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Tong-Jho Loh in a deal together?

In the previous posting here, this blog was criticised for attempting to divert attention from 1MDB to Dato Nazir Tun Abdul Razak. There was even such nasty commentators that directed this blog to answer certain issues on 1MDB.

Firstly, they do not own this blog and have no business to determine what should and should not be written. It is the blogger's personal space. As far as commentators, it is demanded upon them to be civil in their comments and stick to the subject of the posting.

Second, Nazir Razak is not a new subject in this blog thus it cannot be deemed as diversion. Back in August 2010 [read here], this blog wrote a critical piece of Nazir for his NEP "bastardised" comment.

That time issue was raised against Dato Najib. The last issue raised against Najib is here. So to say this blog is a pencacai and pengampu is misguided and ignorant.

When the need to criticise arise, it can do so and it has always been able to.

In the case of 1MDB, this blog is concerned with accusations made that are not factual and right. It is ludicrous to base accusation on devious source like Sarawak Report and perpetual liars like Rafizi Ramli.

This blog kept repeating a stand and will repeat again the same stand that questions need be answered and this issue of public concern need to be cleared once and for all.

It is a lonely position taken that could attract attack from both sides of the divide in Malay's feudel blind loyalty politics and sentiment or perception driven public opinion.

Third, not only was Nazir criticised for the NEP "bastardised" statement, this blog had been consistently critical of Nazir's biasness in favour of Air Asia.

CIMB is highly exposed to Air Asia but yet is involved in the MAS restructuring. Nazir had been instrumental in the destructive WAU plan that saw him going to and fro the top floor of MAS building at Jalan Sultan Ismail during the time of CEO TAn Sri Md Nor Yusof.

He was the one that put together the failed collaboration between MAS-Air Asia

Fourth, the previous posting is not the first such posting against Nazir in relation to 1MDB issue. In a February posting here, this blog took a subtle swipe at Nazir. Extract below: 
The man leading the attack on 1MDB through his business media, The Edge, Dato Tong Kooi Ong planned to sue Jho Loh. He was claimed to be the person behind the anonymous blogs that accused Tong as instrumental in weakening the ringgit [details and link here].
Even if Tong could trace the IP, they will have to prove a writer wrote it and not someone else. There-on, Tong must establish the link to Jho Loh and prove many other legal issues. One can expect an interesting wayang (acting) to come to town. 
Now we have third thought on the owner of The Edge and TMI. 
The anonymous blogs also accused Dato Nazir Razak for sabotaging 1MDB. And, Nazir was reported to have given statement of his intention to sue Jho Loh too. It is interesting that Najib's brother collaborating with Anwar's man to sue Jho Loh.
But, Nazir's reaction will endorse the perception that Nazir sabotaged.      
The Edge's PAC questions

The latest Edge weekly took up Nazir Razak's critics of 1MDB Directors for their silence.  See below:

Click on the image to read or better still to go get one copy of the latest The Edge.

One comment from an editor in a WA group is that there is nothing professional and journalistic about the article. What can he expect when their bible (Or Quran or Vedas etc) of reference is George Soros's Sarawak Report [read here, here and here]?

It is known that there is a war between The Edge owner, Tong Kooi Ong and Taek Jho Loh. So the piece is an attack on The Edge boss-owner's enemy.

There is another view that see The Edge article as trying to teach PAC and Auditor General as to how to do their job. PAC will begin investigation on Tuesday May 19th.

One can only expect some of the questions to appear in the PAC enquiry through the opposition MPs which include Tony Pua. By right, Tony should excuse himself from PAC for prejudging? [read here]

AG has began and expected to submit finding by end of June. It should affirm the belief by most Malaysians that Tun Dr Mahathir had studied the accounts and know what everybody did not of accounts rigging ala Enron style [read here].

Nazir's statement looked as though he was trying to protect his brother by diverting the blame from Dato Najib to the BOD.

However, his criticism was unfair since there had been effort by the BOD to engage no less than Tun Dr Mahathir [read Rocky Bru here]. Nazir also found a supporter in allegedly YTL-backed Tony Pua, a major opposition voice in the relentless attack on 1MDB [read MI here]. Has he become spokesman for Nazir?

Tony sounded macho as he said of wanting to see Dato Najib speak up when put to the stand. Sure but he attempted to strike off an earlier 1MDB related defamation lawsuit by Dato Najib.

To dispel the notion that Nazir is trying to help brother, do read below:

It serve to strengthen a long held suspicion that Nazir snitched on his eldest brother for not giving him what he had wanted. He may have shared lots of his grouses with buddy Tan Sri Tony Fernandez and he got a big mouth. Merely suspicion and not accusation.

There is talk in our WA group that Nazir tried to push his way with Arul Kanda but was resisted. When brother refused his request, he can sabar but not to lesser beings like Arul. So he attacked 1MDB.

