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Many asses got burnt

It looks like any other typical 1-2-3 bang tactic employed by Tun Dr Mahathir.

There was the less than expected crowd at the Kongress Rakyat without PAS, Tengku Razaleigh and Datin Seri Wan Azizah, then the far from 3 to 4,000 turnout at Rafizi's and use of foreign media.

Instead of achieving what they set out to do, it turned out to be one boo boo after another including open squabbles between Tun Dr Mahathir and Ku Li, and Wan Azizah dismiss Deklarasi Rakyat for it's intention to bring someone rather than a reform agenda. It was a right in the face critic of Tun M.

It may seemed like Tun M got his ass burned but it is not just him. There are many more.

Perception of Fear

Four Corners documentary feature ny ABC Australia to create a perception of fear pervading Malaysia under Dato Najib. It would have been more relevent for a Malaysia under admit-dictator Tun M.

The attwmpt by ABC to Australians is meaningless since only Malaysians voters matter.

So it could be intended for the impending Sarawak state election. Co-incidently, the feature begin with attempt by two ABC reporters to break security to get a statement from Najib in Kuching.

It become a controversy because police was going to charge the reporters for breaking the law.

Frankly, equal blame should be directed at Najib's security detail. Though can be unnecessarily rough and harsh to the public at times, they slackened when it really matters.

The documentary may be well produced but for the discerning observers, it has no credibility, wrong on facts and tried to join together unrelated events. The state owned television looked outright vengeful.

With issues like submarine revived, they were recycling old issues and over dramatised by tying unrelated murders of Kelvin Morais, Altantunya, and Hussein Najadi to the current accusation of money laundering.

Getting quotes from Charles Morais, late PI Bala, Cynthia Gabriel, Pascale Najadi, Clare Brown, Tony Pua, Dato Khairuddin Abu Hassan and Tun Dr Mahathir gave grounds to the discerning viewers to dismiss it.

Gen Y and Z boleh la ditipu buta-buta ...

Four Corner spin

The documentary below:

Lim Sian See commented:
Yesterday's ABC documentary; 'Four Corners': State of Fear" done by the two Australians who tried to ambush Najib going into the mosque in Sarawak aired on TV - including in Malaysia.

The documentary recycled a bunch of old allegations including Altantuya/scorpene and any blind person can see that it seems to propaganda that is purpose built to paint as bad a picture as they can on PM Najib.

This basically ignores the fact that Altantuya's murder went thru three court trials and PM was never implicated in this trial.

But what is new is that Mahathir admitted that he had talked to convicted murderer Sirul supposedly to "help him get asylum" in the Australia. Mahathir claimed he asked for nothing in return!

Yeah right, we believe you that Mahathir is now an immigration lawyer and can help Sirul and expecting nothing in return.

No wonder Sirul had made a series of video "confession" claiming that certain high profile leaders had asked Sirul to unfairly frame Najib in return for certain favours.

Mahathir has admitted to talking to Sirul and I believe PDRM should investigate Sirul and Mahathir if there was conspiracy by Mahathir to frame Najib by promising freedom for Sirul.
He should be investigated for the crime of abetting a convict to escape. Since he said in the documentary that institution to safeguard public interest is not functioning anymore, it should start with him.

After all, late Tun Abdul Rahman said it was him that started the breakdown of public institution.

Continuing with Sian See:
The fact that 4 Corners still tried to blame Kevin Morais' murder on Najib on the pretext that he was investigating Najib's RM2.6b is also astounding as his murder has now gone to trial with seven suspects.

Also, I cannot understand why they would want to take out Kevin Morais who was not even working on this case when the rest of the investigation team including the ex-AG is still around - it makes no sense.

And what happened to the so-called pen-drive full of evidence that Kevin's brother said he has and threatened to review 6 months ago?

Can't you just drop the contents of the pen-drive into Google Drive and send us the link? What decade are you living in?
Clare said the charge sheet was a smoking gun but it blew open a set-up by Gani Patail

Also, the 4 corners program said that ex-AG Gani, who was in communication with ex-DPM Muhyiddin, was about to file charges against Najib just before he was replaced.

