Monday, May 04, 2015

Serious confidentiality and security breach of Singapore banks!

Singapore financial district

Just an after thought to an earlier posting on Jho Loh here.

With so many bank insiders and even Singapore authority [read here] and here] leaking information and documents to Sarawak Report (SR), including the one on alleged fake documents of 1MDB's account, investors and depositers, particularly large corporations and high networth individuals, should be concern with the integrity of Singapore's banks.

It is time they take their money out and place it somewhere else. If SR could get hold off information, documents and e-mail correspondance, then others like their competitors or wife could do so. The way SR reported Singapore Banks are no more safe and the authorities is keeping quiet about it.

Although many of the more revealing documents are not published on SR's portal, Singapore authorities should be seriously concern with the endless claimed leaked information, documents, and emails correspondance.

But, how come no statement from their authorities? Is there truth so they need to hush hush it up? Or are they condoning it?

As one of the SR revelation claimed, the information and computer system have been hacked to clean any trace of information. These is more serious security breach. or it is SR pre-empting for a possibility. 

This is not covering up for 1MDB but calling on SR's endless bluff and for making fools of millions of Malaysians. Dato Najib still has to answer for 1MDB. Jho Loh have to take up the challenge by SR to sue them or he should be screwed together with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan!


Anonymous said...


The ruling government (predominantly PAP) is facing real threat of being sent into oblivion or at worst more seats are lost in parliament and they become either minority government within a coalition since GE is just around the corner.

Who knows they are doing a 'pre-sweep' in the event they lost governance as more singaporeans are restless and becoming bold and upfront in expressing dissent to the extent TRS-Therealsingapore has been ordered to shutdown!

Little by little the can-of-worms exposed have made citizens of this island state seem aligned to vote the opposition in and that, has the PAP kind of shiver. Thus, the Sarawak Report is probably 10X down the line of importance on what to do list.

Or on the other hand it could be a simple SCRAMBLE not knowing how to react actually when such a straight-forward case of a so-called FT-Foreign Talent caught using accreditation from a Degree Mill, yet the the employer of the said FT made worst as it is a government agency, tried even to protect the employee in question (whom eventually granted citizenship!) and not acknowledging their flaws of recruitment exercise but worst of all, MERITOCRACY!

When there were cases of 'fraud' using deceptive qualifications before in Singapore and the 'offender/s' penalised, you have to question MERITOCRACY bigtime!

They (PAP) have been proven as fools making a mockery of MERITOCRACY mantra (FTs influx into Singapore) they so believed in and, Najib is trying to emulate exactly that in his TRANSFORMASI call taking in meritocracy as a benchmark hence,

1- more malays lost the opportunity of a scholarship or bursary into higher education despite being qualified,

2- more liberal openings into PETRONAS or GLCs or Malay-dominated business such as Maybank for 'other ethnics' reducing potential for malay-bumiputera chances of a so-called 'safe-bet' employment opportunity for new graduates. Yet, the private sectors are not as liberals and open in giving the same level of opportunity for malay-bumiputeras!

You see, this Singapore and Malaysia thing is inter-twined whether you like it or not since the day of Tan Soon Kwan's CBT case. A Malaysian, charged in Singapore....

Like a Mafia movie, these Taikos goes along way between Singapore and Malaysia so 1MDB is just a continuation of intrigues.

Rocky Bru has experienced life on both sides of the causeway so perhaps he might come up with some very interesting tales and would love to read his piece.

Anyway, ABITW has always been on my reading list, thanks Bro.


Anonymous said...

Hang on there. It is only one Singapore-based branch of a Swiss private bank that is allegedly involved.

MAS (the Singapore central bank/financial services authority) has already stated that it is in communication with the relevant agencies in Malaysia and will extend it's cooperation to the full extent permitted by Singapore's laws.

Why don't you ask the "relevant agencies in Malaysia" what they have learned from MAS about this matter?

The chances are that you will be brushed off on the grounds of banking confidentiality.

Anonymous said...

hem..i wonder if people really understand what's in store of this 1MDB saga. If there is evidence to show that Jho Low really have all his hand in making the decision for 1MDB, what makes of Najib. Is the UMNOputra and the pro UMNO bloggers still going to defence Najib. Maybe they can still use the "no body credible to replace Najib" reason all over again.Like the Rakyat trust Najib as the PM, duhhh!!. UMNO is going to die in 2018, thats for sure.

Anonymous said...

Haha.. padan muka 1mdb. siapa suruh sorok duit kat spore. labuan kan ada

Anonymous said...

Really Bro.,

Ordinary Joe Singaporean is looking very sullen these days of living in a hyper-inflation society

Anonymous said...

That's why kpala 1mdb buat lawatan kerja ke singapore.Apa depa bincang..

Anonymous said...

7.44 AM

You mean spore is willing to coverup for 1mdb?

Kah kah kah ... must be a gen y that was just born yesterday

Anonymous said...

Najib + Hsien Loong = TPPA
bererti Korporat makan rakyat

Anonymous said...

alahai, blame messenger pulak dah

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