Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where is the opposition's sense of morality?

Every UMNO or BN leaders with established morality issue leave the political scene.

Even Dato Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek resigned and left the scene but came back and surprisingly got re-elected. That is a something puzzling that only MCA delegates can rationalised.

Why are those caught Pakatan leaders and politicians getting away scot-free?

None have resigned from their post and left politics. Some still remain actively in politics and ignoring the public resentment of their moral standing.

Forget about trying to argue which is the bigger sin: Corruption or adultery?

It is not a case of either or but neither nor. Leaders or politicians with any of those weakness will have to go.

If one cheats on your own spouse or deviate from adhering to one's own value from own faith or culture, who is trust such person to be community or national leaders.

Caught in a khalwat case, Mat Sabu is still actively making a living as a popular PAS penceramah.

Elizabeth Wong, so-called victim of her voyeaur Malay toy boy but still an adulterer, is still busy in politics without any ounce of shame or guilt.

Lim Kit Siang's affair with one Mummy Foo has not caused a sensation yet. However, MP for Wangsa Maju have yelled "Mummy Foo!" at him in Parliament and he obligingly sat down and dare not to make any ruckus.

There have been many extramarital misadventures by PAS State Assemblymen and Members of Parliamant but all seem to ignore and even had Tok Guru Dato Nik Aziz protection.

Other than Eli Wong, there are lots of extra marital affairs involving PKR leaders. Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is one suspect. Why would he not dare make a police report of the noisy snooping video recorder in his office?

Off course, the grand daddy of them all is Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim? He was acquited on technicality by a uncommon occurance of Federal Court review but all judges still insist the sodomy event occurred.
Someone counted to say that 11 judges agreed Anwar did sodomise Azizan Abu Bakar.

There is still that spring bed evidence with 13 spots showing DNAs from Anwar and Shamsidar's semen. Case still not closed and can be reopened on new evidence. Police can reinvestigate based on leads from court proceedings.

Anwar and Saiful's case looks likely to establish a prima facie case where Anwar has to defend himself.

And now the sex video with a China Doll and lost Omega watch.
Why are party members, machinery and leaders defending it's sexually or morally wayward leaders?

Any UMNO. MCA and MIC leaders with any extramarital issues left with the exception of Dato Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek. You have to ask the MCA members for reelecting him back.

Before anyone try to jump and say UMNO also and Altantunya, we'll repeat again to those trigger happy commentators. Established it first!
Court record shows no link with Dato Seri Najib. Forget about associating DNA with Dato Najib Altantunya. As far as Saiful court proceeding is concerned, DNA will mean Diliwat Nuar Aljuburi by mid-April.

Karpal Singh would attest that no mention of Najib or Datin Seri Rosmah in court. Otherwise, Azrilah and Sirul will be scot free.

Abdul Razak Baginda admited all that needs admitting with respect to his relation to Altantunya. It is established that Azrilah and Sirul mistaken Razak's instruction "get rid of her" as kill her.

Finally C4 is accessible to UTK officers. It is more the ammunition storekeeper problem.

Check the court records and get conclusive facts. Don't listen to hearsays of those factually deficient but loud teh tarik gossipers under pokok ketapang.
Even if you are to raise about Zian Zain and Najib, establish it!

There can only be one reason for opposition not willing to go for the truth: politics. More precisely, it is about achieving their objective of gaining political ground.

Let's read The Star report that shows how they played the politics to focus their political assault on crime of porn peddling through these legal proxies:

Lawyers: Possession and screening of the video a criminal act

PETALING JAYA: Datuk T's action in showing media representatives video footage of several sex acts, allegedly featuring a top politician, is an offence under the Film Censorship Act 2002, said criminal lawyers.

Under Section 5 of the Act, no person shall have in his possession, control or ownership of any film material which is obscene or against public decency.

It also states that no person shall circulate, exhibit or distribute these film materials, and anyone guilty of it can be jailed not more than five years or fined between RM10,000 and RM15,000, or both.

Criminal lawyer Datuk K. Kumaraendran said Datuk T (revealed to be Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik, Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and Datuk Shuaib Lazim) had breached the law by being in possession of the sex video.

“It is also an offence to exhibit such a video,” he said, adding that police could investigate the trio under this section of the Act.

However, he said police would first have to determine if the sex video was indeed obscene.

Kumaraendran added that the trio could be charged under Section 499 of the Penal Code for criminal defamation if it was proven that the man in the video was not Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Another criminal lawyer, Amarjit Singh Sidhu, said they could also be investigated under Section 292 of the Penal Code, which is similar to Section 5 of the Film Censorship Act.