It is simply beyond belief that these journalist would even dare run this story knowing full well that the MACC investigation papers on Najib was not even completed and sent to the AG Office for further actions.

Heck! Najib, the so-called main suspect was not even questioned yet so how can the investigations be completed?

And if investigations are not completed and the file not sent to the AG for further action, how can charges be filed?
The fake charge sheet shows CSR Manager being charged?
He know nuts on the fund raising

Surely experienced journalists know this.

In fact, are we to believe that MACC and the AG's effectiveness and efficiency has reached an entirely new level where investigations started on July 3rd 2015 would mean charges by July 27th 2015?

That would be incredible speed of our legal system - never seen before and seen since.

It either points to a high-level conspiracy to frame or the entire ex-AG story is not credible - especially since our ex-AG himself have not said a word about this.

However, the program did indeed have a new revelation

Thought the guy looks like a make-up Matthias Chang
Their crew had been apparently shown the bank documents by an unnamed 'high-level source'.

“The banking documents reveal an extraordinary and steady flow of money between 2011 and 2014,”

Among others, US$75 million came from a Saudi prince, while another US$80 million came from the Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Finance.

A further US$120 million supposedly came from an unnamed British Virgin Islands shell company.

The documentary also listed two transactions in March 2013 that supposedly came from another BVI company, totalling US$681 million. This is the often-reported RM2.6 billion political donation.

The total received by Najib, according to the documentary, was US$1.03 billion (RM4.14 billion) by April 10, 2013 - just over a month prior to the 13th general election.

Now why would the Saudi Ministry of Finance send money directly to Najib's accounts?

This is significant as this is no longer just a transfer from individuals in the Royal family but the actual Saudi Arabia Govt itself.

That Saudi MOF transfer is just one of the 4 transactions.

Do remember that MACC said they had interviewed the donor who confirmed that all 4 transactions were from Saudi and was a political contribution.

MACC had long ago said they have 4 letters for the four transfers lodged at the time of transfer - all from the same person. This means that the donor was sending funding to Najib via different accounts and sources - which is not unusual as you would expect the Saudi country and Royal family to have money all over the world and kept there for confidentiality purposes.

Which means the person who lodged the letter for the transfer from the Saudi Ministry of Finance was also the same person who lodged the letter for the 2013 RM2.6b transfer - which WSJ had claimed Najib had returned most of the money right after GE13.

And is this why Najib and our government does not want to reveal too much information on the deals?

That this is an official Saudi Govt covert initiative and it is not right for Najib and Malaysia to disclose other countries covert initiatives?

Is this also why the foreign media seems obsessed on this issue to find out how Saudi Arabia funds other countries and is trying to get an admission?

All in all, this 4 corners programme looks and fells like an exercise in planned propaganda to paint PM Najib as black as they can.

In fact, they interviewed all those politicians and NGOs who are known to be anti-Najib but did not interview anyone who is pro-Najib nor anyone who would be seen as neutral - which goes against the very essence of balanced reporting.

Just for laugh

For laugh, Tun M said he suspect undesirable activities.

Since people always say he always knows what he is talking about though have made many factual errors, when is the proofs on RM42 billion lesap to be revealed?

Why buyers for Edra and Bandar Malaysia, and debt for asset swap still see value in 1MDB assets? Shouldn't it be valueless assets?!

He said the institution to safeguarding public interest is not functioning anymore. Sure ... if only Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Hussein Onn are still alive.

He has just quit Proton and other government positions held. Bigdog's posting here may have been too much for him.

Quite typical to mess things for others to clean up and eventually topple the ones cleaning up the mess. At least we can move forward on Proton. Read Bigdog here also.

Check out Tan Sri Annuar Musa reply on Tun M's dedak comment:
Saya rasa bukan soal orang yang menyokong itu makan dedak tapi ini soal orang yang menentang itu tidak dapat makan dedak.

Tony Pua said every project of 1MDB end up failing into billion of debt that could not be paid.

