Friday, March 25, 2011

Johari Abdul lied on his "uncle" Shuib Lazim

Could this be a snippet from the sex video?
It sure looks like Anwar ...

There is so much spinning by anak menatang ... menate indeed, to Dato Shuib Lazim, Johari Abdul that this blogger decide to call him personally and get his response. In case, someone think this blogger is bullshiting, can someone verify if 019xxxx777 is his handphone number.

Johari, the MP for Sungai Petani, was reported by The Malaysian Insiders (MI) here to claim that Shuib admitted in the lift together with him that the person is NOT Anwar Ibrahim.

This is in propaganda game is to further affirm an allegedly earlier lie. In Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik statement, he said Johari acknowledged it was Anwar in the viewing room at the Flamingo Hotel in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

Shuib's reply is "1,000% lebih, orang dalam video itu Anwar Ibrahim." (More than 1,000%, that person in the video is Anwar Ibrahim.)

That's more than 200% as what one news editor said.

In another MI report here, Johari also claimed that Shuib is not part of the Dato T trio.

There is no way for this blogger to believe because the reporter that helped arrange for the Carcosa viewing is a close friend. This blogger was told by the reporter that Shuib agreed to have his name announced by Rahim.

When asked of Johari statement, Shuib said to this blogger, "Anak menatang babi ... Saya uruskan sama. Mestilah saya ambil tanggungjawab." (That pig nephew ... I handled it. I must take responsibility.)

That's old school macho. They also take responsibility for their own doing.

Looks like Johari has ended his career as MP in a wisp. He survived Sungai Petani after losing several times by using family sentiment. By crossing Shuib, a Sungai Petani power broker, he will on realise of his uncle power and influence.

When told of the possibility they maybe charged for pornography related offense, his response was, "Serah pada polis." (Leave it to the police)

On that note, this blogger hanged the phone before asking who paid for the Carcosa room because read in some blog that the room was reserved by a Risda officer.

Maybe it is not necessary to ask from this retired politician who donates his personal money for Perkasa's case. Any of the trio could afford to pay for the room.

Although Johari tried to look as though he tried "save" to save his uncle for associating with Rahim and Eskay, he can't avoid being seen as lying on his uncle. Shuib is a man who does not mince his words.

Now, Johari also lied about denying to ask for money to get him to crossover. Read MI here.

Shuib, out his convinction that it is Anwar in the sex video, may have out of the goodness of his heart tried to save his nephew from the embarassment of further association with Anwar.

He may have talked to Johari about crossing over. Naturally, PKR people have been programmed to think that all crossover come with money.

Johari may have been instructed by the real B.A.B.I. to cox Shuib to speak to the press and deny all these allegations of Johari. That is when planted questions will be put.

Knowing Shuib being a feisty old Pemuda warrior, he will say his piece and his words will get twisted again. His political association with Tun Daim will be spinned into a fine cloth.

PKR people are also instintively trained by Anwar to lie and twist the truth. Without watching the video, Anwar had denied and Nik Nazmi called it a Government conspiracy.

It runs in the family.

Yesterday, Wan Azizah made a statement to say that she does not wish to see the sex video tape. In an SMS to Rahim, she express her wish to see the video.

Now that Rahim Tamby is involved, it became fodder for Anwar to get to the old reformasi routine.

Anwar was reported by The Malaysian Insider to turn the table on Rahim and quickly dismiss all this as conspiracy. This is all but UMNO's evil politics. Read here.

With the video and Omega watch handed to Bukit Aman, how is the public to judge and identify it is Anwar in the video?

That is the important question being asked by the public that need answer. A royal commission is fine but it is too long.

In the meanwhile, Anwar will go on lying to make the sex video issue a bigger story and steal the headline from his losing sodomy case.

That was why he is made press statement, and dare to make a police report. He is going in and has nothing to lose. He needs to play back the warp record of Government conspiracy.

To keep the flame going, Johari had to lie on his uncle.

On Wednesday, Johari was at the court with Anwar. Reformasi styled demo nstration was seen with placards reading "Fitnah Top-up", "Siasat Dato T", and "Tolak DNA".