However, the penalty under Section 292 is lighter with imprisonment of up to three years, or a fine, or both.

“They can also be investigated under Section 503 of the Penal Code which deals with criminal intimidation,” he said.

Criminal lawyer Sreekant Pillai stressed that police should be allowed to carry out their investigations without political pressure.

“All parties should be investigated fairly. Politicians shouldn't point fingers and interfere,” he said.
... blah blah blah this Act, this Section, this clause ...

In Islam, it is also immoral to shame and make public a person's weakness. How will that apply for a public figure and leader with many followers? By keeping quite and not exposing it, will that tantamount to abetting or in arabic, subahah to allow him to decive the public.

How about the act of zina by person allegedly to be Anwar Ibrahim? That is haram in Islam. It is an offense under syariah law.

Isn't there also civil law against prostitution? Naturally, visiting such a brothel or such illegal establishment is equally wrong and an offense under the law.

Why is the Pakatan leaders, followers, supporters, and proxies keeping quiet and overly highlighting the offense of the Trio?

The ball should be given a highly spinned return to Anwar's court. Soi Lek is right to say in this Star report.

Prove it was not you in sex video, Chua tells Anwar

KOTA BARU: Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has called on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and other opposition leaders to cooperate with the police in their investigations into the sex video case.

The MCA president said Anwar, who has been implicated as one of the actors in the video, should come clean on the matter.

“The matter is in the hands of the police and we hope they conduct the investigation professionally.

“The onus is on Anwar to prove that he is not involved in the video and it is a golden opportunity for him to prove that he is innocent and give his fullest cooperation to the police in the course of the investigation,” Dr Chua told reporters after attending the MCA 1Medical fund-raising dinner at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce hall here last night.

Also present was Kelantan MCA committee chairman Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen.

Dr Chua said the video issue should not be politicised, adding that the people should leave the matter to the police to investigate.

Read the complete news here.
Let's not lose sight of the ball.
PM: Truth matters most in sex video

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said validity and truth are paramount questions that must be answered in connection with the sex video allegedly involving a prominent opposition politician and a foreign prostitute.

The Umno president said the issue over the controversial video recording was among the topics discussed during the party's supreme council meeting here last night.

“As a party which bases its principles on the truth, Umno wants to know the validity and truth which must be sought and not diverted to other matters,” he told reporters after chairing the meeting at the party's headquarters at Menara Onn here.

He said it was vital that the truth be found, in particular through detailed and professional police investigations, including the contribution from experts in the field of video recording.

Najib said Umno had nothing to do with the recording and that allegations of its involvement was done to divert attention.

“There are certain quarters who claimed that it is a conspiracy and this is just to divert the attention to the crux of the matter of whether such an act was recorded or not,” he said.

As to whether the recording could have been doctored, he said such an act would be detected via detailed investigations.

“If there were attempts to technically alter the recording, this would easily be detected. Experts scrutinising the recording will surely be able to tell if it was doctored,” he said.

He said calls for the setting up of a Royal Commission of Inquiry to probe the video is not one for Umno to decide, adding: “It is for the Government to decide.”

The complete news here.
Few years ago, this blogger had a teh tarik with few PAS leaders. They were told Anwar will not survive the second sodomy case and he has a serious morality issue.

They said they are aware of it and doing it with their eyes open. Hope their eyes are really open.
PAS have since lost their moral and political ground to claim themselves as a political party struggling for an Islamic because of their confusing stance and flip flop statements by their leaders, not too mentioned Nik Aziz's bad mouth.

They are neither seen as a Malay party for their willingness to be subservience to DAP and PKR and the dissociating from taking care of Malay interest.

PAS grassroots are embarassed to continue defend Anwar's immoral trysts and the leaders can sink and swim with Anwar, they are not anymore.

Between Anwar and UMNO, Anwar is the bigger evil to PAS's cause. PAS has visibly lost moral ground by defending Anwar. Learn it from UMNO, a moral ground once lost takes time to revive.

Like everything else, the truth will prevail in the long run.
When it finally prevailed and people is awakened, PAS and PKR could be history.


Anonymous said...

This I have to agree with you bro.

But you shouldn't be suprised about them looking the other way especially where AI is concerned.

The non-Malays need AI as the tool to destroy Malay leadership. Never in the country's five decades have they found a golden opportunity like this!

Anwar, well Anwar's prime & only objective is to be PM at all costs. He in turn needs the non-Malays for his agenda.

There's really no point to argue & reason with them anymore coz they've made up their choice based on the need to destroy UMNO (Malay Muslim) leadership at all costs.

