Sunday, March 27, 2011

This time you've gone too far, Nurjazlan

Dato' Nurjazlan is going around bitching to Johoreans and his Pulai constituents in Johor Baru saying Mahathir sympathisers framed Anwar Ibrahim.

He claimed Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik did it without the consent of Dato Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak.

That was told to this blogger in an SMS coming from a highly reliable source from his UMNO Division.

For someone, who is the head of an UMNO Division and kept riding on his father's name to survive Pulai, those two statements are not too smart.

It is tantamount to back stabbing UMNO from within. Those words only perpetuate further the open secret that Melayu Liberals like Nurjazlan are closet Anwarista.

As it is, Anwar's people are spinning that there is a high level conpiracy by UMNO to frame Anwar.

How ill intent Nurjazlan could be to claim it on the Mahathir sympathiers, when almost any other person in UMNO, pro-Mahathir or otherwise, are saying it is a dumb Rahim's attempt to be a hero and try a comeback?

It is too poorly timed, badly planned, not thought through, and pathetically executed to have any Mahathir or pro Mahathir signature. With Anwar squirming in court, any true pro-Mahathir operators would just lay back and do nothing.

This is the kind of thing, political amateur, whining baby, like Nurjazlan, would do. Remember Nurjazlan crying in his Division meeting speech to gain sympathy, which otherwise he would have lost badly.

He won with the help of papa.

And he doesn't realise over the years how much people puke everything as Ketua Bahagian, he has to keep mentioning his father kirim salam, whenever he is on stage.

This comment by Nurjazlan is another typical bitching and whining by Nurjazlan, his late father and family. This has gone too far and long. It is time to make him stop.

Every hangers-on at PWTC, particularly at Riverside and The Mall, knows his late father, Tan Sri Mohamad Rahmat have been bitching of not getting anything for the service he claimed he had done for Dr Mahathir all through the years.

This blogger can't quite understand such language.

Wasn't Tok Mat being paid salary to be Minister and Secretary general of UMNO?

The late Tok Mat should be lucky because he was already in the boondock as Ambassador to Indonesia and on his way out of politics. The position he got was for back stabbing the whole Johor UMNO, who for lack of a better judgement collectively agreed to back Tun Musa Hitam.

Is Tok Mat and family saying that support should be exchanged for projects and contracts? Where is all the talk on stage of perjuangan kepada agama, bangsa dan negara?

Why does he need it at such late age?

Tok Mat was quite wealthy when he first stepped out of Cabinet. Hope Nurjazlan will not try to deny that his father had shares in Air Hitam Tin Syndicate Berhad and made more from subsequent corporate exercise.

It's all in this blogger's library.

Nurjazlan's mother came from a wealthy Indonesian Chinese settling in Singapore. The Equatorial Hotel chain belongs to that family.

Tak cukup-cukup harta kekayaan dunia lagikah?

It is due to their perception of not getting anything, the late Tok Mat and Nurjazlan too went bitching about Dr Mahathir's administration and sided with Tun Abdullah on the crooked bridge issue.

His late father expressed it in his book. But who is he kidding by trying to rebrand himself as a progressive Melayu Liberal?

Nurjazlan explicitly expressed views that Melayu do not need any more assistance and are quite capable of being competitive. He express disgust with the affirmative action policies of Dr Mahathir which his father was part of the collective responsibility.

What a load of hogwash!

Melayu Liberal, as this blogger have written before are a bunch of fake. Ask ourselves: Why are most Melayu Liberals are to be found working with GLCs and trying to secure Government contracts.

Melayu Liberal boys like IDEAS wants Government to put them, inexperienced and ill equipped, to be CEO of GLCs.

The Melayu Liberals have more dependent mentality than the believers of affirmative actions. Fighter of affirmative action are thinking of the lower social class Bumiputeras.

And the professionalism, honesty and integrity of Melayu Liberals are questionable. Their shining example are Khairy Jamaluddin, Zaki Zaid, and that former Sabah UMNO Youth Chief.

Nurjazlan thinks this blogger is not aware what is being said of "Buck" within former MRSM Kulim students. "Buck" was his nicname in his days at MRSM Kulim. Wonder what is galloping in hostel those days?

If he is against Dr Mahathir, why did he went to boarding school when he is already financially endowed? Don't tell me he studied abroad on Government scholarship.

Talk within his old boys was that when he was Chairman for Tender Committee at Telekom Malaysia Berhad, he opened door for the boys to get contracts.

