Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sunset at Kuching's riverside

Did an evening walk workout along Kucing's riverside.

Stumbled into a vacant boat for evening riverside tour.


It was a certainly beautiful walk ... and ride.

Hope to resume posting soon. Many interesting experience to share. Malas mode masa jalan-jalan.


Anonymous said...

You need some serious soul-searching... before you're "past the Rubicon". But hey, look who just came back after crossing!

A Voice said...

Get a life dude There is more to life than 1mdb and politics.

If found guilty, charge. No isssue, Tangkap, charge and penjara! No need soul searching

Just tell the truth.

No spinning. No fabrication. No manipulation and twisting of fact. No dumb headliner, cheap soundbyte and shallow on fact. No accusation without proofs. No politicising of crime. No underhanded power play. No charging of the wroong person.

1MDB say it is IPIC's problem. IPIC wants insist 1MDB not honour deal. But if they do not honour, both can default. One rating agency say no issue of cross default.

It is a commercial issue.

If crime is commited, establissh it. Thus far only media wayang of foreign investigation and event not known to have link. Filled with Mahathir and opposition orchestrated wayang in cohoot with foreigners.

Get that right first. And don't kacau our break @$$h%1&

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