Arul could not allow Nazir get his way as he fear it will only lead to another MAS and Synergy Drive.

There is another twist in all this.

One corporate source said that Tong and Jho Loh is in a financial transaction or commercial deal together. That opens up a multitude of possibilities and implications. Is their quarrel merely a show? More to come from where it came from.

Never quite trust this Jho Loh fella. More so since he claimed of not done anything illegal. He may have not broken the law but it does not mean it was right. So there was a challenge that he sue NY Times [read here].

Jho Loh did not sue NY Times, but a source reliably informed (an RPK term) that he did initiate lawsuit against Euromoney and Sarawak Report in London. Unfortunately, it is not progressing as media reporting on public interest are saved from civil lawsuit.

There was also doubt with that development. The defamation law in UK never allow newspaper to simply defame anyone. It equally protects the reputation and dignity of private individuals. And, at the same time allow accurate reporting of all issues. There is no reason that UK courts to reject any application for an injunction.

Whether the lawsuit in London is true or not, Jho Loh still has no excuse. Few lawyers said that Jho Loh should sue them on Malaysian soil if he wish to clean up his name. The articles appeared on Malaysian cyberspace.

The most recent progress is 1MDB warned of legal action against any slanderous and malicious allegations.

The latest malicious allegations came in the form of unconfirmed news that Deutsche Bank Singapore pulled the rug from under 1MDB based on rumours generated by Sarawak Report [read here]. Could highly paid, disciplined and regulation fear Singaporean banker leak information [read here]?

At the same time, Dato Najib posted an FAQs to answer allegations against him. [read here]. FMT reported it here. One does not have to believe it but at least read it before making any comments.

Earlier in the year or half a year ago, hardly anyone knows about 1MDB that was known to this blog since 2009.

Suddenly every other person in Semenanjong seemed confident with their opinion. Problem is it is mostly ill-informed, presumptous, and influenced by Sarawak Report lies.

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Anonymous said...


The answer from Ah Jib Gor are the same like before...

So the question remain.....

At this stage: 1MDB should not just threaten...they should take action straight away...If they want to sue then sue lah!

Question: Is the money (?billion) in BSI bank Singapore?
Panglima Bugis answer: Tunggu laporan Audit dan PAC

Question: Why did 1MDB bought the nearly expired IPP at a highly overprice value, more than market?
Panglima Bugis answer: Tunggu laporan Audit dan PAC

We all can clearly see where your inclination are entitle to your opinion!

But to us, this 1MDB shamble is as clear as day light....the incompetency of Panglima Bugis cannot be ignored anymore!

Anonymous said...

I may be suspicious with 1mdb but would agree that nazir is ruthless, selfish and vengeful.

Used to work at cimb securities long time ago.

Jemaah said...

Im going to focus on your last para. If you know so much, breakdown the 43 bil in debt. Make sure each billion is accounted for. So many innuendos in your post. Why not play with facts? Tell us for a fact that kanda manja told nazir off instead of wording it like a hunch? Anyways, shits hitting the fan (if not already).

Futile effort but bravo on the attempt. NEXT PLZZZ

Anonymous said...

Ya lah tu. All critics of 1MDB have ulterior motives, The Edge, Nazir Razak, Tony Pua, Tun M dll

Your argument not convincing lah bro, personal sangat. Maybe better if you spend your time defending 1MDB and the PM instead.

But very interesting that Tony Fernandez also posted very critical comment on 1MDB. Looks like many corporates have lost confidence.

Anonymous said...

UMNO Melayu should never be allowed access to the rakyat money. The only outcome will be to see the money missing either thru corruption, overpriced project costs, project delayed/abandoned and outright, money laundering.

maae said...

Right bro. You're right.

I think, better to reserve your findings, since PAC and Gomen will announce a declaration very soon. That was what PM promised Malaysians in his latest "penned down" answers.

By then, fire your real bullets. He..he..

Nazir sudden punch, I believed nothing more than just a "bursa saham" statement. At the moment, he is experiencing "jet lag" after a long trip with his brother. You see, in business everything is possible. Dont you see that jv.Jho Low jv.the edge jv.SR summons?

PM said, "Cash is King" (not only that BR1M matter, ok ) It applies to all and its private. Until further notice...

Tebing Tinggi said...

Basically your "analysis" is a load of codswallop!

Consider MAS. It was in deep s**t way before the merger with AirAsia was proposed.

Why don't you list MAS's profit & loss record from the time it was set up?

And let me remind you that Singapore Airlines (SIA) was set up at the same time as MAS. Where is SIA today & where is MAS?

Tun Dr Mahathir was in power for 20+ years. What has he done for MAS?

Tun's brainchild - KLIA. It is fighting a losing battle against Changi Airport and Hong Kong Airport to be a major regional air hub.

