Friday, March 25, 2011

Desperate to be hero, Rahim Tamby gave Pakatan bullets

Anwar addresses a crowd at his Segambut home,
March 24, 2011. — Picture by Choo Choy May

From sex video, a galvanised Pakatan

KUALA LUMPUR, March 25 — At Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s home last night, former Abim president Datuk Siddiq Fadhil gave an impassioned sermon to a 400-strong crowd of mostly Muslims.

But a quick survey of the compound saw more than half of the men clad in robes or baju Melayus absorbed in reading a chronological account of events in the sex video saga where Anwar is allegedly shown having sex with a prostitute.

Curiosity, especially within the Malay public, has been piqued and this is viewed positively by Pakatan Rakyat (PR), who will be holding a series of rallies in the coming week that will see it go on the offensive, accusing Umno of gutter politics.

“The sex video is shrouded in doubt. This has opened the way for us to reach the public, especially the Malays who want to find out more,” PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution told The Malaysian Insider.

Pix: Umno has moved to keep Rahim at arm’s length.

Last night, Anwar held prayers at his home and had catered for 250 Muslims to come for a night of sermons, but the opposition leader later had to apologise to the 400 who came for being ill-prepared for the crowd.

If the video is — as PR claims — an Umno ploy, then it may well backfire as pact now appear to have been galvanised.

Anwar is in his element when under siege and issues quickly become platforms for the PKR de facto leader, as was seen when tens of thousands protested his 1998 sacking as deputy prime minister.

His party has responded swiftly to seize the initiative since the video first surfaced on Monday, alleging Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s involvement with the trio, collectively known as “Datuk T”, behind the 21-minute tape.

PKR’s claims of dirty politics by Umno has gained credence when Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik, who had to resign in 1994 as Malacca chief minister after accusations of statutory rape, admitted that he was part of “Datuk T.”

Umno, too, has seen the potential damage and has been quick to distance itself from its former Youth chief, insisting that Abdul Rahim was acting in his personal capacity.

Significantly, even PAS now seems to be firmly by Anwar’s side after talk of uneasiness with PKR following a string of by-election defeats in Malay-majority seats.

When a reporter asked Anwar on Tuesday if he should swear on the Quran that he was not the man in a sex video that surfaced the day before, it was PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang who insisted on fielding the question.

“Let me answer this,” he told Anwar at the press conference, before launching into a short sermon on Syariah law.

“We were surprised. Hadi is usually very reserved but I think he has had enough,” said PKR deputy president Azmin Ali.

The normally calm Abdul Hadi has been on a warpath since.

In a sermon that night in Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya, he spent over 20 minutes of a fiery speech claiming that the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) was indulging in gutter politics to bring down Opposition Leader Anwar, who is also facing an ongoing sodomy trial.

Pix: Hadi has found an unusual fervour for defending Anwar.

According to Saifuddin, the ceramah drew a crowd of 5,000 — over 20 per cent more than expected.

“Yes, we’ve noticed that Hadi has become very fierce since the video came out,” said former PAS secretary-general Datuk Kamaruddin Jaafar.

Abdul Hadi has been seen as being cool about his Islamic party’s relationship with Anwar, unlike the “Erdogan” camp in PAS that is said to support the embattled PKR de facto leader at all cost.

Anwar finding an unexpected champion in Abdul Hadi to fight the latest allegation of sexual misconduct is the clearest sign that the opposition coalition still has plenty of puff left in it.

Azmin’s sister, Ummi Hafilda, who has accused Anwar of sexual misconduct over the past 13 years, has claimed that there are 18 more sex videos of the Permatang Pauh MP.

But as Badrul Hisham Baharin, a PKR Youth leader, put it last night, “They can have 188 more sex videos and it would not matter.” - The Malaysian Insiders


mohamed said...

I dont really know,but they look like animals being conered and are fighting tooth and nail for their survival.

“They can have 188 more sex videos and it would not matter.”

This statement says it all

May be not to you but to most of us matters. We dont want this kind of buggers and fuckers
to represent us in the Muslim world.

Anonymous said...

You write in a very cunning devious manner. It's already proven it came from UMNO. Now trying to push the buck to PM.
How mischievious.

Anonymous said...

not bullet but nuclear

Anonymous said...


Ini SMS yang saya terima mengenai Dato Eskay Abdullah.Yang hantar ini kawan saya dari Kedah.
"Budak ini bangsa India orang siam bela dia.Dia kawin dengan anak Che Gu Kasim Ali.Dia kerja di majelis sukan bukit jalil.Pandai mengurut.Aku perkenal dia dengan AI dan AI perkenan dia dengan Mahathir.Dia selalu urut Mahathir.Masa Syed razak jadi MB kedah,dia tuboh syarikat Penerbangan Kedah Air.Pinjam duit bank Pertanian,buka kedai daging.Akhirnya semua lingkup.Sekarang ini aku dapat business card dia.Dia jadi honorary Council Thailand di langkawi.Pejabat dia dibayview hotel.Dia beritahu ramai orang kedah,Taksin PM Thailang rakan kongsinya.Dia ada kelang baja di Thailand."

