Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Royal Commission for Anwar's sex video

Why no call for Royal Commission from Lim Kit Siang
this time? Kuching got your tongue ...

A video allegedly of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim in a sexual romp with a China Doll or a terminology for prostitute from the PRC in a hotel room surfaced on Monday in a restricted viewing for media editors, MSN and alternative, at Carcosa Sri Negara.

No reporters or bloggers were invited for the viewing. So don't ask us whether we have seen it. We have not.

One Tan Sri met at The Loaf after breakfast yesterday shared one Chief Editor's view. The editor told him, the probability of the male to be Anwar Ibrahim is 200%.

Furthermore, the video was said to be of high quality and shots came from four angles. It is most unlikely for it to be superimposed. It is not easy to superimposed video, says Kickdefella here.

Anwar has denied it and typically start blaming others; Dato Seri Najib, Datin Seri Rosmah, Government and Special Branch.

The viewing organiser, a person being refered as Dato T, has changed his script from giving the video to Anwar for verification to offer to a Public Commission.

Correct correct correct ... why not a Royal Commission?

The last time a controversial video surfaced, the VK Lingam Tapes was dramatise to the hilt by Anwar and it reached Lim Kit Siang's favourite demand in solving any national issues i.e. Royal Commission.

Let's stop the political drama and blame game. Even the Government, BN and bloggers are not dramatising sex tape as Anwar did on VK Lingam tapes.

Call for a Royal Commission!

This time around do make sure the panel members are truly qualified and clear of the term of reference (like the RCI on Teoh Beng Hock's death). The RC panel messed it up into a legal vendetta till no case with legal substance could be made out of it.

For the similar purpose but of higher standing to the Public Commission demanded by Dato T (read here in Apanama), Royal Commission will be an independent public commission to investigate the authenticity of the tape and empowered to engage any forensic experts.

Sensible as it is Dato T's demand, the fact that he changed his script from his earlier plan to send a copy to Anwar and Wan Azizah for verification and within a week demanded them to quit from politics raise more doubts.

On Monday itself, there bloggers questioning whether Dato T is genuine in his intention to ask Anwar and Wan Azizah to quit.

It was only on February 21st he willingly searched for a watch in a room at a whore house. It means to MIM here that Dato T is a friend, associate or supporter of Anwar.

Don't tell me, Dato T suddenly came down with a bout of conscience from those video in the recording equipment found in the locked hotel drawer of the China Doll's room?

Until the identity of Dato T is known, it is difficult to assume anything. AIDC speculate Dato T to be former Managing Director of Multipurpose and staunch Anwar supporter, Dato TK Lim.

More suspicious is Anwar's denial before seeing the tapes and claiming the person claimed to be him has a bigger tummy. Wan Azizah should know, MIM wrote here.

Is he accusing me?

Anwar claimed he was with his family tweetering at the time of the incident. Oh really ... Read MIM here who dispute his claim.

The replies by Tian Chua and Nik Nazmi seemed comical too. How the hell can they comment when they haven't seen the video?

Yesterday Anwar made a police report.

That is a surprise and confident for someone who once made a police report against a poison pen book and the investigation led him to be charged and imprisoned for power abuse, thus denying his pursuit for prime ministership that was within reach.

The presence of reformasi chants and protestors only raise suspicion that it is Anwar inflicting on himself to gain public sympathy or raise public disgust.

It is something he has done before in the mata lebam incident, arsenic fake, and back pain. As someone whose done a back surgery from slipped disc and is living with another set of slipped disc, this blogger doubt he ever did do a back surgery.

Some bloggers have been speculating for months that Anwar is going to leave the country but waiting for the right timing. The right timing is when the rakyat sympathise with him. This latest event could be orchestrated for such a purpose.

The speculation, drama and blame game will not stop.

The only way is to call for a Royal Commission. Correct correct correct ....

LATEST FROM THE COURT: Judge review his earlier position and the three items - Good Morning towel, mineral water bottle, and tooth brush - readmitted as evidence.

The two chemists is expected to reappear in court to submit the DNA profile findings from the three items. Presumably, it points to Anwar. Otherwise there is no case against him.

There should be a prima facie case against Anwar and he has to defend himself. Does he have an alibi?

Is it time to cabut? Do cabut and leave us in peace.


Mat Cendana said...

"There should be a prima facie case against Anwar and he has to defend himself. Does he have an alibi?"

Mat Cendana to Anwar's rescue!

If/When the clip is proven to be authentic, plus the "perut buncit guy" is the same as "Male Y" (who is involved in some case concerning a coffeeboy), there's one way out: Call for a press conference and `reveal' that the woman... is/was his second wife (or third or fourth). (Tapi sijil nikah hilang semasa tsunami/banjir/hujan batu). Best tak aku punya idea ni?

(Where do I send the invoice for "Services Rendered"? Kalu tak nak bayar, memang cheapskate betul)

Anonymous said...


let's leave this case for Anwar, Datuk T and the Royal Comm to find out and explained to the public.

The rest don't interfere.

Justice for all, Kit siang.

that's why i hate dramas

Anonymous said...

You are very angry with Anwar Ibrahim on a personal level. I wonder what is the reason leading to such anger. Be careful as you may give the impression that your advances were spurned by Anwar. My sincere apologies if I had misinterpreted yr intention in the article.

Anonymous said...

I dont believe this video.

nuar don't play girls.

he only choose boys.

Anonymous said...

anyway salute to mr Y; two orgasms within 20 minute, wow!

A man half his age will be "malu";normally they will give up after the first shot.

Need to find from Mr Y the secret, maybe gambir Sarawak will do the trick.

Anonymous said...

Err.....its the Datuk T hree Stooges demanding for Royal Commission and not Lim Kit Siang. Accused too soon!

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