If you dispute this, look at the statistics.

So, what's your agenda here, apart from the usual excuses that the NEP has been "betrayed"?

If you can't compete, be man enough to admit it, instead of looking for excuses & scapegoats!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you ask MAS (the Singapore Central Bank) what is the status of 1MDB's accounts with banks in the republic?

MAS has already said that it is communication with the Malaysian authorities about this.

So, who will spill the beans?

A Voice said...


Not sensitive but putting order and demanding some decorum. Nak maki hamun ada byk fb2

Anonymous said...

Frankly I don't trust all these people - Nazir, Rafizi, Tony Pua, Tony Fernandez, Jho Low, the Edge, Sarawak Report etc etc. The only person I trust in this 1MDB saga is Tun M.

As long as Najib can't answer Tun M's direct questions clearly then he doesn't deserve to be PM of Malaysia. The main question is what happened to all the RM42b loan money? Tak payahlah Najib nak pusing kiri pusing kanan cakap pasal BR1Mlah... jambatan bengkoklah, double tracking train lah.. Just answer that main question first!

As an accountant I find it very weird that Najib can't answer that simple question. Don't tell me 1MDB don't have an accounting system? Accounting system can churn out cash outflow in less than 5 mins! How can a 42b fund don't have an accounting system? Impossible!!

So the longer Najib took to answer that simple question, the lower his credibility in the eyes of rakyat. His taichi answer to wait for audit and PAC is not the answer that the rakyat wants.

Anonymous said...

lagi pening bila PM Najib tak boleh jawap in detail sebab dia Minister kewangan. Bukan ke 1Mdb ni bawah dia, apa dia buat..tidor ke or jalan2 dengan jet pegi sana sini. mampoihh UMNO mcm ni.

hang ni pon satu, cakap tak boleh caya SR, the Edge, MI and mcm2 lagi tapi hang boleh senang2 caya kat source itu la, source ini la..source hang tu credible ka? kalau credible, aku tak rasa hang boleh tulih melalut-lalut mcm ni.

Anonymous said...

Media statement by the Board of Directors, 1Malaysia Development Berhad

Issued on 18 May 2015

For immediate publication

1MDB Board of Directors takes note of recent questions posed to it in the media. It is clear from the selective presentation of facts, lack of supporting evidence and biased reporting that an attempt is being made to shape public opinion ahead of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and the Auditor-General completing their reviews.

The search for truth must be fact-based and conducted by trustworthy, unbiased and impartial parties. A "trial by media" is of no benefit to any party who is genuinely interested in the truth.

Accordingly, the Board will fully co-operate with and will only reply to questions posed by the bi-partisan PAC, the Auditor-General and relevant regulatory authorities.

In the meantime, the Board requests all parties to respect the review process being led by the Auditor-General (as directed by the Cabinet) and to await the outcome of PAC hearings which commence this week.

About 1MDB

1MDB is a strategic development company wholly-owned by the Government of Malaysia. 1MDB drives market-driven initiatives to help transform Malaysia into a thriving economy – one that is highly competitive, inclusive and sustainable. 1MDB forges international partnerships through joint ventures focused on high-impact projects. For more information about 1MDB, please visit

Anonymous said...

The Corp Comm of 1MDB must be the most useless in the world.
For credible internatiomal organisation during time of adversity you see them engaging the public.
Bukan lari sorok diri.

Anonymous said...

@12:53 AM

Yang lari sorok diri - selalunya ada rahsia nak disembunyikan

Yg professional, yg tinggi integriti, yg berbakat akan kedepan menenangkan keadaan

menjawab segala persoalan dgn jujur dan tepat

Anonymous said...

Why do all these problem happen to Malays and the Malays are willing to excuse it. I think Malays should consider whether they would rather have Najib and his scammers or Guan Eng and DAP. Najib is easier to look at and perhaps this obsession with looking at things superficially is why 1mdb nonsense can happen in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

The last deal by the edge was in early june 2014. Sellers of the shares is not known jeng jeng jeng ....

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:10 pagi, "So, what's your agenda here, apart from the usual excuses that the NEP has been "betrayed"?

If you can't compete, be man enough to admit it, instead of looking for excuses & scapegoats"

So why don't you stalk on Khazanah and screwed them for doing misdemeanor to MAS. TRI have managed to scrap through with razor thin escapade. But now go after Khazanah lah. They are all so called elite intellectual Malay. The cannot even understand Airline business model, and forget about running Airline business.

Anonymous said...

Either ABITW is not aware of the history of 1MDB land i.e was under the Amanah pelaburan Bumiputera or he/they?? are throwing sand at the eyes of the gullible, naive and emotional malays which he/they so eloquently described by suggesting TH move as a bumiputera agenda..pls la can do better la..


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