This blog revealed who triggered the problem - both certain Bank Negara official on the loan side and opposition in sabotaging the listing of Edra. It could have been paid off all and sundry.

Did 1MDB loss any money, Pua? That should be the more important yardstick to compare with Tun M's multitude of failed ventures.

WSJ admit

Sorry can't find the WSJ clipping

The blackest burnt ass will be on Wall Street Journal.

They claimed Jakel is a "luxury clothing retailer" (what a laugh) in which they were only selling at rip-off prices but admitted Najib's money came from the Saudi.

[Update] The following video clipping explained:

Tun M said ...

This letter was no bullshit, sir:

Relating to the letter, read Syed Akbar got his black ass fried for saying the wrong thing. To say the chronology of event was wrong, bacalah betul-betul was only a suggestion for GMM.

Prime Minister's Office released the following statement:

Today, for the first time, the Wall Street Journal has been forced to admit that at least some of the funds donated to the Prime Minister came from Saudi Arabia.

For nearly a year, the WSJ denied that the funds came from Saudi Arabia, and attacked all those who suggested otherwise.

This included the Attorney General who, after reviewing the exhaustive investigations and examining all the evidence – including wire transfers and interviews with the Royal Family – confirmed that the funds were a donation from the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.

Neither the confirmation from lawful Malaysian authorities, nor the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, nor reputable outlets such as the BBC and Daily Telegraph, was enough to make the WSJ stop their attacks or denials that any of the funds had come from Saudi Arabia.

This exposed the bias in the WSJ's reporting, and made clear that their coverage was not driven by an impartial desire to cover the facts. Instead, their reporting was based on false information they were willingly fed by Tun Mahathir's Anti-Najib Campaign.

Maybe it's their embarrassment that stops them accepting the facts in full. Namely, as the Prime Minister has always maintained, the funds were a donation from Saudi Arabia – as the evidence shows.

However, today is a small step towards the WSJ admitting that they have been wrong all along – and that they were wrong to base their reporting on unnamed and anonymous sources who have never been revealed and may not even exist.

It means Najib had been proven right all along [read Rocky Bru's January 27th posting here and The Star here].

Hope Datuk Hafarizam will sue WSJ next Tuesday.

Nazir's black eye

Equally blackened ass and with a black eye is Dato Nazir Tun Razak. He was so vocal against 1MDB and recently tone down to say never again 1MDB.

WSJ confirm this blog's long suspicion that Nazir's loud mouth is basically covering up for his own failings. In this case, he was involved.

[This blog have been writing extensively about him and his mess. Google it]

Straits Times of Singapore has the story. Read below:
Nazir 'received, then disbursed funds from Najib's bank account', says WSJ
Shannon Teoh  Malaysia Bureau Chief In Kuala Lumpur

Prominent banker Nazir Razak, who has been critical of the state of Malaysia's institutions and politics, has found himself embroiled in a financial scandal swirling around his brother, Prime Minister Najib Razak.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that Datuk Seri Nazir received US$7 million (S$9.4 million) transferred into his account from his older brother's, and the money was then disbursed to Umno politicians ahead of the 2013 General Election.

The newspaper said that Mr Nazir, who was chief executive of CIMB at the time, confirmed in a statement that the money was distributed in accordance with instructions from party leaders. He also said he believed the money was from donations he helped to raise from Malaysian companies and individuals for the election.

"I had no knowledge whatsoever that these funds may have originated from any other source," he said in the statement. "The entire amount was paid out in cash to various recipients according to the instructions of the party president, and the account was closed with a zero balance."

The WSJ article centred on allegations that money from 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) was used by Datuk Seri Najib, the state investor's advisory chief, for both political and personal purposes.

1MDB has denied the allegations, while Mr Najib has insisted that US$681 million found in his personal accounts was a donation from the Saudi royal family "to be used as the Prime Minister saw fit".

The Prime Minister's Office accused the WSJ of bias yesterday, saying in a statement that the newspaper's position has shifted to "admit that at least some of the funds" came from Saudi Arabia.