As claim by one of his classmate, the then CEO, Dato Abdul Wahid Omar had to close one eye or Nurjazlan will, as member, if not Chairman of the Audit Committee, give management a hard time.

Off course, he can brush those talk as heresay.

In case Najib's people are reading, monitor what this Melayu Liberal is doing as Chairman of UDA and the RM5 billion project coming his way. The Chairman of UDA is supposed to only chair Board of Director meeting, no more than that.

Now for the real juice.

When accountant-trained Nurjazlan was at Telekom, he picked up some knowledge on telecommunication.

He may have given his late father some good advice, because it seems there is a verbal agreement to give to his brother a RM300 million contract from MCMC for a "block phone" contract.

Things were moving on fine until the contract is put on the MACC radar, no thanks to a report and documents given to MACC by a blogger.

What happen to Melayu does not need assistance and can compete? Pirahh ... it is difficult to many people's eyes to believe it, now that Nurjazlan's brother who is considered related party asked for Government contract.

The report and document may reached the constituency of Pulai. It will spread like wild fire. Opposition will seize on it.

If the grassroot voters are not happy with such power abuse by the late Tok Mat, Nurjazlan will be no more a winnable candidate for Pulai Parliamantary seat.

Without papa's holding his hands, he is no more winnable as Division chief in Pulai. Yaacob Atan is waiting and ready for him.

MACC will be watching his and his family dealing, and ready for him too.


Anonymous said...

Nurjazlan is no professional politcian. Like other rich kids or kids from MP politicans , they behave like the country, the govt , people owe them tho give them more contracts , better luxury lives , and look like heroes but completely lazy and suck your blood.They may be clever but they are parasites , greedy and ambitious. look at who's who in the'ideas club' kids of malays who have made it becasue they receive support from govt, be they rich malays or royal families.

Look tt those who head Glcs and they cronies they bring in ( nothign with cronies by the way - its human to trust people you knwo will deliver but dont enrich them) - they all think they got themselves 'up there' with their own brilliance. If you pass them over and let them go do things on their own , they will not be where they are. No one will care. But the govenrment have gone over board and stupid and spoil them. And these very young turks will turn against you becasue they want to feel they did it on their own. Enriching people who dont deserve is just another' suck up ' game.
Well, during federal elections they will not vote for your govt mr Pm . They will vote for an intelectual like zaid, bec ' most govt leaders are not cool, the govt is full of old fogeys, outdated, expired, members hanging on to power'. Thats how they feel.

I have attended a forum with Jazlan representing the govt. He was idiotic, his answers unimagiantive and uninspiring. Please dont make him a election candidate la UMNO, he doesnt deserve it. Let him go join anwar.

Anonymous said...

The late Dato Rahmat once said that Dato Sri Wan Azizah is "anak naga".

Reading from your blog now i know that Nur Jazlan is "cucu anak naga" from Singapore.

We must from now beware of these "cucu anak naga".

Who knows may be he ..... for our southern neighbour.

vinnan said...
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Anonymous said...

Vinnan, don't even try to understand the pro Anwar and pro Mahathir teams. Let them fight each other until this country is finally bankrupted. At the rate the fightings are happening between those who benefit from govt contract and those who didnt, one thing is clear.....none of these people love this country and its people. They only love how much they can/could have pocketed. Its a pity that the non-malays were brought into this country to bring up and developed this country and the same non-malays who stayed on for generations will see this country eventually damaged economically by the Malays. We can all see where its heading already but the malays are still blind. In a few years time, they will be tuan in this country but there will be nothing for them to "tuan" over. They will be lowly paid labourers in oher countries

Anonymous said...

I do believe what Jazlan said.

Anonymous said...

the only "significant" thing i remember about arwah tok mat as a minister who gunting rambut amy search and awie wings.

by hearsay, this nurjazlan will be a MUBARAK member after next GE to spend his time watching TV networks over his cakerabola network.

Anonymous said...

Here comes this small brain vinnan again - after not seeing his comment for a while.

I want to get into a fxxx him mood but am mindful of A Voice's "No HOSTILE comments" advice above.

The paxxxx knows my intention anyway.

Anonymous said...

Sorry off-topic by your post but not by the comment, brother.

Anonymous 12.10 AM,

Who the hell says "the non-malays were brought into this country to bring up and developed this country and the same non-malays who stayed on for generations will see this country eventually damaged economically by the Malays"? Only you and the likes of you, ultra kiasu fellows.