Anwar expressed disgust (jelek) for the acceptance of the three materials left in his cell as evidence and claimed the judge's decision as conspiracy by UMNO.

There was a police report made by Gwo Burne, "Mike" and Azan. This will be used later to accuse police as being in cohoot with Government to aniaya (act cruel towards) Anwar. It will be particularly handy when the Trio is free from any charges.

Angkatan Muda Keadilan made a report on Rahim at SPRM this morning. They planned a demonstration at Masjid Jameq at 2:00 pm to demand investigation on those behind the sex video. After that, they will do a demo at Jalan Ampang in front of Risda office to deamnd Rahim's resignation.

They are focusing on Rahim to exploit his past.

THey shoudl realised that PAS's Dewan Ulamak had call on dissociating wth PKR if the tape is truly Anwar. Read Angin Perubahan here.

PAS grassroot is growing restless and distrust with Anwar endless sexcapade and his patronising attitude towards PAS at the behest of the Erdogan faction in PAS.

But the leadership seems to be willing to swim and sink with Anwar.

Before they che alif but, there will be a solat hajat and special speeches by Pakatan Rakyat on Mac 28th at the Melawati Stadium, Shah Alam. All the big gun of Pakatan rakyat will be speaking including a Maghrib Kuliah by Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.

How far can Anwar's predictable propaganda do to divert attention the real issue of his morality? Still at stake is who is in the video? the public need to be convinced. If it is Anwar, then he has to go.

Anwar shouldn't be too sure of his propaganda. What happen if another video or still pictures of him suddenly appear on That is beyond MCMC to "censure". If they actually do block, there are still proxy websites to bypass blocks.

The trio should have thought about all these. And Anwar should have thought about gay spa for securities reason.

Rumour is he made his mistake at Lanson's Place at Jalan Ampang Hilir.

Another rumour is he went to Vistana but this blogger doubt that. That is a too dangerous. It is a favourite hotel for out of town and weekend husband UMNO members.


Anonymous said...

this whole carcosagate is going to backfire on the 3 Dato T. and umno as well if no preventive action is taken.

what i am hearing from the ground is that shazryl is the man in the tape. they claim that this is the reason he suddenly cabut lari when more reporters asked to see the video. it does not help that he slip up saying he was in the video. clearly RTC must be stupid to bring him along.

i think there will be new riisda chairman soon

Freddie Kevin said...

Salam Voice,

In my blogpost I queried,

Why didn't PKR MP Johari Abdul immediately make a police report if he was certain that DSAI was not the person in the sextape? Instead he brought along 5 PKR MPs willingly for a viewing. and

Anonymous said...


Voters nowadays will choose whoever can deliver the rice into their pot first.

So, if you can only perform in the bed and on the stage only, out you go.

Afterall, these dramas and video wont make Astro reducing our monthly fees.

Anonymous said...

are dato T will be consider as whistle blower or not

Anonymous said...

Only one thing can do, get as many anwar's sex video, duplicate it, and flood the market and let the rakyat watch. Who cares about rules now !

Anonymous said...

My dear...

anyone who see ur clip can see it;s not anwar. ... he's too youthful looking.

By the way, Shazryl himself do look like Anwar c.... anyone can see that..... could it be him instead of Anwar???? Haaaaa hahahahahaha......

Anonymous said...

Umno's hatred of Anwar knows no bound. If they saw a gorilla fucking another gorilla, they will say that Gorilla resembles Anwar and is 200% sure that is Anwar.

Umno members deep seated hatred of Anwar makes them delusional and illusional. Anwar's presence in the political arena makes them insane and made. Don't they have enough backing from the PDRM, AG Chambers and the Judiciary to deal with the Anwar's threat that they have to resort to this stupid act that even the Mat rempits would consider it so detestable.

I hope Umno can come up with better sex- video. I suggest, they employ a sexy actress to see Anwar in his office privately. As soon as she enters, she stripped herself and then call out rape..rape. Ask that ex-General Agama Jamil to put Jakim on standby. Once the actress cried out rape..Jamil and Jakim officers rush in and took photographs of the naked actress and Anwar. I think that script would be much better.

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