perception of Chinese vernacular school, go to Demi Negara here first. Pro-vernacular have long had their arguments debunked and downed from DN's bunkers.

Our wish is for our Indian brothers give the mainstream school and planned Tamil language syllabus a chance. Unlike the Chinese, the Indians are too little in number and not economically viable to sustain a Tamil education system. It denies the future of young Indians.

If the Indians could go mainstream, eventually and hopefully little by little the Chinese will be attracted too. Divisiveness and hatred must not be allowed to go on.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Your Friend Unspinners Inciting Racial Hatred.

Not that there is any intention to support Cina, BUT Isn't Unspinner's Campaign to stop Malays buying products from Chinese Companies a case of Blatant racism?

If Its Not then nothing else is and your Article is Meaningless.

A Voice said...

Haaa ... fast with the deviation propaganda.

Just cause only Unspinners have an account of the conference and linked, they are our friend?

What about blogger that linked us to Sim's remark?

Since Unspinner prmoted buy dap last, this article is "meaningless."

This is a typical dap style of arguing and discreditng.

Can bet my 6 months salary against this RBA funded commentator but who is to judge?

If all of us argue this way, we Malaysian do not have to look at fact and arguments.

Nit Pick only.

PLain stre

maae said...

Tepat sasaran. Nampak macamana mereka "retaliate" ? Cuba masukkan artikel yang saudara tulis dalam malaysia kini atau malaysia today. Jika ada saluran lah... gerenti kena belasah teruk.

Lihat Respons tulisan A. Kadir Jasin kepada Rocky Bru berita akbar singapura yang menyesakkan nafas melayu. Untuk mereka satu peluang baik membelasah kerajaan dari pemikiran kritis A Kadir Jasin. Apa saja boleh di jadikan platfom bencana. Bukan platfom membantu.

Mereka hebat dalam alam siber. Facebook pun boleh di pengaruhi membuang kebenaran dari Tun M. Permainan cina cauvinis dan melayu befikiran neo liberal
yang tidak lagi berpijak di bumi nyata.

Kita tidak perlu memohon maaf kepada bangsa yang kuat rasisme nya. Pengaruh ini semakin di jangkiti kepada kaum hindu pula.....

Kadang-kadang kita seronok juga membaca pemikiran Putar Alam yang Tidak akan mengaku kesalahan nya. Malah semua salah akan di bebankan kepada Umno dan melayu.

Anonymous said...

Typical meaningless comment. Lu DAP ke bro?

Anonymous said...

The chinese has long been doing the same.... ie supporting their own kind. Enough is enough!One day I hope we will drive them out of business and the c.......

Anonymous said...

Puak2 Ni mmg BARBARIK & Berhati BABI (terlebih makan) perangai pun menyondol2 tak mahu beratur & menghormati sebarang praturan..

Nama WEE mmg dah tahu..itu bukan TANDAS, pelakon PORNO mmg salah, India tak dipanggil mmg TAK betul..

Membunuh orang KAMPUNG oleh KOMUNIS mmg PENGGANAS..

Campur MELAMIN mmg salah..

Pasal LGE/LKS tu CINA yg tak betul pun mereka cakap MULIA. LGE/LKS walau selalu bertindak bodoh, mereka mcm NABI Maksum bagi orang Cina Malaysia. (racist above all)

Anonymous said...

1 Malaysia, but NOT 1 Education system.

What is mine is mine, what is yours is to be shared.

No matter what, the chauvinistic objectives are clear for all to see.

Dong Zong is unconstitutional.

Shadow Banker said...

Is it true that the PM's people have labelled you as 'anti Najib'?

I think Najib is way too powerful for any criticism. The only way is to do as what Tun said, which is to clap if Najib coughs.

HassanNik said...

A Very Good Write Up, And Enlightening Too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Voice,

Since your Oppo-supporter cousins are dumb and you are the ones with all the smart answers for BN/UMNO government, maybe you can volunteer to help Utusan & Bernama to defend themselves in court.

Those UMNO media have been losing so many defamation cases and payout damages that Utusan/Bernama are fast becoming the single largest financial funder to DAP/PKR/PAS these days...

Oh by the way, the Canteengate HM is just plain incompetent and lacking common-sense to put students in a non-ventilated small changing room next to a toilet! Then when FB photos hit, quickly arranged a Buka Puasa do among teachers at the same place. Lame!
Renovations of a door in the far corner of the canteen since March? Lame again..

Another thing, that Chin Peng quote got reference or not? Cannot simply write and then claim he/she said this or that la...

That's what got Utusan editors in trouble in court when they got sued and have to payout damages.
Maybe you can help them not lose cases with your super communication skill.

~ Anak Semenyih

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