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NST should apologise in the obituiry

Most of the comments against our harsh criticism of NST for chickening out from BERSIH NGOs lawsuit should look beyond one level. As far as detractors whose interest is not for NST's betterment, their comments are of no relevence. 

Surely it is not about us wanting to takeover the editorial positions in NST. That is a shallow argument and cheap diversion. Jobs, bosses and subordinates does not interest us. Neither do we want to manage nor be managed by others. Get real!

The opposition are laughing at NST because they saw them bought their bluff.

The people who decided to chicken out are high up in the hierarchy. Supposedly, they have grey matter within their ears, resume of education and experience to be proud off and a title preceding their god-given names. Thus, they should be able to see beyond their fears.

One remark passed of their action from within Media Prima circle was to suggest the apology should have been placed in full page in the obituiry section. So we help photoshop one.

Such is the expectation for such position, yet there are those lesser mortal perasan they are able assume such high position in this organisation.

Two commentators were able to see things better than these bosses of NST. One of them is below:
The thing that stinks about this apology is that it gives the impression that all of the data presented is made up, when in fact at least some of it can be easily verified.

The NED, for example, publishes details of recipients of its grants in its annual report because it is required to do so in order to get money from the US Congress. According to these annual reports, the Malaysian recipients, amongst others are:
  • Malaysiakini USD400k (2009-12)
  • Suaram USD535k (2005-11)
  • Merdeka Centre USD135k (2011-12)
There's also the Islamic Renaissance Front which got USD50k last year. You may remember them for criticizing the govt on the Allah issue recently.

But most of the money NED channels to Malaysia went to the International Republican Institute and National Democratic Institute which have been implicated with involvement in coups in Latin America and the Arab Spring. That NED, NDI and IRI are all creations of Ronald Reagan and the chairman of IRI is John McCain should tell us something about their objectives.

The fact that Suaram, Malaysiakini et al, are involved with and have been getting money from these groups IS newsworthy.

It's a shame that NST managed to really botch it.
Another below:
I totally agree that NST should defend the lawsuit. Call Bersih's bluff.

Heard Cecil Abraham was only worried of the title. Bersih side will argue that they have no intention to topple the government. only fighting for human rights and various mumbo jumbo claims.

Actually most of the allegations written in Fara article can be substantiated and proven. The game played by Bersih's follows a trend by American operatives in Philippines and other countries.

Heck . . .the whole of oppositions modes operandi follows Gene Sharpe to the letter and can be showed.

Even if NST loses, at least all these is laid out in court and both side of the media can report. Rakyat will be made aware and form their own opinions.

Usually judge's judgement is based on a certain premise. There is room for the public to continue to debate on the judgement.

A good spin can turn a loss into a moral victory. More important, the public is more aware of the threat posed by Bersih's and the opposition.

If NST is so worried of losing money from the lawsuit, the should go into the more lucrative chicken rearing business. As chickens themselves, they no the business better than newspaper business.

However, without guts and brevity, they can't do anything else. Stay home and fondle their cocks.
Presumably the commentator meant male chicken. Rocky Bru's commentator, NST Insider had an insight. Reproduced below together with the french:
Critics are getting all high and mighty over that fucking apology but it is not the idea of the newsroom editors.

In fact, they were willing to defend it in court to show that Bersih is as creepy as the next anwar Ibrahim asslicker enjoying the support of foreign agent’s funds as part of their long-term campaign to destabilize the BN government and KICK ITS ASS OUT OF POWER!!!.

It is the kotek lembik way out by nstp ceo azlan abdullah, abetted macam bodoh by the group managing editor jalil hamid.

They crumbled too easily the moment the Bersih lawyers made their legal suit threat. Azlan & Jalil got no balls to fight the suit but to be fair, their balls were being squeezed hard by their big bosses. Sape? Take your pick….PM’s office, senior Umno leaders & entah mana hantu jerangkong lagi.

In the first place, that fucking pg 1 story had interference written all over it cos Jalil got no balls to order the report on his own. Of course he was ordered by one of his many dalangs to publish the report b4 polling day.

Btw, the report has suspicious circumstances but it is still basically true and ok. Virtually everyone from rocky to big dog had exposed bersih’s creepy nature but becos it was the NST!! who made it a big report, Bersih had to go on damage control. The bastards got it easy.

Whoever the fucking dalangs who told jalil to print the report don’t give a shit about editorial integrity becos all they want to do is remain in power at all cost. It reminds me off the tactics used by kalimullah hassan to tibai dr m.

In fact, azlan and jalil operated on their own, without telling the board. The board was freaking upset. Media Prime chairman Johan Jaafar meletup during a recent board meeting and scolded azlan and jalil for being pondans.

But johan too must realize that ini semua kerja orang Najib. If there is anyone to be blamed, blame Najib for hiring the jerangkungs who fuck around with nst’s editorial integrity and make the editors look bad.

Now u know why jalil was put there to replace zainul ariffin. Jalil is the ultimate insider who will execute anything his handlers tell him to do. Zainul is known to have rejected many instructions, especially fucking stupid ones.
At the end of the day, zainul was not a “team player” and removed. But becos he got brains, they put him to take care of the digital ops. Boleh tahan now jadi digital CEO!!
Understandably, it is tough to deliver be a good journalist, run a profit oriented enterprise and play the intended "political" role. But that is no excuse for buggling something as embarrasing as this.

Quite sure they know very well what is to be expected when they accepted their offer.

All these smart and experienced people could bungled things up, yet one mediocre chap thinks they are capable of filling up one position left vacant by another who is moving one step up. This takes us to the recent re-organisation in Media Prima. [Read it here.]

This chap is currently working in a high office. He has access to all sorts of information, thus thinks he can fill up the position and carry out his role. He thinks he can do better than Dato Jalil at NST.

Just cause he has a title in front of his name, it does not hide the fact that he was just lucky to happen to be there and got hired to join one very very senior Minister at a time he needed all the help to come out from a bad general election result.

We are not going to reveal his name and list of plagiarised work. By the way, plagiarism means claiming the work of others as his. While decorating and rewarding oneself is another kind of -ism.

He so believe that he can do the job even though he was never an editor, his work as reporter was described by his former colleague as sub-standard and he is not familiar with the media he wants to manage.

He so desperately wanted the high position to the point of willing to play dirty and exposed his competitor's personal life.

Whether it is true or false, who cares? It is not a political position or public office or high level government post. As far as work is concern, his competitor's personal life does not matter.

However, as far as work is concern, he need to seriously look himself in the mirror oftenly. Hopefully he realise that being not sufficiently competent is not enough to describe him. Calling him dumb at times is too harsh.

Heavens! He can't even converse in English.

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