Now hear this:

The non-Malays were brought here as coolies by the bloody colonial British and others to produce raw materials for British factories at a time when the Industrial Revolution was going on in England. Didn't you read History? Or you are too dumb to grasp that?

The early blokes were brought in by Menteri Larut Ngah Ibrahim in the 1860s to help modernise his tin mines even before the colonialists came - Malay tin mines numbered 250 at one time (read the History of Perak by M.A Fauzi Basri (Professor), published by Yayasan Perak. Ngah Ibrahim even provided capital to some Chinese to open up tin mines so that he could collect bigger revenues. He had a lot of money from taxes collected in his territory as a Territorial Chief.

But they brought in Ghee Hins and Hai Sans secret soieties, thugs and gangsters, fought one another for control of rival tin mines, until it developed into a series of "Larut Wars" which sucked in the Malay tin miners and the number of Malay tin mines dwindled. Such bastardly wars led the Kapitan Cina and 44 gangsters to sign a petition asking the British in Penang, from where they came, to help recover tin mines lost to rival gangs, and finally it led to British Intervention and colonial rule in Perak and Malaya. Bloody treacherous act on the part of those blokes which History should highlight. Didn't read that as well? Or dim witted? Or nasty, mischievous, malicious and treacherous intent stating what you did?

And you instigate, by saying, "Let them fight each other until this country is finally bankrupted." What bankrupting are you talking about, you seditious fellow?

What "benefit from govt contract and those who didnt" are you talking about? Don't you realise that the Chinese have been on the "tongkat" since the days of Ngah Ibrahim in the latter part of the 19th Century? Continuing getting the tongkat from the British by way of mining land, mining license, lottery and all sorts of gaming and trading licenses but letting the Malays be rice farmers and fishermen.

Still on the tongkat after Merdeka with Robert Kuok getting the monopoly to import and distribute sugar in this country. And Vincent Tan getting the easy-money lottery license from Daim, yet wanting the football betting license the issue of which was aborted by Najib. Takda masuk lu punya kepala ke?

What the f... you saying "none of these people love this country and its people"? When you blokes don't even respect the Constitution fully, don't abide by Article 152 on Bahasa Malaysia and Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays and Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak and the nasty ones did things that exploded into the 1969 race riots. Don't you know that not respecting and abiding by the Constitution shows a lack of loyalty to this country? What the heck, man, you.

You are bloody obnoxious and grangodipous saying "the malays are still blind ... will be tuan in this country but there will be nothing for them to "tuan" over". You ought to be dragged to the sea shore, laid face down on the sand and "disula" Anwar-style, not by his weapon by by sharpened bamboos, like done Malacca Empire punishment type.

Ada ngarti?

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Blogger is trying to insinuate that Jazlan was the bucking bronco of the sexual kind during his MRSM days, it cannot be further from the truth.

The nick name came about due to his physical attribute, coined by his own classmates who had high respect for him.

DKK, Penang said...

Those working in the hotel industry in Penang in the 80-s know how his late father used to book call girls, up to three at a time!

Like father, like son. Sick to the bones.

Anonymous said...

Nurjazlan ni ingat di amacam bapak dia yang baik dengan sultan.

Dia sedang melobi nak jadi Menteri Besar Johor.

Untuk jadi MB, kenalah dapat blessing SUltan.

Jazlan cubalah nak lobi Sultan dengan menjemput Tuanku Ibrahim ke satu Majlis korban.

Kah kah kah ... Tuanku tak datanag pun.

Anak bapak, ingat dia macam bapak dia.

Sedarlah sendiri bahawa orang Pulai menyampah dengan perangai kau.

Baik ada isu setinggan di settle, dia sibuk berkelahi.

Next round kau akan di gulai.

Anonymous said...

I do not allow you to criticize DNJ. A lot of people are saying same thing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:49 AM

What are you saying? Are you retard or something?

goodblog said...

Hmmm I was wondering how did this boy Nurjazlan become director of Telekom. WtF. No wonder UMNO lost the 2008 malay votes.

There are many older malays professional and we dont take kindly to budak2 like kj and nurjazlan trying to lord it over us.

While we engineers build the company up.

I can guess they pretend to know it all. Eating the grapes at board meeting and winking at the easily impressed secretaries..

Wakeup UMNO.. merit should start in umno. Those providing services producing papers and ideas.

Not historical links. We malay professional dont recognise these anymore. Mohd Rahmat? whose he?

Some I know prefer to resign rather than work under him. So disgusted.. loyalty dont entitle u to Telekom contracts or board membership.

We are merdeka and its merit all round now..

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