PAS? They're merely there to collect the scraps should PR win Putrajaya. Too long in the bondocks, nak juga merasa jadi Menteri... insignificant portfolio pun takpalah...asai jadi Menteri.

I fear for this country....

Anonymous said...

NOTE: First,I have not seen the video,and have no such desire to watch it - not because the oh-so-sudden watching porn is 'haram' (as if!) but grandpa porn is so 1990s. Therefore, I am writing based on what I've read.

Anwaristas - The Rakyat and I applaud your determination, efforts and tenacity at vehemently denying Anwar's involvement. At this point of time - while waiting and pondering on the authenticity of the recording - allegedly Anwar (or someone who's a spitting image of Anwar or James Cameron/Michael Bay-ish incredible special effect team) has been seen by some, err priviledged people, re-enacting kamasutra (parts of it anyway) in Lanson's Place on 21st February 2011. Before you hurl and scream 'bitch' at me - the operative word here is allegedly.

From the way I've been reading this fiasco and how passionately people are talking about this - factoring in the he says/she says type of blogs written about the allegedly Anwar's acting-debut plus skills, it has a feel that as if this video have been seen by the masses. Last I checked in the cineplexes, the only Malay movie being played is Merong Mahawangsa. Anyway, I am curious :

1. How can you deny based on assumptions? Word of advice : the least you could do is pull a Chequbard - more apropriate I think..but bare in mind, a word from one cannot be used as a yardstick (pun unintended).

2. With all this denial, let me ask a hypothetical question - should this alleged person turns out to be really Anwar - after I don't know .. police investigation, Royal Commission, verifications from FBI, CIA, Scotland Yard and what-have-yous, will you admit you're wrong or will you call for more investigations and test of authenticity from the Martians, until all of us are extremely exhausted and couldn't give a f**k anymore..and decided to give some small island in the east coast for Anwar to govern?

2. Why the oh-so-sudden resurgence of fatwa and hadith with regards to adultery, slander and watching porn? Do not confuse politics and religion - they are two different things altogether.

3. How many married men, caught with their pants down screamed 'Yes! I did it'? Last I recall, Shaggy had a hit with 'it wasn't me' and was some sort of an anthem for promiscuous-adultery loving men (single/married/straight/crooked) worldwide...but hey, am not accusing Anwar for it after all he is allegedly caught.

4. Why must everything be linked/related/associated with BN/UMNO? You guys gave too much credit to them. It's overwhelming. They are not that creative, you know. After 12 years of relegating all blames to BN, you guys sounded very emasculated. Perhaps, not that I am an authority at this but, grow some balls or at least transplant some. The whole victim/weak/oppressed routine have a shelf life - and it's expiring sooner than you think.

Now, let me get back to my real porn and I shall wait in bated breath of your reply.

Anonymous said...

Azizah said she would not watch the video (and establish for certain it was her husband bedding another woman) on the ground that as a muslim it is a sin to watch obscene material. How convenient for her to use religion as an escape route. For a sinful man, Azizah is really a dream wife. Even if there are 4 witnesses who saw the act, Azizah and PAS would probably dismiss the witnesses because these witnesses are bad people for watching obscene act. Who cares about truth? A bunch of confused people. What is the actual issue pun tak faham.

Anonymous said...

Ala bro, lu baru tau ka.

Inilah namanya sekular bila these politikus are all above religion, morality and conscience.

Ada wang and power semua boleh jadi.

My jihad against secularism !

Panji Panji Hitam

Mat Sabo said...

Aisey bro... nak establish apa lagi Ziana Zain ngan Najib... sama je kes dia ngan Mat Sabu... hang kutuk orang pastu orang nak serang balik suruh establish dulu... menatang apa establish camtu...


How about UMNO leaders. We have one MB that was foung guilty by HIS OWN party for Money CORRUPTION but still is the MB. Another MB has confessed to transferring millions out of the country ILLEGALLY but has been spared fro prosecution and not even a slap on the wrist. Another was suspended for MONEY POLITICS ( CORRUPTION) but was given a ticket to stand fro election and then to go on to be given chairmanship of a GLC. Man I can go on and on....
Here we have alleged case of sodomy. But thet UMNO has been SODOMIZING this country for years is of no concern to the UMNO apologist.
I too fear for this country as it has been sodomized by UMNO for so many years and you guys are turning a blind eye.

Anonymous said...

i am not that intelligent or else I could be a lawyer in Malaysia.. but can the 'Dato T' be labelled as whistleblower? I am not sure but I do believe we have legislate 'the whistleblower act' on 15 Dec 2010, right?