Mr Nazir's involvement in the disbursement of political funds has drawn surprise. Since becoming CIMB chairman in 2014, he has been vocal about national issues. He has slammed 1MDB and called for its board to resign, while bemoaning the state of the country that his brother has governed since 2009.

Last June, he announced plans to launch a non-governmental organisation with former deputy minister Saifuddin Abdullah to champion moderate views. "I just can't see how our institutions can recover, how our political atmosphere can become less toxic, how our international reputation can be repaired," he had said in February.

Datuk Saifuddin, who left Umno last October, told The Straits Times he was quite surprised by the WSJ report, as he was unaware that Mr Nazir had been involved in disbursing party funds, although raising money to help politicians is a normal practice.

Malaysia's integrity minister Paul Low, who heads a newly established committee to recommend regulations on political funding, made it clear that such activities were "not regulated at all".

He said: "This is precisely why we need regulations to distinguish (between) what are political funds and what are not, and if it is political, then we must ensure full disclosure."

A top finance executive familiar with political funding told The Straits Times that "as CEO of a major bank, I wouldn't do it, because now you are tarnished".

"I understand wanting to help (Mr Nazir helping his brother), but admitting you helped raise funds will lead people to assume it came from your clients because every big guy in town was his client. It raises the question of 'fit and proper'. Putting it in your personal account also seems careless," he said.

Mr Nazir did not specify the individuals the money was disbursed to, or why his personal account was used. CIMB officials have not responded to queries.

Adding to 1MDB's woes, Luxembourg's state prosecutor has launched an inquiry into allegations of money laundering by 1MDB in 2012 and 2013, Reuters said yesterday.

The prosecutor said there was evidence that funds held by the Malaysian government in offshore accounts in Singapore, Switzerland and Luxembourg had been misused, it said.
Misused? Then go after the operator or management. How is a PM to know everything?

Since they are investigating, do contact 1MDB or give their list of specific enquiries to the Attorney General Office.

Not just talk to the press for self political mileage as a certain other foreign agency did. When the final letter came in, the request is hardly significant.

Back to Nazir, he responded. He said to ST, except below:
"I had no knowledge whatsoever that these funds may have originated from any other source," he said in the statement.

"The entire amount was paid out in cash to various recipients according to the instructions of the party president, and the account was closed with a zero balance."
But, why now only after WSJ revealed on him? [Update] Rahim Zanudfin poser to Nazir on FMT here was where is his due dilligence?

[Update 4/4] Dato Dr Puad Zarkashi highlighted that Nazir was wring. There is no law against political donation:

Now that Tun M have resigned from Proton, Rocky Bru asked whether Nazir should consider quitting his positions in CIMB, Khazanah and all government appointments.

It would be useful to help alleviate unemployment problem in the country. Many 5-year working Gen Y thinks they are ready to fill up his positions. Argument is give them a chance.

Nazir's saved fat salary can be donated to an education fund to send deserving student like an Engineering student bound for UCL.

Love it when we are right!

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Tak boleh percaya mamak kerala yang sanggup menggadai bangsa dan agama hanya kerana kepentingan anak2 dan kroni2

Tak boleh percaya si adik seperti nazir razak yang mengkhianati abang sendiri.

Both are disgusting individuals who are blessed with so much wealth yet so ugly and rotten on the inside.

Anonymous said...

Dengan bukti yang bertarikh 2011 ini, adakah perlu memecat TPM-TSMY ?
Bukankah dengan memberi bukti ini kepada TSMY sudah cukup menjawap banyak persoalan ?

Atau pun semua telah dimasak (aka cooked) ?

Anonymous said...

"Let those in power know that we will resist all further attempts to undermine our democracy.

And when the day comes when Malaysia regains its democracy (and that day will surely come), we will remember the names of all those who chose to destroy democracy rather than defend it, and we will call them to account." Yang Berbahagia Dato' Ambiga Sreenevasan.

ex banker said...

Nazir broke banking secrecy rule for divulging transaction.

Police report should be filed. Does not matter that he is PM's youngest brother.

This breaking BAFIA rule.

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