Saya ingat oleh kerana UMNO amat ghairah dengan skandal sex Anwar,bila dato Eskay beritahu dia ada video sex semua orang UMNO exciated.Pemimpin2 UMNO mula buat kenyataan yang memberahikan.Akhbar Utusan dan Berita Harian memainkan cerita ini dengan baik.

Bila TV3 mula menyiarkan berita yang dato Eskay dan Rahim Tambi Chik dan Shuib Lazim merupakan Dato T,kemi orang Kedah mula tergelak.Kawan saya Dato Ya dengan lantang berkata UMNO dah kena.UMNO dan kena.

Saya setuju dengan kenyataan Bro.Desperate to be a hero,Rahim Thamby gave Pakatan not the bullets but the canon.

Tak payah siasat dan Tak payah tengok,Jika Video itu datang dari Dato Eskay ,saya berani bertaroh Video itu tak betul.Jikalau hendak buat Damage Control,saya cadangkan supaya semua Media Pro UMNO berhenti membincangkan Kes ini yang memalukan UMNO.Mari kita tumpu dengan pilehan raya Serawak.

A Voice said...

All commentator misread this posting.

Is the video an UMNO game? No, UMNO is not that smart these days to do such things.

Is the video a Government game? NO also. It is too stupid and sloppy.

Government does not need any extra push to rid of Anwar. He is pushing himself into Sg Buloh by himself.

This can only be RTC's game.

It can't be Shuib Lazim. Neither is it Eskay's game although he is an important player.

If this is the planned game being played, it is a stupid one.

It allowed PKR to take advantage of it.

Anonymous said...

I detest Anwar and do not want him as a leader ever. But this Rahim Tamby is another one.

It's good that the Police arrested Rahim Tamby. He has been the one who started this mess, coming out in the news under the name of Datuk T and all. He had the video which had been confiscated by the Police. Had he been sincere about it from the beginning, he would have voluntarily handed it to the Police, not after the nearly 5 hours of interrogation. But it would have been contrary to his intent, wouldn't it?

It must have been a Police interrogation, otherwise it would not have been that long. And I did not read him declaring that he was arrested (released on Police bail) when he spoke to the press after the Police interrogation. But then a scheming fellow would't declare that, would he?

Whatever his motive may be, it's such a lowly, cowardly and despicable act on the part of Rahim Tamby. A person carrying the title of Tan Sri. No doubt not all Tan Sris are of reputable character. A few have even brought the name of the country down with shame. He was simply lucky to be in the group of Menteri Besars and Chief Minister that Mahathir one day decided to give the Tan Sri title for whatever political aim Mahathir had at that time. But Rahim Tamby should have tried to live up to the honorary title. And his former official title of Chief Minister of Melaka.

But then he has been of questionable repute even as a Chief Minister. His wild escapades and illicit relations with the opposite sex were reported in the papers a lot. They have led to his resignation from the Chief Minister's post. Resigned in ignominy, dishonour. What a bloke. (Anyone not familiar with the use of the word and not feeling easy about it being used on a so-called Tan Sri, pls note that the dictionary defines it as "man, fellow, chap ..").

A Voice thinks of the bloke being "desperate to be a hero", others say he is vengeful on Anwar who, as DPM, pressured him to resign from the Chief Minister's post. I say let both of them land in the gutter so as not to smear the name of the Malays any more. These two are poor specimen of the Malay race and we can all do without them. I'm hoping that Sodomy II Anwar will settle down in Sungai Buluh till the end of his days and that the current Police investigations will lead Rahim Tamby to join Anwar there to play strip poker or whatever for a good number of years. In Sungai Buloh, they would not likely be in the news and the Malays need not be shamed any more.

And I hope UMNO can ride this one out against the Pakatan onslaught. They are sharp bullets but let's hope some would ricochet and hit Anwar and Rahim Tamby back. So many among the members of the public are fed up with dirty politics, corruption, cronyism, sex scandals and endless Commission of Enquiries that quite a number will just say "kalau tak ada angin tak kan cabang bergerak", and just think of Anwar - and Rahim Tamby - as dirty scoundrels. I won't really mind if they do, irrespective of the outcome of Sodomy II court case and the Police investigations into the stupid Trio (the word stupid has been used by many and I agree).

Anonymous said...