Unless there's a new definition of misconduct - isn't extra marital affairs by a well-known individuals or person in/with power can be classified as one?

Anonymous said...

Wan Azizah and PAS should blame all these on Dollah Badawi for releasing Anwar.

Everybody's life and mind was much in a good order than except DAPs.

And PAS should learn from UMNO.

They kick out dollah & co without prejudice and fear of losing some seats.

Guna akai lah.

Anonymous said...

Where got sense of morality among Opposition blokes? And don't hope for them to resign on their own accord on morality grounds.

People like Nik Aziz says Tuhan pun mencarut. That's clearly immoral from the Islamic point of view. Kalau to him ada justification pun, he should not say it to the public at large. Many instances dia mengarut with his "fatwa" karut.

And Anwarul Jalan Belakang tipu katak lompat coup d'etat 16 Sept 2009, Sodomy I Appeal Court Judges say ada evidence of menyodok but allowed the appeal on technical ground, many other instances of no morality.

Lim Kitty Siang pun ada gufreng "Mummy Foo", DAP Exco Ronny Liu meeting thugs and gangsters (the Underworld) in the very premises of the Selangor State Government as said by PKR ADUN and PKR MP some time back. And Khalid mek mek with his own staff - exploiting his own underlings - even since his PNB days.

No other way, brother, but get evidence of criminal wrong doing and haul those blokes into Court, impose penalties that would deprive them their positions in society. Like Anwarul. Years in prison, no remorse, at it again, now Sodomy II, get him settled in Sungai Buluh till the end of his time. Pengkhianat bangsa, pengkhianat negara.

Lim Kitty Siang and Mummy Foo may not have committed criminal offence for some time but watch him closely, the moment he is seditious and/ or subversive with his so-called malaysian malaysia etc, haul him to Kamunting again under ISA. The bloke also did not learn any lesson from the previous occasion he was ISA-ed.

That's why chauvinistic and racist DAP wants ISA repealed because that's a clearly effective weapon against subversion. To hell with their anti-ISA shouts, tell them that even the most liberal country in the world, the USA, has ISA-like detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay. Last counted for public information, there were nearly 200 detainees there.

Anonymous said...

Dear Voice,

Agree with you as to flawed "holier than thou" PAS and "when happen to us only shout very loud" DAP.

As for the PKR, everyone knows the AAA triagle is holding the reins.

One 'A' is the de facto leader who incurred the wrath of many by his open support of another 'A' as Deputy to another 'A' who with undying supprt said the first 'A' was "God sent".

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:28 PM. I fear for this country too if everything is boiled down by people like you into a Malay and non-Malay issue. I am a non-Malay, I have lived in Malaysia under Malay leadership all my life. I have never had any inclination that Malay leadership must be brought down. What are you talking about??? People like you are just aggitators who are going to destroy the country and then you will be happy.

Anonymous said...

What about Najib having sexual tryst with Altantuya? That one you omit ahhh????

As to opposition leaders, let the intelligent public decide. Why should corrupt and brainless Umno supporters have to decide for them or for those leaders.

A Voice said...

Mat Sabo

Comment la about Ziana Zain case.

Make sure you have a sensible story.

I will want to know the name of the hotel and room numbers too to see if you have facts.

A Voice said...

Anon 2:59

Yes, what about altantunya?

Read the posting la dulu mother fucker!

Mat Sabo said...

La... dulu siap keluar Utusan apa... gambar Najib senyum sipu turun tangga masa kena tangkap... besar siot gambar... takkan tak ingat? Pastu macam biasa la... no further action (NFA). Dulu tak de internet... harap baca suratkhabar je le... kalau dulu ada scanner dah lama aku scan...
The point is... you are talking about opposition's sense of morality... your own backyard pun tak terjaga. Itu Datuk Seri 'Raba Raba' from Cigar Room... Mohamadx2 Australia briefcase with money... banyak siot. Tapi tu ikan kecik je... Saja je pointing out Najib because he is the main man... kasi hang naik angin ;) Najib pun sama je alasan ngan Mat Sabu... different is Mat Sabu has to go to court to clear his name... Najib being in government terus NFA.
Posting hang kali ni tak mengena la bro... posting about morality never gets you anywhere because your own backyard is the same.

A Voice said...

mat sabo

seriously doubt there was ever per your claim.

ziana zain story was an anwar set-up agst najib that failed.

the whole jj episode was on cctv. check w sang kelembai. he saw the cctv. there was nothing happening.

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