Thursday, April 28, 2016

This is one "sedap" laksa breakfast

They serve laksa for breakfast in Sarawak, Laksa Sarawak that is. It is not unusual for noodle to be served for breakfast. But for laksa, this is the first time.

In Johor, mee rebus is served for breakfast with few sticks of sate in Johor. Interestingly, it is noticed mee jawa is served for breakfast with few sticks of satay in Sarawak.

There are javanese in Sarawak but not sure there are Johorean javanese. Nevertheless, there are substantial number of Sarawakians, including Iban working in Pasir Gudang, Johor Baru.

What better place to go for Laksa Sarawak in Kuching than to Mom's Laksa. The establishment owned by a Haji Tahir is rated by local as the best laksa in town and it is supposedly very popular.

A local brought us to the shop in Satok, Kuching. Mom's have three branches and the first branch is at Kampong Kitak.

No wonder the locals loved it. There is a distinct mildness in the gravy. Sufficiently spiced but none of the distinct dried udang kering one are used to. Maybe there is more fresh prawn. That is something Laksa Sarawak served in Semenanjung could not afford to sell.

Just guessing, do not really know the recipe.

If mee rebus or laksa Johor has curry-like spice in the paste to make gravy, the intelligent guess is laksa Sarawak would use local ingredients like the Sarawak reknown black pepper in the gravy.

We requested half the usual portion of noodle and replaced by more vegetable, taugeh that is.

And, complimented with teh O kosong and suppliments. Trying to stay true to the weight loss program and salvage some fitness for this aging body. Tough to do on the road and roughing it out.

Anyway, here is a tip. In Sarawak, do not make the mistake of ordering ais kosong. They'll just serve ice without water. Air sejuk would do.


Anonymous said...

they call ais sejuk for ais kosong

Anonymous said...

Mee jawa has been there for a long time, served with more than 3 satay sticks- the number of satay sticks the choice of the customer.Popular sartay would be the 'kerapen meat' or the chicken skin. In the days when turtle eggs were not banned yet, it went well to gobble 2 in order to claim a complete breakfast.

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