Salam . Saya dah agak - umno kena pau.Dah kena daaaah. Saya kenal Dato Esky ini semasa berkerja di kedah awal tahun 2000 lagi. Dah pergi rumah dia tiga empat kali- bawa anak anak mengurut. Kat rumah dia terpangpang gambar Mahathir dan pembesar umno. Asyik-asyik cerita kenal semua menteri ,semua raja. Cakap besar tapi bil kurang rm 1000 pun tak bayar. Kami orang kat kedah dah masak benar dengan dia .PUTAR ALAM. Dah kena pau dulu lagi.

Anonymous said...

RTC - remind me of Hang Jebat, nak balas dendam tak check dulu.

bodo punya hero tua.

Anonymous said...


Tahun lepas dato Emkay pergi haji.Dia tinggal di Zam zam tower.Kawan saya orang saudi jumpa saya dan berkata ada satu orang kaya dari Malaysia hendak membeli Marwah Apartment berharga $15 juta rial.Dia minta saya check backround.

Saya di perkenalkan dengan Dato Eskay Abdullah.Dia beri kad business dia kapada saya.Jawatannya sabagai Thai Hanorary Council di Langkawi.Dia kata dia ini partner bekas PM taksin dan sekarang ini dia memegang saham dalam banyak syarikat Taksin di Thailand.

Bila saya tengok langkawi saya terus telephone kawan saya di langkawi.Dia kata dengan Dato Eskay kena jaga2 sikit.Dia ini BOM besar.Cakap besar tapi duit tak tahu ada tak ada.

Saya suroh kawan saudi saya meminta deposit$50.000.Dia kata dia tiada wang cash.Bila kawan saya minta kredit card nya.Dia kata dia tak pakai kredit card.

Saya kawa kapada kawan saya mari kita minum kopi dan hishap sisha.Jangan buang masa dengan dia.

Ha Ha ha.Jika Najib dan UMNO boleh percaya dengan Dato Esjay dan RTC dalam sex video ini memanag UMNO dah desperate sangat.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how come got one blog saying

‘Datuk T’ ditahan dan dibebaskan dengan jaminan Polis

Mantan Ketua Menteri Melaka Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Tamby Chik dan Dato’ Shazryl Eskay Abdullah telah ditahan oleh Polis kerana siasatan mengenai video amat sensasi ...

Repot No. 10044/11
Ringkasan repot:

a)Pada 24 MAC 11 jam 1700, pengadu YAHYA bin ABDUL RAHMAN – Pegawai D9 IPKKL telah bertemu dengan 2 lelaki Melayu iaitu 1. SHAZRYL ESKAY bin ABDULLAH dan 2. A RAHIM bin TAMBY CHIK di pintu A, Bukit Aman.
b)Pengadu bertemu kedua-dua lelaki tersebut ke tingkat 28, Menara 2, Bukit Aman dan Pengadu kenalkan diri sebagai Pegawai Penyiasat Kanan, minta kad pengenalan kedua-dua lelaki tersebut.
c) Butir-butir lelaki tersebut :



d)Pada jam 1715, penama 1 telah serahkan 1 thumb drive jenama sandisk cruzer. Lain barangan dalam report.
e)Pengadu maklum kepada kedua-kedua lelaki ditahan secara rasmi bersabit THSL Rpt. 9703/11 sek 292 (a) Kanun Keseksaan, tangkapan dibawah peruntukan Sek.28A Kanun Prosedur Jenayah serta hak-hak Orang Kena Tuduh dibawah Perkara 5(3) Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

But The star reported IGP saying no arrest -

The Star
Friday March 25, 2011 MYT 9:38:31 PM
Sex video: Three nabbed, say police

KUALA LUMPUR: Police have arrested three men in connection with the sex video allegedly involving a prominent opposition politician having sex with a foreign prostitute.

Royal Malaysia Police secretary Deputy Commissioner Datuk Ghazali Md Amin, without revealing the identities of those arrested, said police obtained several items as evidence from two of them.
All three have since been released on bail pending investigations.


Inspector-General of police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said police were also trying to determine the identity of the people seen in the video as well the person who recorded it.

“There are a few things we are looking into right now,” he said when speaking to reporters after attending the 204th Police Day celebration at the Police Training Centre (Pulapol) Friday.

On Thursday, Abdul Rahim and Eskay turned over the original sex video and an Omega wristwatch to the police at Dang Wangi police headquarters.

When asked why the duo were not arrested when they went to the police headquarters, Ismail said: “What offence (did they commit) you tell me”.

However, he added, if investigations showed that the trio were involved, and if there was sufficient evidence, police would arrest them.

inspirasicyber said...

aku pening dengan malaysia sekarang ni..matlamat menghalalkan cara

Anonymous said...

Hmm!Nampak gaya ada chance nak jadi Pengerusi Risda ataupun Senator. Tak lama lagi kosonglah kerusi tu.

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